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Importers - Donít Confuse UPS, DHL and FedEx with Air Freight

The eBay & Amazon Seller's News ~ April 26, 2017 ~ Volume 18, Issue No. 7

Tips, Tools, News and Resources for eBay, Amazon and Independent Online Sellers
by: Skip McGrath

In This Issue:

Musings from and about eBay, Amazon and The World Wide Web

  1. Importers - Donít Confuse UPS, DHL and FedEx with Air Freight
  2. Opening an Amazon US Account and Selling from Overseas Countries
  3. Age & Attitude Ė Young or Old - Does It Matter?
  4. List of Amazon Prep and Ship Centers in the US
  5. How to Negotiate Exclusive Selling Arrangements for eBay and Amazon
  6. New Wholesale Sources for eBay & Amazon Sellers

"A goal without a plan is just a wish." ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupťry


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Bank Account Fraud targets Amazon Sellers

There has been a lot of news about fraudsters targeting Amazon and Amazon buyers primarily with credit card fraud. Lesser known are, aggressive efforts that target seller's bank accounts registered on Amazon. Using a combination of hacking and email phishing, the fraudsters are changing the bank account you register with Amazon, so on the next payment date the money Amazon sends you will go into their bank account instead of yours.

Your only defense against this is to change your password regularly -and NEVER use the same password on Amazon, as you use with your bank account and credit card accounts.

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This was originally a Facebook post by one of my readers. I asked him if I could share it with you and he agreed.

I wanted to give your readers some insight to what I've gone through in the past 5 months. I hope it motivates you and gives a different insight into the eCommerce world.

Back story: I started my ecommerce journey in 2013. I went full time 2015.

Fast forward to 2016, and I am selling about 95% on Amazon FBA selling on average between $30,000-$40,000 in sales per month.

I was doing mostly liquidation and OA and a tiny bit of wholesale.

I couldn't sell on eBay because my account was suspended. Long story short, I wasn't selling enough and my metrics were too low. [Tip to new people starting out: Accept every return and learn to live with it].

I started preparing for Q4 around September. Before I forget, my niche is the electronics market. I also dabble in anything I can make money on, but my expertise is electronics.

I had the chance to get some Xbox units in bulk and knew if I could get a good price they would be prefect for Q4. I ended up buying 130 in total and started selling them in September.

On October 28th, 2016 and I got the dreaded email from Amazon saying my account was suspended. I attached my sales for the month of October. I couldn't believe it, and it was at the worse possible time.

The reason for my suspension was I had to many rights owner complaints. I ended up not being able to get my account back. Now before people say you should use Cynthia Stine or some other service -I was in a unique situation and didn't need them, as I had a "contact" who talked straight to Amazon.

Another long story short -I knew better but don't trust anyone in business. I could have used Cynthia, or someone else, and had two people working on it but didn't think I needed her. However, I have used Cynthia before and she got my account back online. I would recommend her services.

I imagine my sales would have been close to $35,000 in October. One thing I should have done quicker, was get all my inventory shipped back to me. Pretty much my only saving grace was I still had about 75 Xbox's left, some laptops and monitions.

The higher dollar goods I kept at my house. Sales in November were only $4,829, an 86% drop in sales. As you can imagine it was like a stock market crash, except worse. It's hard to explain, but I was scared and I wasn't -all at the same time. Lots of emotions and very stressful.

I then started to target other eBay and Amazon sellers to start to wholesale to them. Fast forward to February sales were $20,862 with half of that from wholesale and Amazon sales were only $1,907 or 10% of total sales. I now average about $20,000 a month in sales.

The moral of the story is never give up. Always have some kind of backup plan, and don't wait to develop multiple streams of income.

Thanks to Jeremy Bass of Cybertron Electronics for letting me share his story.

Feedvisor is the company I use for re-pricing - they have the best algorithmic re-pricer on the market. They have just published a really interesting study on the Amazon State of the market 2017. The study has some very useful insights for Amazon Sellers. Click here to read the study.

Be careful responding to Facebook messenger posts. I have heard several reports this week that scammers are using FB Messenger to put Ransom-ware on your computer. I honestly do not know if this is true, but it could be a case of, "Where there's smoke, there is fire."

Amazon is promoting Amazon's Garage. Amazon Garage is a place on Amazon where you can view, manage, and find parts for your saved vehicles. Apparently, they are buying, or somehow getting information, on new car sales, because Karen and I recently bought a new car -a very low mileage used Ford Edge.

