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More New Wholesale Products from The ASD Wholesale Trade Show

The Online Seller's News, April 23, 2014, Volume 14, Issue No. 7

Tips, Tools, News and Resources for eBay, Amazon and Independent Online Sellers
by: Skip McGrath

In This Issue:

Musings from eBay, Amazon and The World Wide Web

  1. More New Wholesale Products from The ASD Wholesale Trade Show
  2. A New Photo Service That Takes Your Ordinary Photos and Turns Them into Professional Photographs
  3. Finding The Best Keywords for Your eBay and Amazon Descriptions
  4. Learning Online Through Private Facebook Groups

"Action is the foundation to success. Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction." ~ Anonymous

Musings from eBay, Amazon, and beyond

I received an email from a buyer of The Complete Amazon Marketing System suggesting that my section on writing titles and descriptions was a bit short, so I spent last week creating a 14-page bonus item entitled Tips to Improve Titles, Descriptions and Keywords in Your Amazon Listings. The bonus item has been uploaded. Just go to the page where you downloaded the bonus items to the book and you can download this special, supplemental report.

One more thing about The Complete Amazon Marketing System, Amazon recently introduced a new FBA shipping workflow which makes some of our videos obsolete. We are working on new videos to replace them, so check your download page in about a week.

I am still getting folks who buy The Complete Amazon Marketing and also buying The Wholesale Buying System. Please don't do that because all of the information, resources and bonus items included with The Wholesale Buying System are already incorporated into The Complete Amazon Marketing System.

The last issue was my annual ASD sourcing issue. Each year in March I attend the ASD Wholesale Trade show in Las Vegas. This year there were over 2600 wholesale vendors exhibiting. There were so many new sources this year that there was not enough room in the last issue for all of them, so I have added quite a few more to this issue. See the first article below.

This is not from ASD but is a new venture that has been started by someone who lives in my hometown. It is called The Art of Nature Gallery. The founder, Bruce Heinemann has two loves - Nature Photography and Coffee and has decided to try selling both. I don't have the room here to explain the whole program, so go to the site. First read about the program, and then click on the link at the very bottom of the page that says Reseller Program and you can get the wholesale sourcing information.

How to get the lowest price at Costco? My wife Karen found this article online and forwarded it to me - Interesting?

"If you're like most consumers, the difference between 99 cents and 97 cents is the difference between a sale and an item left on the shelf.

But what if you could tell just by looking at the price tag that you were getting the best deal?

Well, according to a group of alert shoppers, Costco Wholesale Club has apparently created a pricing code that, when properly understood, can be used to spot the best prices on certain items.

Reuters' Lou Carlozo explains the details: "If a price at Costco ends in .99, you're paying full price. But if it ends in, say, a .97, it represents a deal with a special price decided by the manager."

Here is a link to the full article -

Then one of my readers responded with this information about other store's price codes:

0.98 means markdown
0.94 means lowest price

Sam's Club
0.91 means less than cost
0.91 with a little "c" means discontinued item

0.97 means lowest price

C means clearance (10-15% off)
F means final, super discounted price

I am not that big a fan of website eCommerce marketing as I used to be. This is because of all the changes with the big search engines such as Google and Bing that really favor the larger companies and websites. It can be extremely difficult for a small website to gain traction. But if you do want a website, one of my readers put me on to a service called Presta Shop.

Lets get started with this monthís articles:


1. More New Wholesale Products from The ASD Wholesale Trade Show

Before you dig into these sources please read this. As far as I know all of these sources will work with small online retailers. Yet, if you remember John Bullard's article from the last issue about working trade show contacts, volunteering right up front that you sell on eBay and Amazon may not be wise. If you missed that article or can't remember the advice, I suggest you revisit it before attempting to contact these sources.

All of the contacts below are legitimate wholesale sources but that may not be evident from their websites as many sourcing companies do not like to put dealer information on their website, and some of them have a link where you have to register first. If you do not see a link to any wholesale or dealer information, use the contact us form to send them an email.

