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I give UP. After 19 years I have Decided to Leave eBay

The eBay & Amazon Seller's News ~ September 27, 2018 ~ Volume 19, Issue No. 16

Tips, Tools, News and Wholesale Resources for eBay and Amazon Sellers
by: Skip McGrath

In This Issue:

Musings from and about eBay, Amazon and The World Wide Web

  1. I give UP. After 19 years I have Decided to Leave eBay
  2. My Newsletter is changing, but Not Going Away
  3. Is eBay Still for Me?
  4. Does Consignment Selling Still Make Sense for eBay
  5. How to Scale your eBay Business by Becoming a B2B Wholesale Supplier
  6. New Wholesale Sources for eBay and Amazon Sellers

"The successful always has a number of projects planned, to which he looks forward. Anyone of them could change the course of his life overnight." ~ Mark Caine


This issue contains some really major announcements, so please be sure and read the first few articles fully and carefully.

An Important Message from eBay about the new Supreme Court Tax Decision

Despite what eBay says here -my opinion is that eBay. Amazon, Wal-Mart (and others) will soon take over the tax collection and payment for sellers. This week, Amazon announced they will begin doing this for Wisconsin next month. Other states should follow soon. (Be sure and read the last paragraph).

You are probably well aware of the June US Supreme Court ruling on Internet sales tax that overturned the long-standing physical presence sales tax collection standard. Since the Supreme Court ruling, eBay has been pushing hard for a federal solution that provides a common-sense solution that protects small, Internet-enabled businesses. eBay seller and Small Business Ambassador Network member Chad White testified before Congress in support of these efforts.

Last Friday, federal legislation was introduced that attempts to address the uncertainty caused by the Supreme Court ruling. Led by Representatives Jim Sensenbrenner, Anna Eshoo, Zoe Lofgren and Jeff Duncan, this bipartisan solution aims to provide a clear and sensible framework for collecting sales taxes from remote businesses that sell online and would exempt small businesses until such a framework is in place. At the same time, eBay announced that it had collected over a million signatures from Americans like you in support of such legislation. Click here to read more.

Additionally, eBay posted this announcement to the Community Board last week that may be of interest to you if you sell on eBay. As eBay continues to advocate for a federal solution, this post outlines how eBay will handle the collection of sales tax for sales into several states that now have sales tax collection laws in place.

Understanding the A-to-z Guarantee claims process

Find out more about preventing, representing, and appealing A-to-z Guarantee claims. Amazon has updated the Help pages explaining the process to give a summary of how best to avert issues - by tracking your shipments carefully, listing your products accurately, and responding to buyers quickly.

For more about preventing claims, see About A-to-z Guarantee

Free replacements for customers-at no cost to you

Getting a replacement for an FBA item just got easier for customers. As of September 5, 2018, a customer returning your item can ask to have a replacement sent to them free of charge-and there will be no cost to you.

For you, this means less time focusing on payments and refunds because the sale of the original item is unaffected. For customers, this means more convenient FBA returns, consistent with Amazon returns as a whole. This change is automatic. No action is required on your part.

I have mentioned here before that eBay will be ending its arrangement with PayPal soon and replacing it with their new payment system. eBay has just released some info about the new payment system. You can find some info about the new system in eBay's Weekly Chat.

Lets get started with this month's in-depth articles:


1. I give UP. After 19 years I have Decided to Leave eBay

After 19 years I've decided to leave eBay!

No- it's not because you can no longer make money on eBay - there are thousands of sellers doing that every day. For us -it had more to do with the fact that we just needed to set some different priorities, such as spend time with grandkids and take more time off for ourselves. With eBay becoming so complicated, we had to make a decision where we want to put our efforts. The simple truth is that eBay has become too complicated and time-consuming for us to navigate profitably.

So, we have decided to concentrate on Amazon, both in terms of selling goods, and where I will be focusing my training going forward. With that in mind, I am going to have a final sale on my eBay Books.

Here are the details for the eBay book sale. I have three main eBay training products:

All three of these books are excellent values at full price, but I am putting them on Final sale for 40% off. Just use coupon code EBAY40 upon checkout to get this discount. (Note: If you add more than on book to the shopping cart, the coupon sometimes only discounts the last book purchased. If that happens, please email us and we will process the appropriate refund immediately).

The sale lasts through October 31st.

