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Not only do I help people make money online, I'm a website owner myself.  As my wife, Karen, and I have focused on different aspects online commerce, we've started more than a few websites.   As I learn what works and doesn't work for online businesses I pass on what I learn.  Here's a partial list of my websites . . .

You're currently on SkipMcGrath.com, a site that's devoted to helping people make money online.  It's my flagship website and I'm proud that it's the oldest and largest site serving eBay sellers.  The site has eventually grown to include a blog.  My blog, the Online Seller's Resource, gives timely advice for eBay and online sellers

Have you noticed how big my site is?  There's a newsletter, free articles, free tips and so much more.  A few years ago I decided to make a simple site with bare-bones eBay information.  That was the beginning of Make Money on eBay, a site with just the essential eBay information you need to get started.  

Make Money Online

I noticed that I was getting a lot of visits and email from people in the UK.  So I developed a special version of my site just for them.  The eBay Seller's Resource Site for UK Sellers has products that work well for the online seller in the United Kingdom

Another thing I noticed is that a picture really is worth a thousand words.  Or in the case of online selling, a picture can be worth a whole lot more money!  Good photos are key to a successful online venture.  I made a website devoted to a tool that I find invaluable, the EZcube light tent.    

As time went by, I realized that online sellers could benefit from one-on-one time from an experienced business coach.  I trained a group of expert business coaches to help clients serious about succeeding on the Internet.  You can learn more about getting personalized coaching at Skip McGrath's Coaching Team website

I don't want you to think that I only focus on eBay, Amazon and online selling.  I have diverse interests.  For example, I have an interest in cooking.  In fact, I've won two barbeque cook-offs.  When I found a great line of firepit grills I knew I wanted to share them.  These solid-steel wood burning patio firepit grills are hand made from the highest quality cold rolled steel and built to last a lifetime.



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