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Wholesale Sources from ASD Las Vegas

The eBay & Amazon Seller's News | March 22, 2016 | Volume 17, Issue No. 6

Tips, Tools, News and Resources for eBay, Amazon and Independent Online Sellers
by: Skip McGrath

In This Issue:

Musings from and about eBay, Amazon and The World Wide Web

  1. Wholesale Sources from ASD Las Vegas
  2. The Official Geezer Guide is for Sale
  3. Trade Show Tips and Tricks
  4. Niche of the Month – eBay and Amazon Seller Supplies
  5. Is it Really Possible to Make a Living Selling on eBay and/or Amazon

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." ~ Thomas A. Edison


In the last issue I said that Amazon announced they were raising the minimum for free shipping from $35 to $49. But it seems they have now backed off on that, as free shipping is back to $35.00. However, I was wrong about that. My fault - I failed to double check my source. As far as I can tell, Book order of $25 qualify and Amazon is still at $49.00 for everything else.

"Join MM8 for an Amazon Conference Like No Other. If you'd like the opportunity to hang out with guys like Barrington McIntosh, Lance Wolf, Ryan Reger, and John Bullard and at the same time learn how to take your Amazon business to another level then check out the MM8 Conference in Dallas next month! Some of the topics to be covered are: Advanced Arbitrage, Wholesale, Private Label, Going International, and Outsourcing your Business. Don't miss it!"

Read about it here.

Price Checker 2.0 - Amazon Profit Calculation Software for Wholesale Supplier Lists - This software quickly finds the profitable items from any wholesale product list. Intelligent, super fast (at 17,000+ items/hr) and highly accurate (using Amazon's API), it pulls from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk simultaneously to open up the UK market to you as well. A free demo license is available today for up to 20,000 items.

My favorite re-pricing system is www.Feedvisor.com. Even if you don't use them, register with them as they put on some great training webinars.

This is from one of the members of Jim Cockrum's FB group My Silent Team. I thought I would share it with my readers. Here is an interesting website if you want to see what all the Amazon warehouses are "dedicated" to for types of inventory (scroll down past the first chart).

In the last issue I mentioned Duncan MacPherson's book, How to Sell on Amazon.com (USA) from Canada. But I got a couple emails that the link was not working so here it is again. If you Have Considered Selling On Amazon.com From Canada, But Were Unsure How To Get Started? If So, Then This Guide Is For You.

Seller Labs ran a great webinar with Cynthia Stine and Rachel Greer on Amazon Account Suspension and Product Quality. You can see the replay here.

Amazon has a great FREE tool to check out the cost benefits of using Fulfillment by Amazon.

  • Calculate FBA costs using real listings on Amazon.com
  • Compare your fulfillment costs side-by-side with FBA
  • Estimate profitability at different sales levels Try the FBA Revenue Calculator.

Amazon Sponsored Products offers Professional sellers the opportunity to advertise their products on Amazon.com using keyword-targeted ads. This is a great way to get your first sales on new product listings and your private label listings.

Sponsored Products is a pay-per-click system. There's no monthly fee, and you pay only when your ads are clicked and you can limit your spend by setting a daily budget.

Sponsored Products ads appear on Amazon.com below search results, in the right rail on search results pages, and in an ad placement on product detail pages. Customers can also see Sponsored Products ads on both mobile and tablet browsers.

You can use Sponsored Products to:

  • Improve product visibility with an opportunity to get listings on page 1 of Amazon.com search results

  • Target a highly qualified audience that is low in the purchase funnel

  • Deliver highly relevant ads targeted to customer searches

  • Measure return on investment and optimize advertising spend

  • Start advertising using Sponsored Products - Note: requires Amazon Seller's login.

If any of you sell jewelry, there is an excellent wholesale gem and jewelry show in Las Vegas from May 20 to June 2nd at the Mirage. You can get info on that show and others they put on around the country at wwwGLDA.com.

Jenni Hunt has a new service - PL Finds. Here is what she says about it.