The first book, The Complete eBay Marketing System includes annual electronic updates and I will commit to continue publishing these through 2020. The other two books were recently updated

I will continue to sell on Amazon, and continue to sell my Amazon training products.


2. My Newsletter is changing, but Not Going Away

This will be my last issue of the eBay & Amazon Seller's News -but I am not going to stop writing. For the past 18 years I have published the eBay & Amazon Sellers's News. With over 30,000 subscribers it is the oldest and one of the largest newsletters for professional sellers.

Starting next week, instead of publishing two newsletters a month with 5 or 6 articles each, I am going to start blogging my articles. I have a Blog and a Facebook Business Page.

I'll blog frequently at my blog. I'll share the blog posts on Facebook too. If you subscribe to my blog, or follow my Facebook page, you'll see what I'm writing about.

My articles will contain a mixture of news about Amazon, as well as "How-to" tips and articles on ways to improve your sales and profits. These posts will be very similar to my current newsletter articles.

Wholesale Information

For the past ten years my Wholesale Items Navigation tab has contained links to two wholesale search engines - Top-ten Wholesale and Get That Wholesale. As you know I also publish about a dozen new wholesale sources in each issue of my newsletter. So, in the future, I will be placing a list of my wholesale sources under this navigation tab by product category. This feature will be available in a week or so.

I have researched these sources to accomplish two goals:

  • They agree to work with small eBay and Amazon sellers
  • The supply goods in small quantities such as case lots of 12 or 24. (Note - an exception to this is, the many liquidation and surplus dealers I list. These folks tend to work in larger quantities)

Although I do my best to research these sources -please realize two things:

  • Every once in a while, no matter how careful I am, I do make the occasional mistake.
  • Over time, many of these companies change their policies. There are companies on my list who used to work with small eBay and Amazon sellers, but have since made deals with other companies -or even sell to Amazon directly. When you run into one of these situations, just move on to the next company on the list. Of the hundreds of sources, I list -there are plenty who will work with you.


3. Is eBay Still for Me?

As I pointed out above, our reasons for leaving eBay are more personal than business-related. There is no question that eBay is a more complex selling platform than it used to be, but it is still one of the largest eCommerce sites in the world -and, in fact when it comes to international sales, I think eBay provides more opportunities than Amazon.

There are literally thousands of sellers currently making a very good full-time living on eBay and I expect that to continue for several years. Yes, Amazon has a far larger market share, but there are still plenty of goods available on eBay that you just cannot find on Amazon.

Also, eBay recently announced they are increasing their advertising budget which should bring more buyers to the platform. Another factor is that eBay is becoming more friendly to mobile device buyers which is becoming a huge part of eCommerce sales.

As I stated above, although I am having a final sale on my eBay training products, I will continue to support them with updates through 2020. After that date you will have to rely on eBay policy announcements to stay up to date. Fortunately, these are easy to find.

There is a link to both eBay policies and announcements at the bottom of every eBay Home Page. Until 2020 I will be updating both the policies and announcements in the annual update to the Complete eBay Marketing System. After that, you will need to get into the habit of checking the announcement boards on a regular basis (Note: eBay usually sends sellers an email when there is a major policy announcement and this is usually followed by a call from eBay support to answer questions.

So back to the question - Is eBay Still for You? That is something only you can answer. A lot of long term sellers have given up on eBay because selling has just become too complicated. Yet, I get plenty of email from sellers who are killing it on eBay and earning thousands of dollars a month. So you really need to look at what is going on, what you are selling, and make a decision if eBay is still the right place for you.


4. Does Consignment Selling Still Make Sense for eBay

I like to call consignment selling "The Perfect eBay Business." One of the biggest problems eBay sellers have is finding profitable goods to resell on eBay. Well, consignment selling solves this problem because sellers with merchandise bring goods to you to sell. When they sell, you wait until the buyer pays you, before you pay the consignor.

Here is a list of just some of the things I have sold on eBay on consignment. My commission on these varied from from 14% to as high as 35% (and, in many cases, the seller also paid the eBay fees).