Simply explain that you heard of them through the ASD show and ask for wholesale sourcing information. Sign the email with your name and the name of your business. Don't ask about drop shipping unless I noted in the source description that they would drop ship. And don't volunteer that you sell online unless they ask you.

Just before I went to ASD, I also attended the SHOT show, which is a trade show for the hunting, shooting and fishing industry. I am also including a couple of those sources here, in the event any of you are into those kinds of products.

Outdoor Edge sells a very complete line of knives and tools to hunters for preparing game.

Moteng is a distributor of knives, holsters, optics and other gear related to shooting, camping and hunting and they have a drop ship program. One word of caution, some of their accessories are related to assault rifles. You cannot sell anything that attaches to an assault rifle on eBay or Amazon. That includes things like single point slings, specialize optics, grips, magazines and so on.

Now onto ASD

The Real Insect Company sells real insects in Lucite blocks and jewelry items featuring real insects. Those products may seem a little gross, but I have sold them in the past and they really sold quickly.

Island Snacks sells a large line of nuts and snacks including trail mixes and candy items. These products really lend themselves to creating unique product bundles to sell on eBay and

Alletti Jewelry sells both fine and fashion jewelry. The website is retail but email them for wholesale information and say you heard about them through the ASD Show.

GETI Products sells a very complete line of college and professional sports themed and licensed merchandise and sports nostalgia products

Good Morning Jewelry sells a really beautiful line of bracelets, pendant necklaces and jewelry sets.

Perfume Provider of America is a distributor of perfumes, body lotions, skin care and other products. Call them at 1-800-280-0580 and ask for catalog and pricing.

Prints Charming sells a very nice line of framed prints based on letter art of many styles including collegiate prints.

Yes Sir Handbags sells a line of very unique and unusual handbags with different themes.

V5 Imports manufacturers belts and other leather products and specializes in private labelling. There website has almost no information, but email them at and request information.

UNIK International sells a full line of motorcycle leather products from apparel to saddlebags.

Country Archer sells an American line of Beef jerky products in a number of flavors and spices.

The Creative Group sells a line of beautiful designer sunglasses and fashion scarves.

My ePads sells a line of low cost Android electronic pads in sizes from 7" to 10" including children's models.

Handbag Express sells over 1000 styles of handbags and other fashion accessories and has a low $100 order minimum. If you are ever in Las Vegas they have a wholesale showroom located less than 10 minutes from the convention center.

I saw a very interesting booth at the show. It was the National Association of Handicraft Exporters from Ghana. No website but you can email them for information at and they can put you in touch with African handicraft makers so you can buy direct.

The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild has a line of really humorous products based on the words of famous philosophers.

Replicas By Parris - If you like nostalgic toys -most of which are politically incorrect today, Replicas By Parris sells old fashion cowboy-style cap guns, children's bow and arrow sets and various wooden toy guns.


2. A New Photo Service That Takes Your Ordinary Photos and Turns Them into Professional Photographs

How would you like to take photos like this

And turn them into photos that look like this:

These are from a new service called Retail Studio Effect. The way it works is you just take as good a photo as you can -don't worry about the background, shadows or perfect lighting and send the photo in and you get back a clean professional-looking photo that meets Amazon and eBay image standards -and will help your item sell.

If you are into creating bundles, they can also do that. I sent them individual photos of a bracelet in different colors that I am selling as a pair and these are two photos they came up with:

Now- one thing that cannot be fixed is a fuzzy our out of focus photo, so I still suggest you use a tripod and take care to focus properly. If your camera has what is called aperture priority, set your camera to at least 5.6 so everything from the front to the back of your picture will be in focus. Indirect light through a window, or outside in the shade or a cloudy day, will tend to work best.