"PL Finds" - a service to help cut your research time when looking for private label products to resell on Amazon.

First of all - the process to do your own research is in the lessons for this program. You do not have to use "PL Finds"... you can do it yourself - and we will help you along the way...

If you are looking to jump ahead and use your time differently - PL Finds may be for you.

"PL Finds" has two options providing the Amazon research piece for finding private label contenders... This is not a complete "done for you" service; rather, a kick-start to get you past the Amazon research phase outlined in the lessons included with this program.

Learn more here

In my last newsletter I had a heck of a typo in the subject line of my newsletterfor eBay and Amazon sellers. I called it the March 1016 issue. I have been getting email from my readers asking if this issue is really 1000 years old.

Are you struggling to come up with a name for your product or business. Here is a free servvice that an help you. Its called Naming.net

Lets get started with this month’s articles:


1. Wholesale Sources from ASD Las Vegas

I was not able to attend the annual ASD Wholesale Trade Show in Las Vegas this year due to some family medical issues, but I did have my sources there collecting information for me. So here are some great new wholesale sources from the show.

Most of these websites are wholesale but a few are not. When you run into that, just use the Contact Us form on the website to ask for wholesale information. Be sure to mention ASD in your email.

Jane Envy sells a very nice line of inexpensive Bohemian style fashion jewelry.

Apollo Eyewear sells several popular lines of fashion sunglasses including Carrera, Nine West, Foster Grant and Gargoyles.

MJ Toys Inc. is a large importer of toy cars and action figures including several popular name brand lines.

Everspring Import sells a line of collectible statuary including a line of angels, fairies and various fantasy sculptures. Register on the website to see wholesale products and pricing.

KBW Global Corporation is direct importer and wholesaler for special occasion masquerade accessories in a broad variety of styles. They offer a full line of products such as Mardi Gras masks, Venetian masks, Jester Joker masks, feather masks, etc. at different price levels.

Cala Products sells a complete line of beauty products

The Just Case company sells a large line of cases for all types of uses from beauticians to photographers.

Oriental Apparel sells a large line of ladies fashions. Their minimum order is $200.

The Mountain is a large manufacturer of highly unique designer tee shirts and art print shirts.

Uni Hosiery sells a large line of hosiery, active wear and lingerie.

Allied Group and its family of companies have over 30 year of experience in the Housewares industry. The group is the owner of Allied Design & Cuisine Collection trade marks, as well as, licenses from Coleman®, Hamilton Beach® and Proctor Silex®. Kitchen items have been steady sellers for us on Amazon for years.

NY Wholesale Scarves sells a wonderful line of all types of scarves in some great designs.

4-Seasons General Merchandise sells thousands of products in over 100 different categories.

The SJT Company sells thousands of wood signs in many categories - most of them made in the USA

Shark Eyes sells a large line of fashion sunglasses and stylish reading glasses.

Novelty Gift sells various novelty toys, gifts and games. They have some very unique products.

SZCO is a large distributor of various types of knives and swords and other related products

The Great Western Trading Company sells a large line of western themed products in the lower cost range.

The Cajole Company sells a very nice line of very unique products and gifts


2. The Official Geezer Guide is for Sale

About 5 years ago I started a new website aimed at seniors designed to make money through affiliate marketing. I called it The Official Geezer Guide. I put a lot of money into the site in terms of design, logos. Etc., (over $11,000) and so on, as well has hundreds of hours of work. And it was an immediate success. Within weeks I had a page rank of 5 in Google and my books were selling well.

The site still gets a fair amount of traffic. Here’s a Google Analytics report from 3/1/2015 - 2/29/16:

  • Page views - 10,671
  • Sessions - 6,805
  • Users - 6,063

Those are not really high numbers, but considering I have not touched the site in over a year its not bad. If you did 2 or 3 blog posts a week and updated some of the content, those numbers would increase dramatically. When the site was new and I was working on it often, I was getting in the area of 25,000 page views a week.