  • Diamond engagement ring - $2900- commission 15%
  • Collection of Elvis Presley memorabilia - $875 - commission 35%
  • Collectible Vintage travel trailer - $7800 - Commission 18%
  • TEAC Reel to Reel Tape Deck - $465 - Commission 25%
  • 1986 Indian Motorcycle - $14,000 - commission 14%
  • Piece of working Farm equipment - $6200 - commission 20%
  • 1979 MGB Motorcar - $2989 - commission 25%
  • Office PBX Telephone system and 20 office cubicles (Bankruptcy sale for attorney) - $9400 - 22% commission

These are just a few examples. And all of these were done working out of my home without a storefront.

One reason the commissions are different is that I do two things. First - I use a sliding scale and secondly I often negotiate commissions depending on the final sales price and what I think will be the ease of selling the item. But if you add those numbers up, you will see that I made some nice profits (Over $7,800).

Now, to be honest these did not all happen within a few weeks. In fact, these were spread over 3 or 4 months. But, during that time I was also running my profitable day to day eBay business. But the point to take away is: even though I was doing this very part time. It was a nice supplement to my business. Having said that, there are hundreds of eBay consignment sellers who do this full time and make several thousand per week.

Rules to Follow When Consignment Selling (Especially, if you plan to do it more or less full time).

  • Never accept low-sales-price items -It just doesn't make sense to do a lot of work just to earn a few dollars. Personally my minimum is $75 (estimated selling price).

  • Learn how and when to say NO! People will offer you things that just won't sell. Learn how to spot these and refuse to take them in. (There is where research can help. Look at listings for "completed items." The item should have a sell-through-rate of at least 20% and have sold at a good price).

  • Take the time to clean the items and take good photographs. This will really help your sales.

  • When selling any kind of collectible, never accept an item that has been damaged and/or repaired. A cracked dish or vase, even if professionally repaired, will be very difficult to sell and bring a low price.

  • Describe everything you sell accurately and be sure to reveal any flaws, missing parts or other shortcomings

  • Do not invest in a storefront -especially in the main commercial part of town. It will kill your profits

  • Market your business. You can't sit around and wait for people to come to you. Your banker, the Chamber of Commerce, Lion's Club, Rotary Club, attorney and every store owner in town should know what you do. Building such a network will bring a steady stream of consignors to your business. And, don't forget to contact all the bankruptcy attorneys in town as they are often required to auction goods off.

  • Some sellers will worry about their item selling too cheaply and insist in on a Reserve Price Auction (RPA). When this occurs, I always demand the reserve commission be paid to me in advance of the listing.

My book, The eBay Consignment Business Manual, contains all the instructions for running a successful 3Bay consignment business. It even includes legal contracts that work in every state.


5. How to Scale your eBay Business by Becoming a B2B Wholesale Supplier

This is a guest article by Tim Folsom of Fashion Bulk. Since I was writing about why I am leaving eBay, I wanted to put one article in about someone who is doing very well -even if a little differently. I am sorry the article is so long, but there is a lot of good information in here if this technique interests you.

Consumer Confidence is at an all-time high, but what if you don't want to sell directly to consumers anymore? If you're reading this, chances are you're an eBay seller who's looking for more out of eBay than just selling small-time. You want to be a business owner. Here's the good news: it's 100% possible. There are hundreds of small-scale eBay sellers who have made it big by scaling their business & making the transition into selling business to business versus business to consumer on eBay.

In this article I'm going to show you how to scale your eBay business from B2C to B2B by selling wholesale merchandise to other eBay sellers.

We're going to break down 3 major keys to successfully transitioning from B2C to B2B:

  1. Is making the transition from B2C to B2B right for you? (things to consider - investment, location, workload, expertise etc.)
  2. Finding your Supply (how, who, how much)
  3. Connecting with Your Buyers (Marketplaces [eBay/Amazon], websites, wholesale selling tips)

Short Testimony

First, I'd like to explain my transition from eBay clothing seller to wholesale clothing supplier.

I started out as your run of the mill eBay clothing seller. I would go every week to the thrift store to pick out brands that have reasonable demand on eBay. The margins are pretty good, but I didn't enjoy the task of listing 100+ clothing pieces each week. Some people love it and receive a lot of fulfillment from doing it, but it just wasn't quite right for me. So I started looking for something more.

Long story short, I used my network to find a supplier of quality used clothing in mass quantities. My company: Fashion Bulk now supplies eBay clothing sellers from all over North America with name brand used clothing. But enough about me and my company, let's talk about growing your business.