When I went to My Garage page on Amazon, it had a photo of our new vehicle and information pre- filled, so I could go straight to search. OK - this is pretty cool for sellers who sell auto parts and accessories, but I find it sort of scary that Amazon can get this kind of personal information. We are in the process of building a new home. I wonder how Amazon will get that information and market to us.

I am in the habit of cruising some of the free classified sites because I occasionally find an item I can get for free and flip on eBay for a nice profit. Sometimes you see some really strange posts. I decided to take a pass on this one.

eBay First Quarter Results fail to impress again. eBay US sales, what they call (GMV) Gross Merchandise Volume, increased a measly 5% in the first three months of 2017 to $20 billion. Overall revenue for eBay, Inc. grew only 7% to $1.8 billion. Earnings (Non-GAPP, Non Diluted fell 2%.

Meanwhile, Amazon's results won't be out until next week -but analysts expect sales growth to exceed 23% for the same period.

Lets get started with this monthís articles:


1. Importers - Donít Confuse UPS, DHL and FedEx with Air Freight

I have been selling on eBay and Amazon a long time, and importing for the past 4 years, but I still learn something new every day.

Whenever I wanted something quickly from China -I would almost always tell my rep in Hong Kong to send the items DHL. Well, DHL is a great service, if you want something overnight or in 2 days. However, if you are willing to wait 4 or 5 days, you can use ordinary air freight which is much cheaper!

When I order a new product, or re-order an existing product from China, what I usually do is send part of the shipment air freight and the rest by sea.

Here is an example: A few weeks ago, I reordered an item that I usually buy in quantities of 1000. This product sells about 3 pieces per day. I ordered 200 by air which will last me approximately 66 days. I had the rest shipped by sea.

Typically, my sea shipments take about 40 to 49 days, so that leaves me with a nice safety margin. When I use air freight, my unit cost to ship is about 95¢, but by sea, this drops to under 40¢.

Now to the difference between standard air freight and services like DHL and UPS or FedEx. Remember those companies are package services that specialize in rapid delivery.

The last time I shipped those same products via DHL, my cost per unit was $1.40 versus 85¢ by normal air freight. I am not complaining about the cost of DHL - its just a fact that DHL (and UPS and FedEx) provide a different service than air freight - but people tend to confuse the two.

When you are shopping for air freight, don't trust your overseas supplier to arrange it for you. One of the ways Chinese suppliers make money is to mark up the shipping cost -or take a commission (kickback) from the air freight company or broker.

Instead I would either use a local agent (Mine is Bruce Wang), or hire a Freight Forwarder (FF). A FF is a company that acts as your agent. Once they know the weight, size, number of boxes and the product contents of your shipment, they will contact several Air Shipment airlines and companies and negotiate the lowest cost for you.

If you are going to import goods, you will also need a Customs Broker. A Customs Broker is a service for importers that clears your goods through customs. This involves the preparation of documents, calculating and paying duties and excise taxes, and handling communications between your company and the U.S. Customs service.

I use a company called Universal Cargo. I use them for three reasons. (Disclosure - I have NO affiliate relationship with this company):

  1. They are both a freight forwarder and a Customs Broker under one roof. That really simplifies communications and Paperwork.
  2. Their service and reliability are exceptional
  3. They always get me the best price on shipping.

So the moral of this story is: When it comes to getting samples sent, or ordering products to sell -the difference between 2 days and 4 or 5 days is not that significant. Unless you really need something in 2-days, forget the package services, and check out straightforward air freight.


2. Opening an Amazon US Account and Selling from Overseas Countries

I get a ton email from folks who live in other countries asking how they can sell on Amazon US. I have written about this in the past, but that information is out of date -so I thought I should cover it again. This way, when I get those emails, I will just give them the link to this article.

In order to be eligible to sell on any Amazon platform you need to be resident of one of the following countries, have a local phone number, local bank account, Phone number Amazon can call during the registration process, and have an internationally chargeable credit card. The countries are:

Amazon used to restrict registration on Amazon US to just a few major countries -but as you can see they have expanded the list.

You are probably wondering why some countries are not on this list? There are two primary reasons - US policy and Fraud.

There are some countries that American individuals and companies are not permitted to do business with (countries like Cuba, Iran and North Korea) by law. As for fraud, Amazon restricts sellers from countries that are well known for online fraud (Nigeria, Pakistan, etc.).

Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers is an optional service that allows existing sellers on the Amazon.com website who have a bank account in a country supported by Amazon to be paid directly into their local bank account in United States Dollars (USD), Great British Pounds (GBP), Euros (EUR), Australian Dollars (AUD), New Zealand Dollars (NZD), Indian Rupees (INR), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) and Canadian Dollars (CAD). U.S. sellers selling on other Amazon marketplaces (amazon.ca, amazon.co.uk, amazon.de, amazon.es, amazon.fr, and/or amazon.it) are also able to get paid into their U.S. bank account, in U.S. Dollars (USD). You can find more information here.

Here is some helpful information on registering your bank accounts.


3. Age & Attitude Ė Young or Old - Does It Matter?

You might think this is aimed at older folks, but it's not. Let's face it -even though you may be young -you are getting older every day, and frankly, young folks have as many challenges as older folks -just different ones.

I am not going to tell you my age, but I have been selling online for 19 years, so you could say, I am getting up there. But what does this mean to you as sellers?

We are going to look at both young and older sellers first -then I want to say something about attitude.

Young Sellers

The biggest challenge younger sellers have is just that -you are young. There is nothing wrong with that. When you are young, you have lots of energy, have very few physical limitations, and are probably more attuned to the world of high-tech than some older folks. On the other side -being younger means you lack experience and the wisdom that comes with it.

Notice, I did not say young people are not smart -many of them are not only smart -but super smart. The fact is -being smart in terms of intelligence, is not that important compared to other traits such as being clever, having creativity, and being persistent. A person of average intelligence who will not give up, is far more likely to succeed than someone who is super smart, but easily discouraged.

There is also the issue of work ethic. Don't get me wrong -there are plenty of younger folks who have excellent work ethics (both of my sons come to mind), but in general, a work ethic is something you learn and develop over time. Yes, I am generalizing -I know there are plenty of exceptions to that statement, but this is a newsletter article -not a grad school thesis.

Older Sellers

Before I get anyone upset -I am not talking about geriatrics, but people over 55 (I am not saying 55 is old -just older than the younger folks I am writing about). I said earlier that older folks have more experience and wisdom. Due to their years they may have already owned, or at least worked for, a small business. This gives them experiences and skills that many young people do not have.

On the downside, many older folks were late to adapt new technologies and social media. The other issue is their bodies. As we age, our bodies slow down. In general, (again there are exceptions), as we age we can't lift and carry as much as we used to, and we run out of steam sooner. Selling on eBay and Amazon is not highly physical work -but you do have to occasionally carry some heavy boxes.

So what can we do about this?

If you are a younger seller, the first thing you can do is expand your social horizons to include some folks over 50 or 60. If these folks happen to own a small business -that is even better. When you are around them do two things:

  1. Ask intelligent questions
  2. Listen

If you are -or find yourself, getting older, start thinking about ways to ease both the physical and time load of your business. Here is an example:

We used to sell mostly on eBay with a few items listed on Amazon that we merchant fulfilled. On a slow day we would have about 15 items to pack and ship and take to the post office. But, on a good day, that number could go as high as 40. That is a lot of packages to wrap and carry to the post office.

In 2006 we reduced the items we sold on eBay to just a handful of listings -and of those, we tried to concentrate on items that were smaller and therefore easier and less costly to ship. At the same time, we moved almost 100% of our Amazon business to FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). This meant we only had to send our wholesale goods into Amazon in bulk. We no longer had to make daily trips to the post office. Instead we called UPS who came and took the packages off of our front porch.

About that time, I was at an Amazon seminar and discovered a company called JoeLister.

JoeLister is a service that lists your Amazon FBA items quickly and easily on eBay (takes about 30-seconds per listing). When a product sells on eBay, JoeLister does several things:

  1. The system automatically creates a fulfillment order on Amazon, so that Amazon ships the product to your eBay buyer.

  2. When Amazon releases the tracking info, JoeLister automatically posts the tracking number into your eBay account.

  3. If the item you sold was the last one in stock, JoeLister zeroes out the quantity available on eBay, so you don't sell something you don't have.

Joelister turned out to be so good, we were able to increase the number of SKUs we were selling on eBay.

Moving into FBA had two benefits:

  • We no longer had to pack and ship several items every day -Amazon did that for us

  • Once we made the move fully into FBA, our sales increased by a factor of five X.