Unfortunately, over time, my other businesses expanded and I started paying less and less attention to the site. And, eventually I just lost interest in it. When that happened, the page rank and traffic fell off. I still get a lot of email from companies who want to advertise on the site, but ad revenues for a site like this are pretty small, whereas affiliate income potential is is far more.

In truth, because of the low traffic, the affiliate and AdSense income has fallen to very little, but the potential to grow it is excellent. I see no reason why with about 10-20 hours per week you could not get the income up to the $5000+ a month range.

When the site was active, I had a newsletter signup box, and at one point we had over 2000 newsletter subscribers. Whenever I sent out a newsletter with an affiliate offer in it, I would often earn up to $1000 just from that one newsletter. The other thing I did was blog at least twice weekly.

So now I am at the point where I just do not have the time to build the site back up and would like to sell it. The price is $2500 which is about 1/4 th of what I invested.

Here is what you get for that:

  • Full copyright ownership to all the content on the site
  • Three hours of my webmaster's time to help you transfer the site to your own hosting company (I use Bluehost, but you can choose your own hosting company)
  • Two hours of my personal telephone coaching to show you how to build up the site.
  • I assume all current liabilities (which amounts to about $11,000, which was money I loaned the company to start it up and keep it going).
  • I will pay for your first three months of hosting to give you time to transfer the site.
  • I set up a corporation that owns the site -Official Geezer Guide, Inc. I will transfer the corporation to you with all assets (which include about $400 in the bank account).
  • The last 3 years of income statements and balance sheets and corporate tax returns
  • Copyright to an eBook I wrote and used to sell on the site - The Official Geezer Guide to Making Money Online (Note - the book is a bit out of date but can be easily updated and I will help you with this as part of the coaching). I sold hundreds of copies of that book at $27 per book).
  • Access to my affiliate system so you can earn 40% selling my eBooks on the site.
  • I will help you promote the site through my newsletter and blogs to make sure you get traffic
  • A free copy of my book - How to Make Money Blogging From Home

There is also something else. Look at this screenshot. I get traffic spike notices from Google like this at least 3 times a week. That sort of thing can really drive affiliate income producing traffic it you work it right.

And let's talk about the WordPress theme. The Official Geezer Guide, or the OGG as we like to call it, is a WordPress site using the professional version of the Weaver Xtreme theme. This means that:

  • The site is optimized for mobile devices
  • Each page can have different sidebars or layouts
  • You have free support for theme issues at the Weaver Themes Support Forum
  • Add custom class names to areas for refined styling.
  • More options for Previous/Next Post Navigation.
  • Additional typography options: line height, base font size for different devices, custom font sizes.

Please note: The site license will expire in July, but the theme will still work and you can still receive all the mentioned benefits. If you’d like an updated version of the Xtreme plugin after July you can buy a license for about $40.

What you need to do to make this work:

  • If you really want to build this up to an income of $5000+ per month, I think you would need to work about 15-20 hours per week on the site. If you are a really fast and prolific writer, you could do it in 10-12 hours but that would be an absolute minimum.
  • Basic writing ability
  • Take the time to learn how to work a WordPress site (My webmaster is a WordPress expert and can help you with this. It will take about 2 to 3 hours work on your part and is not highly technical)
  • Set up affiliate programs and Google AdSense on the site. (I already have quite a few affiliate programs. You will just have to go to the links I have, apply and substitute your links for mine)
  • Join Aweber.com and set up a newsletter signup box and write at least one newsletter per month.

I know that $2500 sounds like a lot of money, but I have invested much more than that in the site and the opportunity to earn really good money is there. (But sorry, I cannot make any guarantees because the work is totally up to you).

I would think this would be a great opportunity for any seniors, or folks about to hit senior status, to supplement their retirement income while doing something that interests you. It would also be a great platform to build a mailing list and create and sell your own information products.

The terms are one cash payment - no installments. This is an excellent value for the right person. If you are interested, just contact me using the Contact Us Form on our website and I will email you right back and answer any questions you have. You can visit the site here..