Things to Consider


  • Assume you will have to make a financial investment to get started selling wholesale. This is usually the first question(s) & answer(s) you need to provide: Can I afford to make an investment right now? How much money can I safely invest into this business venture?

  • Investing doesn't always mean you have to spend your personal money (or at least right away you don't). There are plenty of other options for acquiring the necessary funds:

    • Line of Credit - your bank & other banks give out lines of credit every day, talk with your bank to see what rates or features they can offer you based on your credit score. You can even get a line of credit from Amazon or PayPal! Another source is Prosper.com.

    • Loans - You'll need to have your business plan laid out and ready to share with loan officers, because they want to see how you plan on making money. You'll be paying interest on the loan, rates vary based on credit score, size of loan, and value in your business plan.

    • Investors - Investing in stocks, real estate, and yes, businesses are on the rise. As consumer confidence increases and the unemployment rate falls, the number of middle class Americans who are investing in start-ups continues to rise. If you're thinking about acquiring an investor, don't be afraid to negotiate your equity stake, take and offer what is fair for both parties. A great investor is someone who can also add value outside of their cash contribution.


  • Location is incredibly important in the wholesale industry. When you're shipping pallets or even truckloads of merchandise, shipping charges can go through the roof! Location is equally important when finding your supply. You will likely be purchasing in mass weight & size, so shipping will be expensive for you too.

  • Ask yourself: Am I in a strategic location where there is both supply and demand for what I will be selling? If you're selling to other eBay sellers, keep in mind that it's going to be more difficult to determine geographically where your buyers are. We'll cover more about location later in this article.


  • If you are planning on starting a B2B wholesale business, understand that you're going to be doing it full time (unless you somehow tap into a very time-manageable niche).

  • You will be working at the very least 40 hours per week, it's usually more like 50-80 hours per week. But that's how it is with any business, right? If you're an entrepreneur, your business day doesn't end at 5pm.

  • Here are some examples of potential daily responsibilities with this type of business: talking with your suppliers, handling website/social media/internet marketing, email marketing, answering buyer's questions, fulfilling orders & handling warehousing logistics, accounting upkeep, managing employees, personally lifting & moving heavy items, and so on and so forth.

  • Ask yourself: Do I want to run a full-time wholesale business?

Other Questions

  • What do I want to be a wholesale supplier of?

  • Do I have substantial knowledge in this market?

  • Can I find the product in large enough quantity with solid margins?

  • Are there enough eBay (or other) businesses selling what I plan to supply?

I started Fashion Bulk because I knew so much about selling clothing on eBay. I know the prices, popular brands, times of the day when buying is highest, how to rank better in search on eBay, what I paid for my product, etc. So it made much more sense to step into wholesale with something that I was very familiar with.

Finding your Supply

So here we go, you've gotten far enough to determine you definitely want to start and operate a B2B wholesale company, now it's time to find your supply. The topic of finding your supplier could go on forever, especially since finding your supplier depends on what you are looking to be a supplier of.

To condense this topic, I'm going to provide several outlets where you can search for your supply, as well as specific product examples and plenty of tips to answer the how, who, and how much when it comes to finding your supply.

HOW to Find your Supply

There are countless places to look for a supplier, but there's a proven process that simplifies the search. Just keep in mind, what you want to sell may change where you need to look. Also, if you are planning on starting this business from scratch, it is okay to start small, it's not plausible to try and be the big fish your first time around.

Start with Your Network

  • Your network is your net worth. Finding a great supplier/distributor and getting a great price is FAR MORE LIKELY if you meet them at a trade show or through through a mutual connection. My network is exactly how I got my start in the wholesale world.

  • Find people who have a large network of businesses, professionals, communities etc., because even if they aren't working in the industry you're looking to make your name in, they may know someone who is.

Look Locally

  • Shipping charges can ruin your margins in this business. Finding a local supplier that charges slightly more may be more cost effective than a more distant supplier whose product is cheaper yet geographically further thus you'd spend more due to shipping.

  • Ways that you can find suppliers locally : Call/visit your Chamber of Commerce, do a quick google search and look on maps, search craigslist, try talking with competitors in the area in hopes that they will share their supplier.

