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Forty-Four Free Wholesale Sources

By Skip McGrath

Free Wholesale Sources for Small eBay or Amazon Sellers

The following wholesale sources are just a small sample of the sources you can access with purchase of The Complete eBay Marketing System, The Complete Amazon Marketing System or The Wholesale Buying System. (The Complete eBay and Amazon Marketing System books include all of the information in The Wholesale Buying System, so please do not purchase both books).

These three books come with lifetime access to our wholesale member’s site where you can access all of our sources. We update the site with over 20 new sources every month.

Most of the web sites I list below are wholesale sites. Some give the products and pricing right up front, where others require you to register to get access. If a site requires you to register, you will need a sales tax number. (If you want to learn how and why to get a number, click here to read my article Sales Tax for eBay Sellers.)  If you are new to buying wholesale, either of those two books will teach you the proper ins and outs of doing so.

Some of the sites listed here will be plain retail sites. On these there will usually be a link in the navigation or at the very bottom of the page that says something such as “wholesale” or “dealers.”  When you click those links you will be taken to a page to register.  Most of these sites will not give you access to their wholesale side until they capture your name, address and email.

And some of the sites will be pure retail sites with no wholesale information whatsoever.  That’s OK. All of these people exhibited at a recent wholesale trade show where they were looking for resellers.  So just look for a Contact Us link and send them a professional-sounding email requesting wholesale information.

Contacting Wholesale Sources

Here is an example of an email that always works for me.

Dear Sirs:

I came across your insert name of product products that you exhibited at the recent ASD/AMD trade show.  I am a retailer and would be interested in carrying your line of __________.   Please send me a catalog or give me access to an online catalog site if you have one, along with price & delivery and minimum opening order.


Your Name

Your Company Name
Your street address
City state zip
Phone number
Sales Tax number xxx-xxx-xxx

This type of request will work about 90% of the time. Just put the product they are selling in the blank spaces as well as your name and shipping location, etc.

Don’t be surprised if you get a phone call from a rep at the company. So it is best if you have a separate phone line that you answer in your business name. A lot of people handle this by purchasing a cheap throwaway cell phone with $10 or $20 worth of pre-paid time.

One more note about wholesale info. Here is a link where you can download a selection of free wholesale sourcing magazines.  These are great resources for finding overseas suppliers.

Before we get into our sources, I want to let you know that we have partnered with a new Wholesale Search Engine provider to help you find wholesale sources.  The new partner is Wholesale Central where you can find real wholesale sources in over 30 different categories. Once you go there, be sure and bookmark that page so you can return to it over and over again.

eBay Wholesale Sources

1. California International Sales is a Distributor of new, recondition and refurbished, Panasonic, Casio, Olympus and Polaroid cameras and consumer electronics including home theater systems. And they offer a drop-shipping program for items with a selling price over $50.

California International Sales

2. Trademark Commerce is a huge distributor of overstock small and large appliances such as coffee systems, vacuum cleaners, toaster ovens, irons. They also get laptops, tools and many other products and they also drop ship. One of the hot products they currently carry is the popular Roomba iRobot vacuum cleaner –but they only have a couple of hundred units left.  Once you register you will be set up for their drop ship program……  Don’t worry this isn’t one of those virtual membership drop ship companies. Trademark Global has a 200,000 sq.ft. warehouse with products actually in stock.  They handle liquidation for large chains such as Sears, Target and others.

Trademark Commerce

3. 1-Stop Wholesale sells recycled jeans, tee shirts, jackets, more. they sell a full assortment of quality recycled clothes available in small lots for all buyers. Easy on line ordering, fast delivery.

4. BDK Auto makes a great line of specialty automotive floor mats, steering wheel covers and car seat covers. Use the Contact form to register and get a password to see the wholesale pricing.

5. Next Success sells a very nice line of computer laptop tables –some with built-in fans and USB ports and some very neat fashion flash drives.

6. Put this next one on your list to contact in August. The Halloween Resource Center sells the most complete line of Halloween costumes and decorations you can imagine. Halloween is their only business.  No website. Email Steve Sellers at Hallrsctr@yahoo.com and he will send you a CD with the products and the pricing. Reference the ASD show in your email.

7. Mac Wholesale is a liquidator of a wide range of great products that work really well on eBay.  There are no products listed on their website because their inventory changes every week. Call them at 508-378-3500 and ask to be put on their mailing list and you will get an email with the wholesale specials they are running.

