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Can The Little Guy Still Earn Money Online?

by: Skip McGrath

Do you have a career? Are you working for some company that treats you like an expendable slave? Okay, this may be a little over the top, but in reality many people sadly feel this way. We're all aware of the methods companies use in order to cop out of providing benefits and truly taking care of their workers. While we all have to earn a living to survive these days, we certainly don't have to waste our time and talents on corporations that give nothing back. After all, we are working for the future as well, not just the present. One day we all wish to retire, and need to prepare for this step early on. This is why many of us decide to earn money online.

Computers are everywhere we turn these days. It's really impossible to ignore the modern age of the Internet and gigabytes. While some of the older crowd actually does this, most of us choose to embrace technology with open arms. There isn't any reason why we shouldn't.

Some people will argue that computers and machines are stealing the jobs of human beings. I actually take a different approach to this issue. I believe that computers have completely opened us up to a new world of money. Now we can literally earn money online from the comfort of our own homes. I know this for a fact because I do it. Regardless of your skills or preferences, there is likely something for you to do via the Internet. The World-Wide-Web is virtually an infinite universe of possibilities.

Is your dream to work at home and earn money online? If so, the first thing you should ponder is your interest, or interests. What are you good at? What have you always wanted to do? Chances are, you can accomplish this dream online. We all want to be our own bosses.

This is no new concept; however it is a reality in this modern age of computers. Take me for example. I worked in the corporate world for over 25 years eventually rising to an executive position making over $150,000 a year + benefits and an executive expense account. I used to take clients out to lunch and drop $500 and I flew First Class and stayed in 5-star hotels. Then one day it was over. The recession of 1994 resulted in downsizing and I was forced to take a buyout. That money kept us going for a while, but eventually I had to find another job or another way to make money.

The internet was just starting to spread and I didn't know a thing about it, so I started and ran a number of brick and mortar businesses --some were successful and some were not. But by 1999 I discovered both eBay and the power of making money on the internet and haven't looked back since. I have a small, but highly profitable eBay business, four web sites and a two very profitable opt-in email lists.

These days I earn money online by taking advantage of my forte. I don't have a boss, or a schedule. I work on my time, doing what I love, and I earn money online everyday.

Everyone says it's too late to make money on the internet --but that is pure Bull from people who don't know what they are talking about. New fortunes are being made every day and this internet thing is just getting started. Just think about blogs. Three years ago there were a few people blogging and most of them were doing it for fun or ego. Today there are literally millions of blogs and a large percentage of them are generating income. Just one of my blogs makes over $500 a month in affiliate commissions and AdSense revenue --and I spend less than 1 hour a week updating it.

If you are interested in working for yourself or starting your own business, the Internet is the perfect place to start. Jump into cyberspace and start earning money online today.

There are a lot of eBooks and courses about making money online but here are links to the two best I have ever found. I personally endorse these and have used the information in them to make a full-time income online from one small bedroom in my house that I converted to an office.

  • The Silent Sales Machine by Jim Cockrum is simply one of the best books about making money online ever. This little, inexpensive eBook has sold over 80,000 copies and Jim’s fans are legion.

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