  • One of my associates recently found a local supplier just by visiting a retail store who told them about a large supplier. My associate wasn't necessarily looking for what that large supplier was offering, but once she saw what they had to offer, she started purchasing because their products had demand on eBay. She was buying wholesale to sell at retail (B2C), but her supplier (B2B) was purchasing truckloads of customer returns merchandise from Walmart Liquidations, and was selling by the pallet to other businesses.

Online Wholesale Marketplaces/Directories

Online wholesale marketplaces can be a great option depending on what you want to sell. It's hard to provide exactly what you are looking for in this article, as there's a billion different products you may be interested in selling wholesale. Here is a list of marketplaces to look for suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers:

  • Alibaba
  • BStock
  • Aliexpress
  • TopTenWholesale
  • DHGate
  • WholesaleCentral
  • Bulq
  • GetThatWholesale

These are just a few examples.

Go to the Manufacturer

Manufacturers can usually sell to you for less than a distributor or supplier can. Manufacturers are usually looking for big accounts, but you may be able to structure a deal that makes sense to them.

Make it Yourself

Maybe you have access to a niche for rustic art, and you know multiple businesses that would purchase - so you hire and train employees and create a wholesale manufacturing company of rustic art! This is only an example, but you get the point. Sometimes you don't have any other option but to be the company that makes it yourself - now you're a manufacturer and supplier.

HOW MUCH for the Supply

Price is everything. We've discussed this a little bit, but we're going to go more in depth about investment, margins, ROI etc.

Let's use a simple example, shall we?

You've decided you want to be a wholesale supplier of water pipes because you know that the ratio of active listings to sold listings on eBay is pretty great, and there's certainly demand for both consumers and businesses. You find a supplier (Supplier X) out of India and for the sake of the example we'll say they're a legitimate supplier. For simplicity we'll assume you're only buying & selling one product wholesale.

  • Supplier X is charging $1.50 per piece with a minimum purchase order of 1000 pieces.

  • Shipping will be $450 from India to USA

  • You estimate you can charge $3 per piece to your wholesale clients.

Cost: $1950 just to get the product in your hands.

Gross Profit: $3000

Net Profit: $1050 or $1.05 per piece

This is of course before other expenses (website, marketing, materials, employees, etc.). The ONLY WAY that this would be a wise investment is if you knew that you could sell that merchandise in a very short amount of time.

Use this as a rule of thumb:

  • Small Margins = Must sell quickly

  • Large Margins = Can sell more slowly/moderately

BUT, what if they could knock the price down to $1 per piece if you purchased 2000+ pieces and the shipping ratio stayed the same ($900 for 2000)?

Cost: $2900

Gross Profit: $6000

Net Profit: $3100, or $1550 per 1000 pieces, or $1.55 per piece

In the second scenario, your investment is higher, but so is your ROI, thus your margins are better. A good rule of thumb regarding margins is to seek after a 3:1 ratio (gross profit: cost of product). You still have other expenses we haven't included, but doing deal 2 vs deal 1 would make much more sense. But again, it goes back to your turnover rate. If you can sell these Water Pipes quickly, then a 2:1 ratio isn't bad.

Side note: You could potentially save money if you find a local supplier/manufacturer. What if instead of spending $450 per 1000 pieces, you only had to spend $50 in gas to pick up the merchandise in person. Let's say a local supplier or manufacturer is charging $1.75 per 1000 pieces, that's $1750 + $50 in gas.

Cost: $1800

Gross Profit: $3000

Net Profit: $1200 or $1.20 per piece

Side note: B2B wholesale is often about quick flips. If you know someone is looking to purchase 10,000 Water Pipes, you could profit let's say $0.15 per piece and make $1500 by just brokering the deal.

Calculating profits based on averages

When you're a wholesaler supplier, you're going to end up offering deals and price points based on the purchase volume of a given seller. Using the water pipe example - you may be selling those pieces at $3 each, but if a customer purchases enough, you're willing to sell them at $2.75 each. So when you're calculating your expected profits, keep in mind that you will likely need to take the average ($2.86) versus the maximum price. Additionally, it's harder to do this when you're just starting out, but you'll also want to base that profit average on volume. If more customers are purchasing volume high enough to only charge $2.75 - than customers are purchasing at the $3 price point, your average will be closer to $2.75 versus $3.

Connecting with your Buyers

Finally, on to the sales side of wholesale. This can often be the hardest job of them all, connecting with eBay sellers isn't a walk in the park. I'm going to share with you some of the best practices to connect with your buyers and get the sale.