Direct sunlight can be harsh. That can still be fixed but the better your photo starts out the better result you will get. The real advantage is that you do not need backdrops, lights, or a studio. And almost any digital camera will work, even a smart phone as long as you use a tripod. (They sell smart phone tripods on Amazon for under $10).

Lastly, I asked the operators of Retail Studio Effect if they could do a special offer for my readers. Their normal price is $15 per photo, however, if you mention my name when ordering, they will reduce the price to $10 per photo if you buy a 30-photo package. You have one-year to use up the 30 photos, so you don't have to send that many at once. Be sure and mention my name it get that deal. If you only want to buy a few photos then the price will be the normal $15 each, which is less than a professional photographer charges.


3. Finding The Best Keywords for Your eBay and Amazon Descriptions

Update 6/7/2016 - Brown Box, mentioned in this article, has gone out of business.

A lot of sellers like to use the free Google keyword tools. I have used them in the past but find that buyers on Amazon & eBay can be quite different than Google. Google sorts between millions and millions of requests, whereas the search volume on Amazon and eBay is much smaller.

One of the tools I use is free, or you can buy the tool with a complete training course and some additional bonuses. It's called the Brown Box Crystl search tool. Here is the link where you can get if for free:

Here is a screenshot of the tool. It can search Amazon and Google or just one or the other.

Notice that the Amazon Marketplace has a minus sign in front of it. And the Google has a plus. I know that seems backwards but that is how you get it to search just Amazon and not Google.

You type your basic keyword in the search box and then hit the green box that says "Get Keywords" and they come back in about ten seconds.

Another great tool is Terapeak for eBay and Amazon. Rather than show you how it works here, it's easier if you just try it and watch the training materials. Terapeak is now offering a free 7-day trial.

Terapeak does provide keywords for eBay, but not for Amazon. However, it does show you competitors and pricing and you can get the keywords from your competitor's listings. Also you can use the keywords for eBay on Amazon as a starting point.

You get a lot of other sales data as well and it's a great tool to help you find products to sell. The cost is a little steep at $29.95 month, but if you pay annually you get it for only $19.95 month and it also includes eBay as well as

The third tool you may want to look at is Keyword Tool Dominator at

I have not personally used this tool but I know several large Amazon sellers that swear by it.

Finally there is a different kind of keyword tool you may want to look at. It's called Keyword Spy and you can see it at

Keyword Spy tells you which keywords your competitors are using. So, say you sell kitchen gadgets and when you type your products into the search box, your competitors' gadgets come up ahead of yours, you can look at what keywords they are using to get position. Or, the other way it works is you can type your keywords into Keyword Spy and it will tell you who your competitors are and then you can spy on them.


4. Learning Online Through Private Facebook Groups

It used to be that private FB groups were set up so folks with similar pursuits and interests could join and chat. But today the private Facebook group has evolved into a teaching platform and folks are paying for the access.

A few months ago I told you about a private Facebook group Jenni set up to teach selling in the Grocery & Gourmet Food Category. The Group is limited to just 100 people and has 3 full time coaches. Well, the three months are up and Jenni is ready to renew the group but this time she is expanding the category to Health & Beauty.

I am not one of the experts in the group, but I do drop in when I can and answer questions which turns out to be quite often. If you are interested in joining the group there are only a few openings and a few days left. One of the best features about the group is that we share wholesale sources and lots of other inside information.

When we started we at first had a forum where members could post questions and get answers from our coaches and from me. But over time we found that members lost interest and the forum became stale. So a few months ago we looked at the Facebook group model, and we created a private Facebook group just for members where you can post questions. What is interesting is that although you get really quick answers from one of our expert coachers, other members often chime in with their experiences and this really adds to the dynamic. I must say even I have learned a few things I did not know from some of our members.

So look for more Facebook private groups to come as a lot of folks are jumping on this particular bandwagon.

Thatís it for this month. See you again in a couple of weeks.

Skip McGrath
The Online Seller's News

P.S. If you missed the last issue, click here to read it.

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