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Sell More on eBay With Reviews and Guides

I have been using eBay reviews for several months now to increase traffic to my auctions. For example, I sell the EZ Cube Photo Light Tents on eBay. Once I posted a review of them on eBay, I saw my sales increase by over 10%. That doesn’t sound like much, but the average sale is over $200, so it puts a nice sum of extra money in my pocket in exchange for a few minutes of work.

My daughter-in-law Lissa has written extensively about eBay and I asked her to write an article about using reviews and guides.

Using Reviews and Guides to Boost Your Traffic on eBay

By: Lissa McGrath

Reviews and Guides are an excellent tool utilized by buyers looking for more information about specific products or topics. But did you realize how useful they are for sellers to build credibility and drive traffic to listings?

Most professional sellers specialize in a particular niche market. This means that you are an expert in that product type. It may seem inconsequential to you, but that knowledge can be put to good use to build your business. By writing reviews of your products, or guides about something relevant to that product type, you are showing potential buyers that you are an expert in that product. Instantly, you have become more credible as a seller. But don’t forget that some of your active items also display on the review/guide page. So if you have a well-written, detailed review of a product, and then the buyer sees that you have an active listing for that same product, you’ve got a good chance of them clicking through and buying the product from you rather than another seller.

The same works with guides. Let’s say you sell baby items. A guide to products that will help a new mom survive the first six months is very relevant to your target buyers. Again, have products you sell in the list and be very honest about the products (list both pros and cons). This is a review, not a sales letter.

Put a link in your auction to your reviews and guides. This again helps build your credibility. You get “helpfulness” votes from readers of your reviews and guides. As this number gets higher, you may find yourself as a Top Reviewer. If you look to the right of my username you can see that I am a Top 5000 Reviewer. I only have a couple of guides, but they are very popular.

If you’re a seller of an item type that gets a lot of fakes on eBay, you might consider writing a guide about how to spot the fakes. This shows you as one of the “good guys” because you wouldn’t show people how to spot a fake if you were selling fakes yourself.

If you sell information products, you might have a teaser in a guide and mention which book it is from. You should see that book as one of your items showing on the guide page, so they can click straight through and buy the full book from you.

There are so many different ways you can use Reviews and Guides to your advantage. Try it – it doesn’t cost you anything other than a little time to write it, and you’d be amazed at the increase in hits you will likely see.

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