Which marketplace(s) you use depends on what you're selling. Like if you're selling used merchandise, you would use eBay, not Amazon. But if you're selling new merchandise, Amazon or eBay could be a valuable marketplace for your business.

eBay Marketplace

eBay is the bread and butter of this article & what you're probably the most familiar with. eBay can take a huge chunk of your profits - usually 9 - 12%, but that's for both the cost of the product AND shipping, so keep that in mind before you decide to structure the bulk of your exposure towards eBay.

Offering your packages directly on eBay

  • Depending on what you're selling, you may be able to run your entire wholesale business through eBay, or... virtually none of it at all. For my business, we only do about 7% of our sales through eBay, the rest is via our website and locally. Granted we're still predominantly supplying eBay sellers, but from my experience in the eBay clothing industry, it's not as common for eBay clothing sellers to buy their supply straight from eBay.

  • Take that last bullet with a grain of salt because that's only in my industry. Wholesale is a HUGE category on eBay, so do your research.

  • How do you do your research?

    Go to "eBay Business & Industrial" and/or "eBay Bulk Lots." There you can search and scour the marketplace to determine whether other eBay sellers are purchasing what you plan on selling. As always, look at the ratio of active listings to sold listings to get a rough idea, but look more in depth as to pricing, quantity, type etc. to determine whether it's really as it seems.

  • Get your products in the eBay Catalogue. eBay is really pushing for this, and it enables you to get customer reviews ON the listing.

  • Thoroughly optimize your listing. Check your competition and find 2-3 Wholesale sellers who are doing the best in your category and study their listing for what's working and implement it in your own listing as needed. Listing titles & store rating play a huge role in both search results & purchasing decisions; then comes the pictures, free returns, free shipping, categorical fill-ins, description etc.

How to get in contact with eBay Sellers directly on eBay

Unfortunately, this is not as possible as a B2B company would like. Messaging other sellers is kind of a gray area that eBay doesn't make 100% clear. You can only message a certain number of individuals on eBay each day, and it can be time consuming. So the short answer is, on eBay you're pretty limited when it comes to directly messaging other sellers, but I have gotten a few sales from messaging sellers. Don't try to force product down their throat, instead ask if you can share your link and more information.

How to get in contact with eBay sellers outside of eBay.com

  • Plug into Facebook Groups

    • There are dozens of eBay Seller Facebook groups with literally thousands of members. BUT BE CAREFUL! Because the vast majority of them have strict policies about trying to sell your own product. So you'll have to get creative about posting, sharing, etc. Look each day for posts about people looking for product and looking for help regarding a similar category of merchandise.

    • Plug into more than one group, there's likely a group for the category you want to sell, and for more generic "eBay sellers" groups.

  • Go to flea markets or somewhere that you're likely to find retail sellers of your product, since they often sell on eBay.

  • Check Craigslist

  • Also, several cities have eBay meet-up groups

Amazon Marketplace

If you're planning on selling wholesale lots on Amazon, your merchandise needs to be new or at least refurbished. Amazon is not a resellers marketplace. Just like eBay, Amazon takes a big chunk of your profits, so keep that in mind before you decide to structure the bulk of your exposure towards Amazon. Naturally Amazon is much more B2C than B2B, but Amazon is trying to take steps to improve the B2B market.

Amazon Business

  • "Amazon Business" is a newer addition to Amazon, as this giant ecommerce machine is looking to create more appeal in the B2B world. It enables businesses to create an Amazon Business Account to receive additional discounts, corporate purchasing cards, corporate credit, tax-exempt purchasing for certain organizations etc.

  • Now this is geared more towards your customers to sign up, not necessarily for you as much, at least in this situation. While there is no guarantee that your target market is using this, you should definitely look into it, and read all of Amazon's FAQs.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is the bread and butter of Amazon. This enables customers to get "prime" discounts which means free shipping. You ship your product to Amazon and they do all of the fulfillment, which saves you time, but you also pay FBA fees, storage fees etc. The larger your product the more expensive the fees, because it takes up more space in their fulfillment center.

Quantifying Demand on Amazon

  • There are two very common applications that many Amazon sellers use to look at the analytics for their product category. Those are AMZ Scout, and Jungle Scout.