The other thing you want to do is find third party services that can do some of the time consuming low-level tasks for you such as automatically posting feedback on eBay, or automatically sending out feedback and product review requests on Amazon.


It doesn't matter if you are young or old, if you want to be successful, then attitude is everything! The first step to have a successful attitude is to learn to take 100% responsibility not only for everything you do, but to also take responsibility for things that just seem to "happen" to you.

When something happens to you that was not seemingly your fault -it is your fault because you didn't prepare for it. As Mark Cuban once said to a candidate on Shark Tank - "Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it away from you." This means you should always be asking yourself: "If ________ happened? What would I do?"

You can't anticipate everything, but you should try. The worst thing you should do is stop blaming others for what happens to you. I am always appalled when I look in on a Facebook group or see comments on a message board like this:

"eBay (or Amazon) is such a rip-off that no one can make money."

"Amazon's fees make it impossible to make a profit."

"I do everything right and I still get shi++y feedback."

Comments such as these are nothing but sellers trying to shift the blame for their failure to someone else.

No matter what your age, here are some tips to keep you centered and successful:

  • Set Goals - Setting goals in one of the traits that almost every successful person has. But it's not enough to set them; you have to work on them also. Here are some tips about setting goals.

    You need both long and short-term goals. Most importantly, the short-term goals need to be designed to mesh with your long-term goals. Your goals should be very specific - and measurable.

    Setting a goal such as Keep growing my business, is meaningless. However, a goal such as Find at least 5 new products to source and sell per month, is both measurable and specific.

    Most importantly, write your goals down and post them were you can see them. It may also help to share them with your supportive friends and family.

    I also suggest you set personal goals. For example, a few years ago, my wife and I were heavily in debt. This included two car loans, four credit cards and a large home mortgage. We could barely meet our expenses. Although we were self-employed, it was the equivalent of living paycheck-to-paycheck. By setting specific goals we reduced all of our debts to zero (except the home mortgage) within two years and we have paid our home mortgage down to just about 30% of the original amount (and continue to make double payments each month. That is just one example. You can also set goals related to specific family events, or educational goals such as take the kids to Disneyland, or learn a foreign language.

  • Avoid negative people and negative influences

  • If you are in a Facebook Group, or following a message board with negative comments like those I listed above -find a new place to hang out online

  • Believe in yourself and never give up

  • Don't become discouraged. Don't allow mistakes and setbacks to kill your business (We all screw up. I have been at this for 19 years -and still make the occasional goof.)

  • Keep experimenting and trying new things

  • Never stop experimenting, growing and fine tuning your business (When some sellers reach a certain income level, they kick back and relax - this is like saying: "Competitors come and get me."

  • Never stop learning. There is no such thing as "knowing it all."

  • Keep growing and reinvesting in your business (This makes it harder for your competitors to succeed)

  • If something was successful (Product, strategy, etc.), and is no longer working - try once to fix it. If that doesn't work, move on to something else

  • Follow the rules. (A lot of sellers keep looking for a "quick fix," or a way around eBay and Amazon rules and policies. That is a good way to lose your account.)

Lastly, whether you are young or older, look for someone you can work with (They don't already have to be a seller). A few years ago at the eBay Live event in Boston, I met one of the most successful seller teams I had ever met.

The "team" was a mother and daughter. Mom was 55 or so and her daughter was in her twenties. They were selling mostly on eBay with a few sales on other venues. Between them they sold over $2 million a year with very nice profits. And, at that time, they had only been selling on eBay for two years.


4. List of Amazon Prep and Ship Centers in the US

This is an update of an article I wrote early last year. The reason I am covering this again is, I continue to see Facebook posts and get email from readers asking where they can find a prep center near them.

Amazon Prep and Ship centers are services, where you send your inventory to them and they store it for you. They charge a storage fee, but their storage fees are often less than what Amazon charges -but not always - so check.

When you are ready to ship to FBA, your Prep&Ship center labels your products and ships them to FBA for you.

With some of them, you have to create the shipment and email them the labels. Others such as My Fulfillment Team will create the shipments for you.

As I mentioned in the first article, I use My Fulfillment Team, which I endorse and recommend.

More on this is covered in The Complete Amazon Marketing System .