8. MAT Electronics sells a wide range of consumer electronic parts and accessories.  Example – Zune EB Premium Headphones for $3.50 per pair. They sell on Amazon for over $20.  There is a link on their home page where you can download their wholesale catalog as a PDF file and get immediate access to their wholesale pricing.

MAT Electronics

9. Whimsical Watches sells a very nice line of themed fashion watches. You can get watches for specific professions, hobbies and sports.  The website is pure retail. Use the contact form on the website to request wholesale information. Reference ASD/AMD in Las Vegas.

10. Design Time Watch, Inc. sells several lines of watches from fashion watches priced below $50 to the beautiful Giorgio Milano series of watches that sell for around $500.  Here are some photos of a few of the watches they sell. Their wholesale price is 1/4th of Retail.

Wholesale Watches Wholesale Items Wholesale Sources for eBay sellers

11. M. Cornell Importers sells a complete line of decorative and collectible beer steins and accessories, flasks, beer glasses and the licensed line of licensed Jack Daniel’s Bourbon products.

12. CAVA As Seen On TV carries some of the hottest ASOTV products and they are happy to work with small online sellers.


Worldwide Brands is the largest and oldest –and most trusted wholesale sourcing service on the Internet and the only Wholesale Sourcing service I recommend other than my own.

13.  MotorcycleLeatherStore.com - They offer top quality leather products, apparel and also Christian apparel.

14. Reiko Wireless sells the largest and most complete line of high-fashion cell phone, iPod and iPhone cases on the market. These are some really beautiful products that I have not seen on eBay. Be sure and ask for a printed catalog. They have over 1000 designs.

15. Myco Imports sells a huge variety of specialized small tools for jewelers, electronic techs and other who work with precision tools.  They also carry a low-cost line of tools for beauticians, barbers and hair stylists, dental piks and hemostats and hobby pliers and tweezers.

16.  Weiners Wholesale offers the nation's largest selection of brand name travel-size merchandise. $100 minimum opening order.

17.  Perfume Miami is a distributor of World Famous Designer Name Perfumes, Colognes, and Body, Skin & Hair Care Products. Real wholesale Prices. They ship all over the world. New line in stock: "Biosilk".

18. KCP Wholesale Distributors distribute high end and drugstore cosmetics, skincare and eyewear – some names include Mac, Bare Escentuals, Bliss, Lancome, Loreal, Revlon, Victorias Secret, Clarins, Bath & Body Works, Burt's Bees, Anna Sui, Elizabeth Arden, Bobbi Brown and more.

19. NYS Collection Eyewear – Forget all of the designer knockoff sunglasses. The NYS collection is a collection of unique, high quality fashion sunglasses. You can’t access the website without registering, but it is easy.  Use the contact link or call them at 800-430-4211 to set up an account and get access to the pricing and online catalog.

20. PR Sunglasses is a leading wholesale sunglass importer their sunglasses run from low cost bargain to upgrade quality line, from fashion shades, sports wraps, goggle, shields, kids sunglasses, reading glasses to accessories & eyewear display. They have a low $100 min order.

21.  SWAK Designs Fashion wholesales affordable plus size clothing for every plus size woman. Women's trendy, fashion forward plus size clothes for sale in sizes 14-36 (1X to 6X). They specialize in plus size tops and plus size dresses.

22.  The Alexander Kalifano Company sells a large variety of high quality gifts and jewelry –again this is the retail web site, but use the contact form to get wholesale information after viewing the products.

23.  Al-Zuni Global Jewelry sells high quality Native American Art and Jewelry. The website gives contact info. Call or email them for product information and pricing. If you call, ask for Nash and reference the ASD/AMD show.

24.  Rings & Things sells beads & jewelry-making supplies at wholesale. They have a large line of findings, clasps, beads, and stringing materials.

25.  The US Navy Peacoat has been a fashion stable for over 60 years. The Sterlingwear Company of Boston makes both the authentic original and several modified fashion versions of this classic.  I once found a Navy Peacoat in a thrift shop for $5.00. I put it on eBay and it sold for over $70. Once again you will need to use the contact form to get wholesale registration.


The Micro Niche Finder by James Jones is one of the most effective Keyword Finding tools on the market today. Just type in the master keyword and Micro Niche Finder gives you not only the most popular variations –but the micro niche variations which is where the real money is.

James shows you five easy ways to make money with this great tool.  I have been using it for over two years now with excellent results and it has saved me over $2000 in pay-per-click advertising charges.