3. Trade Show Tips and Tricks

Trade shows are one of my absolute best sources of wholesale merchandise to sell on eBay and Amazon. I like the fact that the merchandise is on display, so I can see the actual quality and in many cases the vendors are small companies and you can meet and speak with the owners. That gives you an excellent opportunity to pitch the owners on being their exclusive dealer for eBay and Amazon.

The other reason I like trade shows is that companies typically use them to introduce new products. So you get to see the new items before other sellers do. I attend about 6 trade shows a year, and am amazed at how few eBay and Amazon sellers I run into there. This means they are a great place to find goods that other sellers do not have.

Here are some of my tips for attending shows:

  • Trade shows are typically held in large convention centers and you do a lot of walking (If you are disabled, most [but not all] trade shows rent wheel chairs or those electric scooters). So wear comfortable walking shoes as you will do a lot of walking. For example - if you were to see all the exhibitors at the Las Vegas ASD show you would do about 7 miles of walking.

  • Carry a Rolling bag to hold all the catalogs and price lists you will collect

  • Always review and attend the educational sessions that most trade shows have, as they are often excellent and can help your business

  • Most vendors offer trade show specials such as discounts and/or free shipping. If you don't see a sign that advertises show specials, ask them.

  • If you have a truck and a helper, on the last day, many of the vendors sell off all the merchandise in their booth at prices as low as ½ the wholesale price because they don't want to ship it home. Look for these deals, but don't wait until the last day. They will often make that offer during the entire show.

    You have to wait until the last day to pick up the goods, but you can make the deal at any time during the show. Others know this, so if you wait until the last day to ask, the deal could be gone. Many of these booths will have a sign that says "Booth for sale." But even if you don't see such a sign you can still ask - "Are you interested in selling the contents of your booth at the end of the show.? (Note - you just want the contents -not the booth itself).

  • Look for items you can bundle. Trade shows are a great place to spot those types of goods

  • Most shows do not allow you to carry goods out of the show hall, but lately many shows are setting up Cash & Carry sections in a separate hall. So take some cash with you just in case this is going on. Cash and Carry deals are usually priced well below normal wholesale.

  • Most items at shows have the prices marked on them, but don't assume you cannot do better. I always ask, "Is that your best price?" You will be amazed at how often they will offer the products for less.

  • Carry a laptop or smart phone so you can look up items on eBay and/or Amazon to see if they would be a viable product, or if there is too much competition

  • If you see products that make sense, always ask if the company will private label for you. Not a lot of companies will do this, but many will.

  • When you find a product you want to order, you don't have to order right at the show. If the vendor is offering a show special, tell them you want some time to finish the show and research the product, and would they extend their show special for a week. My experience show that they will agree to this about 90% of the time.

  • The other thing you want to do when you find a product you want to buy is take the time to chat up and start developing a relationship with the supplier. Good supplier relationships can pay huge dividends over time in the form of discounts and early notice of new products.

Follow these tips and your show experience will be highly productive. If you want to find trade shows, one of the bonus items in The Wholesale Buying System and The Complete Amazon Marketing System is a list of several hundred trade shows around the country. (Don't buy both of those books, because the Wholesale Buying System is already part of The Complete Amazon Marketing System)


4. Niche of the Month – eBay and Amazon Seller Supplies

If you sell on eBay and/or Amazon, then you know you are always buying and spending a lot of money on supplies. Some of these would include labels, tape and tape guns, postage scales, poly bags, gift bags and boxes and so on. Another major supply is cardboard shipping boxes but I don't recommend you get into that as they are just to large and heavy to ship and you would have to carry dozens of sizes.

So how do you find these supplies?

Many of them such as labels and tape are available from both US and Chinese wholesale suppliers. When you find an item you want to sell, look on the package and you will usually see the manufacturer's or distributor's website. Go to the website and use the Contact Us form and ask for the name of their local wholesale distributor. (Tell them where you live as most of the distributors are regional and shipping will be less if they are close to you).