US (and one UK) Fulfillment Companies


Prep and Ship Plus, Tel: 602-397-3330


FBA Inspection, Tel: 707-961-0343

Prep It! Pack It! Ship It! - West Coast, Tel: 760-576-4404


Worldwide Fulfillment, Tel: 561-245-2392

Shipmonk, Tel: 855-222-4601


Prep It! Pack It! Ship It! - East Coast, Tel: 760-576-4404


Fulfillment Butler, Tel: 217-652-1846

Illinois Pack & Ship, Tel: 844-224-4464


FBA Express , Tel: 888-501-1322


Selltec Prep, Tel: 406-320-0079
Note: Montana is a (sales) tax free state


FBA Prep and Ship, Tel: 541-543-4309
Also a no-sales-tax state


My Fulfillment Team, Tel: 877-550-1640
(This is the company I use and endorse)


Fulfillment Rescue, Tel: 888-848-4579
(Fulfillment Rescue will also act as your dropshipper for eBay or Amazon merchant fulfillment)

Quick Prep & Ship

Texas Prep Pack & Ship, Tel: 214-412-3218


Central Wisconsin Prep Pack & Ship, Tel: 855-397-4587

United Kingdom

Adstral Fulfillment Intl., Tel: +44 330 660 0280

I researched this list on the internet, so it may not be complete

One of the best uses for a ship & prep center is handling shipments from overseas. When I get a shipment from overseas, it might consist of up to 1,000 items. Obviously, I don't want to send all 1,000 into Amazon at one time (unless it's an item that sells over 25 units per day).

When you send goods into Amazon FBA, they start charging you storage right away. And, if they don't all sell within 6 months, then you are assessed the long-term storage fee. So, what I do is send my goods to my FBA Prep & Ship Center and then send them into Amazon in quantities that match the sales of that item. (Most Amazon Prep & Ship centers have storage fees that are lower than Amazons').


5. How to Negotiate Exclusive Selling Arrangements for eBay and Amazon

I have written about this in the past, but I keep getting email from folks asking how to do this - so here it is again (Updated and revised).

There are three major ways to win the buy box on Amazon:

  1. Lowest price seller (including shipping cost)

  2. Create a unique product (and listing) by bundling, or creating a multi-pack

  3. Be the only seller on Amazon (or eBay)

With eBay search there is no guarantee you will come up first in search even if you are the exclusive seller -but your chances will be highly improved. On Amazon, if your product is unique, you will automatically win the buy box for that product when a customer searches for a product that matches yours.

If you are the only seller of a specific item, then you have no direct competition (on Amazon)

So how do you find and negotiate exclusive selling arrangements? Here is an example of a deal I am involved in now.

Last year Karen and I attended the Seattle Gift Show - a wholesale show open to resellers only (general public is not admitted).

In the jewelry section, we found a line of jewelry made by a small USA company, and the owners of the company were in their booth.

We decided to place a small order (about $500 worth at wholesale). While they were writing up the order, I started to chat with the owners. I explained what we do, and asked them if they would give us an exclusive deal for their product line on eBay and Amazon.

Here are the reasons I gave them:

  • Only so many of their products will sell on eBay and Amazon in any given day, week or month. It doesn't matter if there is only one seller of a given product, or a dozen. I also explained that increasing the number of sellers, does not increase your sales, or the size of the market.

  • Since we are the only seller, they could only deal with one company. This lowers their costs. More so, since we are the only seller, we usually place larger orders than if there were several sellers

  • After we test the market to get a feel for the sales quantity over time, we will agree to purchase a certain amount each year, so they can predict their sales volume (In this case, once we did the test, that amount came out to $4,000).

  • When a supplier has several sellers, they usually compete on price. This can upset the supplier's brick & mortar accounts. When retail stores see the same items they carry selling for less eBay and/or Amazon, they get upset and may not reorder. But as the only seller without competition, we can maintain a higher price so the supplier will not upset their stores.

  • We work to protect their brand. If we see anything online that cheapens or threatens their brand, we let them know. We also register the brand on Amazon. (To do that, you will need a letter from the supplier that says you are the only authorized seller). We also set up a VERO Information Page on eBay. That way we can monitor other sellers and inform the supplier if one of their other sellers is impinging on our agreement.

While explaining this, be very nice and engaging so they like you --and will trust you.