Click here to learn more about Micro Niche Finder


26.  Topper International liquidators is another large liquidation firm but unlike the others they tend to sell in smaller quantities which makes them perfect for small sellers. (Full disclosure, Topper is a paid advertiser on my website).

27.  Eagle Emblems Inc sells a complete line of military pins, caps, license plates, medallions, military medals and patches. Click on the link that says Dealer Login to register for wholesale pricing.

28.  There was a whole section at the show for military surplus –but frankly a lot of it was junk.  One company that really impressed me was Coleman Military Surplus. Email them through the website for wholesale information and be sure and reference the ASD/AMD show. You can also call them toll-free at 1-888-478-7758.

29. The Garden Sunlight Company had without a doubt the best line of outdoor solar lighting at the show. The products are very high quality and the prices blew me away.  Last year I paid $49 for a set of 8 solar garden lights.  This company had a better looking and better quality set for $12 wholesale. Click on the link that says Wholesale Login to create an account and get access to the wholesale pricing.  Better yet, email them and ask for the catalog CD with wholesale pricing.

30. One of the hottest products at the show were various vendors selling the new electronic cigarettes.  They work by delivering a shot of nicotine with water vapor (you can even blow smoke rings). The Palm Garden Company is offering a business starter set for $100 ($250 retail value).  However you will have to sell these from Craigslist or some other auction site as eBay prohibits them. No web site – Call 702-768-0948.

31.  Salvage Tools Inc.. is a closeout dealer specializing in tools. They sell in box and pallet lots. You will need to spend about $500 or more, but the prices average 20-30% below the original wholesale price.

32. Palco Sports is a wholesaler for a very complete line of airsoft guns, products and accessories. 

33. SSR Motorsports manufacturers a very nice line of dirt bikes, motor scooters and off-road Quads.  Although not a name brand here in the US, they are one of the best-known brands in Asia and have been manufacturing quality motorcycles and motor scooters for over 22 years.  Their products are competitive with Honda and Yamaha in terms of features and quality but cost almost ½ as much.

34. Boker USA is the authorized distributor of Boker Knives made in
Solingen Germany, which are known for their high quality and popularity among hunters, police and military.

They are running a special called their “bucket of knives.” You get 6 each of 6 different magnum series of knives for $196.80. Suggested retail of all of the knives is $604.20. That is a 67% gross profit margin. You can get this deal by emailing Boker at orders@bokerusa.com. Boker also sells a beautiful line of high quality Damascus Chef’s Knives.

35.  Self Defense Supply is the largest wholesale supplier of personal security, self-defense and surveillance equipment in the USA.  They are aggressively seeking dealers and are happy to work with online sellers. They carry all of the top quality brand names in the field.

36. Emco Supply features the Red Rock brand of outdoor hunting and camping gear and also carries a wide range of survival gear. The website takes you to a link to contact them and they will mail you a full-color catalog and wholesale price list.

37. Lexage is a new company selling a narrow range of very high quality optical products including binoculars and auto focus range finders that are accurate to one foot over 1000. Their website is still under construction, but you can email them at info@lexage.com and ask for product information.

38. Dream Wireless is a large and very complete supplier of all types of iPhone, Smartphone and iPad accessories and cases.

39.  Rex Distributors had one of the largest –and strangest booths at the ASD show. They sell a large line of knives –almost anything you can think of, but they also sell boxing gloves and other sporting equipment, and cutlery for manicurists and pedicurists as well as a dozen other unrelated categories.  I made the mistake of asking for a catalog and the weight of my backpack increased by over 5 pounds. But they have some great stuff and they are happy to deal with small online sellers.

40.  Fox Outdoor Products specializes in camo clothing and packs, backpacks and gun cases for hunters.  All of their stuff is 1st quality –not seconds or surplus as you often see from this type of dealer.

41. Jay’s Record and Tapes, Inc. offers excellent deals on niche music CDs – as low as $1.10 or you can check out his package deals of 110 CDs for $99.00.  That works out to $0.90 per CD.

42. DVA is a great distributor of specialty DVDs. They have a specials program for small quantities (1-5 each) and a true wholesale program in you want to buy in large quantities.

43. Mountain View Movies has a large collection of old movies and DVDs on specialty subjects.

44. Corkpops sells a very nice line of wine openers and accessories including electric wine openers.

Well, there are your 44 free wholesale sources.  Remember you can get several hundred more sources when you purchase The Complete eBay Marketing System, The Complete Amazon Marketing System or The Wholesale Buying System. These books come with lifetime membership in our Wholesale Resources membership site.

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