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Location Codes of Amazon Fulfillment Centers

By: Skip McGrath

Amazon Fulfillment Center Location Codes

Updated 2/5/2018

Do you ever wonder where your FBA Products are stored? A quick and easy way to find that is to download your Daily Inventory Report.

The Daily Inventory Report shows each SKU/ASIN you have in FBA, and it gives you the warehouse code where it is stored. Unfortunately, the letter codes can be a mystery. So here is a list of the various codes around the country:

ABE2 - Breinigsville, PA

ABE3 - Breinigsville, PA (Sortable Softlines Apparel)

ABE8 - Florence, NJ (Receive Center)

ACY5 - Logan Township, NJ

ATL1 - Braselton, GA

ATL6 - East Point, GA

ATL7 - Union City, GA

ATL8 - Lithia Springs, GA

AVP1 - Hazleton, PA

AVP2 - Gouldsboro, PA

AVP6 - Pittston, PA

AVP8 - Pittston Township, PA

AZA1 - Tempe, AZ

BDL1 - Windsor, CT

BFI1 - Sumner, WA

BFI3 - DuPont, WA

BFI4 - Kent, WA

BFI5 - Kent, WA

BFIX - Sumner, WA (R&D)

BNA2 - Lebanon, TN

BNA3 - Murfreesboro, TN

BNA5 - Nashville, TN

BOS1 - Nashua, NH

BOS5 - Boston, MA

BWI1 - Sterling, VA

BWI2 - Baltimore, MD

BWI5 - Baltimore, MD

CAE1 - West Columbia, SC

CAE3 - Columbia, SC

CHA1 - Chattanooga, TN

CHA2 - Charleston, TN

CHS1 - Charleston, SC DECOM'D

CLT5 - Concord, NC

CMH1 - Columbus, OH

CMH2 - Obetz, OH

CVG1 - Hebron, KY (Sortable Softlines - Endless, Myhabit, and Amazon apparel)

CVG2 - Hebron, KY

CVG3 - Hebron, KY

CVG5 - Hebron, KY

CVG7 - Hebron, KY (Pantry)

CVG8 - Florence, KY (Low ASP)

DFW5 - Carrollton, TX (Woot - Distribution Center)

DFW6 - Coppell, TX

DFW7 - Haslet, TX

DFW8 - Irving, TX

DFW9 - Irving, TX

DPH1 - Philadelphia, PA

DTW5 - Detroit, MI

EWR4 - Robbinsville, NJ

EWR5 - Avenel, NJ

EWR6 - Avenel, NJ (Fresh)

EWR7 - Avenel, NJ (Pantry)

EWR9 - Carteret, NJ

FTW1 - Dallas, TX

FTW2 - Coppell, TX (Non-Sortable Xtra Lg items)

FTW3 - Fort Worth, TX

FTW4 - Fort Worth, TX (AR Quick Deploy)

FTW6 - Coppell, TX (AR Sortable) (Opening 2017-18)

GSP1 - Spartanburg, SC

HOU1 - Houston, TX

IND1 - Whitestown, IN (Sortable Softlines Apparel)

IND2 - Plainfield, IN

IND3 - Plainfield, IN (BISS/Small Parts)

IVSA - Erlanger, KY (Low ASP)

JFK7 - New York, NY

LAS2 - Las Vegas, NV (FDFC Returns)

LEX1 - Lexington, KY

LEX2 - Lexington, KY (Warehouse Deals and C- Returns)

LEX3 - Lexington, KY

LGA7 - Carteret, NJ (AR Quick Deploy)

MCI5 - Lenexa, KS

MCO5 - Davenport, FL

MDT1 - Carlisle, PA

MDW2 - Joilet, IL (IXD) (Receive Center)

MDW4 - Joilet, IL (Softlines Apparel)

MDW6 - Romeoville, IL

MDW7 - Monee, IL

MIA5 - Miami, FL (Sort Center)

MKE1 - Kenosha, WI

MKE5 - Kenosha, WI

MSP1 - Shakopee, MN

MSP5 - Shakopee, MN

OAK3 - Patterson, CA

OAK4 - Tracy, CA

OAK5 - Newark, CA

OAK6 - Tracy, CA (Fresh)

OAK7 - Newark, CA (Pantry)

ONT2 - San Bernardino, CA

ONT3 - San Bernardino, CA

ONT4 - San Bernardino, CA (Fresh)

ONT5 - San Bernardino, CA

ONT6 - Moreno Valley, CA

ONT8 - Moreno Valley, CA (IXD)

ONT9 - Redlands, CA

PHL1 - New Castle, DE

PHL4 - Carlisle, PA

PHL5 - Lewisberry, PA

PHL6 - Carlisle, PA

PHL7 - Middletown, DE

PHL9 - Middletown, DE

PHX3 - Phoenix, AZ (Sortable/Apparel)

PHX5 - Goodyear, AZ

PHX6 - Phoenix, AZ

PHX7 - Phoenix, AZ

PHX8 - Phoenix, AZ

PIT5 - Pittsburgh/Erie, PA

RIC1 - Petersburg, VA

RIC2 - Chester, VA

RNO4 - Reno, NV

SAT1 - Schertz, TX

SDF1 - Campbellsville, KY

SDF2 - Louisville, KY (High-value Jewelry)

SDF4 - Shepherdsville, KY (Zappos)

SDF6 - Shepherdsville, KY (Zappos)

SDF8 - Jeffersonville, IN

SDF9 - Shepherdsville, KY (Zappos)

SEA8 - Bellevue, WA (Fresh)

SNA4 - Rialto, CA

STL5 - (coming soon)

TPA1 - Ruskin, FL

TPA2 - Lakeland, FL

TUL1 - Coffeyville, KS

XUSB - Fort Worth, TX

XUSC - Carlisle, PA

XUSD - Stockton, CA

XUSE - Whitestown, IN

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