My readers ask "what kind of contract did we sign?" The answer is, we rarely do that. In in most cases we work on a handshake or just exchange emails laying out the details. Some of the important items you need to address in the agreement include:

  • Length of the agreement (I usually suggest one-year with automatic renewal and 30 days' notice by either party to quit after the first year is complete).

  • A statement that explains you are the exclusive seller on eBay and/or Amazon (or other sites)

  • We ask for a letter stating we are the exclusive seller so we can register their brand on Amazon and make Vero complaints on eBay.

  • They inform their current and future retailers that they may no longer sell on eBay or Amazon.

  • If they have a MAP policy (Minimum Advertised Price), we say we will follow that.

  • If you agree to an annual amount of purchase to renew the agreement, you want to say that. (Note - We don't agree to this until we complete a market test to give us an idea of how well (and fast).

As for the last item, do a market test before agreeing, so you have a god idea of how much you want to commit to.

When you meet a supplier you may be tempted to ask the supplier to drop ship or sell on consignment. I wouldn't try this as these are very difficult deals to do. Just asking makes them think you are a real amateur.

The one exception to this is for very large and heavy products. When you run into this, then it's all right to ask about drop shipping. We have an exclusive selling arrangement on eBay for our large wood burning firepits where the supplier dropships.


6. New Wholesale Sources for eBay & Amazon Sellers

Remember - not all of these websites show wholesale pricing and ordering information. When you run into this, just use the contact form on the website to request wholesale reseller information. Don't volunteer that you sell on eBay and/or Amazon. If they ask me, I tell the truth, but I never volunteer that information.

Smart Retailer is a great magazine with many wholesale sources every month. Click here to receive a FREE, 3-year print and digital subscription to Smart Retailer (US only, postage fees apply for International).

Sport Ear is a company that sells one of the best and most respected line of noise protecting earmuffs. They make both passive and active noise cancelling models.

Seedling is a toy company with some really unusual toys -many that are huge sellers.

Somersaults is a healthy snack company who's snacks are gaining a following online.

Lisa Leonard Designs designs and makes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, key chains and decor items. All products are individually hand-crafted with fine pewter and polished for a warm, soft glow. Wholesale Prices range from $4 to $34 each.

Miriam Merenfeld Jewelry LLC sells a nice line of Made in USA jewelry

All of their pendants are sterling silver and 18K gold plated over sterling silver.

Bonn Designs/Sanis Enterprises sells an assortment of ladies cross-body handbags, men's wallets, money clips and passport holders, as well as tool kits, grooming kits, trendy credit card cases and more. Many of their products offer an RFID shield.

Worker B offers a collection of personal care products that emphasize the benefits of raw honey, beeswax and bee propolis.

Candles & Quotes sells a nice line of Soy Candles in glass with very interesting quotes on them -everything from funny to thoughtful and spiritual.

Open Road Brands partners with national brands from yesteryear and today to design authentic and unique home decor products.

Red Wing Stoneware Pottery makes promotional pieces for businesses and events all over the country. They serve corporations, events, commemoratives, and communities with their hand made products. If you sell on eBay or Amazon, think about creating a product with wide appeal and offering it as the only .

Funatic makes unique socks for men and women. Some are clean, some are dirty, some are nerdy and some are naughty. Their designs also include socks that are funny, collegiate socks, Political socks, Dogs, and more.

Icy Craft Corporation makes and sells acrylic giftware; angels, Christmas nativity, animals, boxes, trains, trees, snowmen, Santa, Easter, and other ornaments. Many have LED or C7 lights. Don't wait - order now for Christmas.

Geo Central is a leading wholesale supplier of quality, educational and fun earth-related products

COSTA NOVA designs and produces high quality tableware and accessories with a reinvented classic and timeless style.

VHC Textiles is a supplier of a full line of beautiful textiles for Bed, bath and kitchen.

JTP Wholesale sells a wide line of monogramed products.

Thatís it for now. Hope you kill it for Mothers Day sales. See you again in a couple of weeks.

Skip McGrath
The eBay & Amazon Seller's News

P.S. If you missed the last issue, click here to read it.

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Please Note:  Some of the products and services mentioned in this website, in articles, banner ads and newsletters and blog posts are for products and services for which I earn a referral fee or commission. We always evaluate anything we recommend very carefully and each year we turn down literally dozens of opportunities to recommend products or services where we can earn a commission. Even though we earn a fee on some of our recommendations, we only recommend products and services that we feel will deliver good value and with rare exceptions, they all come with a money back guarantee.