Another trick is to just buy retail in very large quantities and break up the items into smaller units you can sell at higher individual prices. Here is an example of what we often do.

There is a large polybag we buy for $42 for a carton of 1000. But it would take me a year or more to go through all 1000. And most sellers do not want to buy 1000 for the same reason. So what we do is break them up into sets of 100 (my cost on those is $4.20 per 100). We list them on Amazon for $11.95 per 100. The last time we did that all 9 sets sold out within two weeks.

Another great item to sell are scales. You can source those wholesale easily at Aliexpress or just Google wholesale scales and you will come up with plenty of US results. (Aliexpress is owned by Alibaba.com, but on Aliexpress you can buy in much smaller quantities).

The same goes for gift boxes and bags. There are a ton of wholesale suppliers for these products that you can find easily at sites like toptenwholesale.com or from many of the liquidation dealers listed online.

We sell a lot of fashion jewelry and we like to deliver them in a small velvet bag. I buy these by the thousands from China for about 10¢ each and sell them in packs of 50 for $14.95, and they sell very well. (You will see others listed on Amazon for half that price but most of them are fake velvet. I stress that ours are real velvet and have no problem selling them Also - most of the cheap velvet bags selling on eBay and Amazon are only 3 x 4 inches whereas ours are larger).

These are just a few examples. I am sure you can find more if you use your imagination.


5. Is it Really Possible to Make a Living Selling on eBay and/or Amazon

I get email like this all the time:

"Skip - your site is just a rip off. Amazon and eBay have rigged the game is such a way that there is no way anyone can make a real living on those sites. Its just a big waste of time."

I am sure all of you have seen comments like that in Facebook and Twitter posts or on various online scam posts. Well, my wife Karen and I have been making a very nice living on eBay since 1999 and very nice profits on Amazon since 2006. If I take my book business out of the mix, we still do almost 6 figures profit between the two sites every year. So you might say that I am living proof that emails like that are just not true.

I spoke with the head of my coaching program recently and he told me that over half of our coaching students are making incomes in excess of $5,000 a month, with a few doing over $15,000. These are all folks who pretty much started from zero with no experience. Click here to learn about our coaching program.

Here is another example. Two years ago I put on a seminar at the ASD Trade show in Las Vegas. After the event I had to use the rest room. When I came out of the rest room, a lady came up to me and tapped me on the arm to get my attention. She didn't identity herself, or tell me her name but she just said to me.

"Skip - a few years ago my husband walked out on me and I was flat broke. I borrowed some money from my sister and bought your eBay marketing book. Within a few months I was making several thousand dollars a month on eBay, and after just two years I was able to buy my home back that I had been forced to sell. So I just wanted to say thank you in person."

She then just turned around and walked away and I never got a chance to speak with her and learn more about what she did.

It all comes down to three things you must do if you are going to be successful at this.

  1. First you have to invest in some education to find out how eBay and Amazon work. Whether you buy my book, or someone else's, invest in some learning before you start. And if you are already selling on eBay or Amazon then keep learning.

  2. Avoid negative influences and negative people. When we started selling on eBay, my wife's brother was so convinced we were going to fail he never let up. Even 5 years later when we were doing very-very well he was still worried and always mentioned I should look for a job and go back to work.

  3. Never give up. The only way you can really fail at this is to quit. You will make mistakes and run into roadblocks, but just keep a positive attitude, take responsibility for your actions and don't get the idea that you cannot succeed.

Every year there is more competition on eBay and Amazon and every year policies and fees change, but every year (except 2008 when the big recession hit) we have grown our business and our profits. So the answer to the question is a strong YES!

That's it for now. Good luck with your business.

And I wish all my Christian readers a very Happy Easter. I hope you get to spend some quality time with friends and family and have a wonderful Easter dinner. Look for the next issue in early April.

Skip McGrath
The eBay & Amazon Seller's News

P.S. If you missed the last issue, click here to read it.

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