  • Here's how it works: you go to Amazon, search for the product you're interested in selling, then you open AMZ Scout or Jungle Scout which will then provide dozens of analytics for each available listing in that search result - monthly sales volume, FBA fees, pricing, etc.

  • These apps are INCREDIBLY HELPFUL to determine if people are looking for what you're trying to sell on Amazon. Keep in mind that the analytics they provide may not be 100% perfect, expect a 5-7% variable.

Well that's all folks! I trust that this article will help improve your chances of successfully transitioning your eBay business from B2C to wholesale B2B. There's more to learn than what you've read in this article, and Skip McGrath is an excellent source of honest, valuable information on everything from eBay B2C to Amazon FBA. Keep working hard and feel free ask as many questions as you can, we love helping wholesalers!

Timothy Folsom, Owner of Fashion Bulk


6. New Wholesale Sources for eBay and Amazon Sellers

Remember - not all of these websites are actual wholesale websites because wholesale companies do not want the general public to see their actual wholesale pricing. When you run into this, simply use the Contact Us form and request wholesale information be sent to you. Here is a sample of the email I use to do that:


I am a retailer located in Mt. Vernon, WA and am interested in carrying your products. Do you have a sales rep or distributor in our area, or may we order directly?

Here is our business information:

Oakdale Sales
1200 Commercial Ave
Mt. Vernon WA 98274
Tel: 360-555-1212
WA State Business License Resale Number - WA 7756- 11-22

Thank you,

Skip McGrath


Candles are always big sellers in the fall so let's look at a few candle companies:

A Primitive Glow sells a really unique line of hand poured candles -really different and made in America.

Biederman & Sons Company sells Candles, candleholders and accessories, commemorative ornaments. jar candles, scented candles, candle snuffers, candle accessories, votives and holders, palm wax candles, floating candles, crystal, hurricanes, crystal bowls, bobeche, Snuggle candles, Red Hatter candles, mosaic shades, candle lamps, taper holders, jar warmers and sconces.

A Cheerful Giver sells a large line of salt candles. Click on the Wholesale Tab in the navigation link to request a wholesale price list.

Not all candles have to burn. CR Designs is a wholesale-only manufacturer of a great line of electric candles.

ArtWax is a good supplier of candles.

OK - Let's look at some other suppliers

Gift Basket Drop Shipping is the industry's original and most trusted wholesale gift basket drop shipper. Put our 17 years of knowledge and expertise to work for you today. GBDS gifts offer higher profit margins and a larger more unique selection.

The Glass ReFactory sells a Unique line of decorative, glass sun catchers made from 100% recycled bottles. Over 60 nature inspired designs are impressed in jeweled-colored glass.

Waxing Poetic designs and sells a jewelry line crafted in sterling silver that consists primarily of charms that can be combined in different ways for a custom look.

Oso+Bean sells a line of quirky, boozy flasks, magnets, greeting cards, note cars, pins and more.

Regal Art & Gift is a designer, manufacturer, importer and wholesaler of gift and garden décor.

Kraft Klub Inc. is a wholesaler of decorative home and garden decor items. Their products come in a wide range of styles and finishes; from colorful enamel to rustic and gray zinc, and are great for a wide variety décor needs

Fashionbulk was featured in article #5. Here is some more information on them.

I am always asked for sources in the UK, so here is a short list of UK seasonal and toy suppliers

Delboys Wholesale
Tel: 020 3286 8812

Central Wholesale
54 Bolton Road
South Shore, Blackpool FY1 6AB
Tel: 01253 343022

K H Norton
Unit GB06 The Store Room
2 Foxholes Road

Tobar Trading Group Ltd
Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road

Digitoyz Ltd
200-222 Cotton Lane, Unit 19 Brian Clough Business Centre, Derby
Derbyshire DE24 8GJ
Tel: 01332987818

Wicked Distribution Ltd
Hanger 1
Crow Lane
Childs Ercall
Tel: 01952 540 100
International Call: +44 1952 540104

Trimex UK Ltd
Trimex House, Pier Road,
Feltham, Middlesex, TW14 0TW, UK
Tel: +44 (0)208 890 1998

The Adur Business Centre, Little High Street
Shoreham-By-Sea, West Sussex BN43 5EG
Tel: 01273 467624
Email: sales@zappies.com

That's it for now, see you in my blog.

Skip McGrath
The Online Seller's Resource

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