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Will this Be My Last Issue?

The eBay & Amazon Seller's News ~ October 2018 ~ Volume 19, Issue No. 17

Tips, Tools, News and Wholesale Resources for eBay and Amazon Sellers
by: Skip McGrath

In This Issue:

Musings from and about eBay, Amazon and The World Wide Web

  1. Will this Be My Last Issue?
  2. My plans going forward

"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation." ~ Herman Melville


As many of you know who have been following me for a while - I have never been a big fan of pay-per-click advertising. However, that changed when I discovered the Ignite Program from Seller Labs. Since signing up with ignite, my advertising-connected sales have skyrocketed. Ignite is easy to use and learn and their support is excellent.

The other program I am having huge success with is Kibly. Kibly is a program that helps build your feedback quickly and increase product reviews. Since signing up with them my feedback is growing much faster and I have increased my product reviews substantially.

Lets get started:


1. Will this Be My Last Issue?

This will be the final issue of the eBay & Amazon Sellers News - but I am not getting out of the business. Instead - I will be blogging regularly - and frequently at my blog. I will also post to Facebook occasionally from my Facebook business page

As I said in my last newsletter, I am not quitting online sales altogether. I am only dropping eBay coverage, but will continue to write about Amazon and other online marketing opportunities. (I am also giving some thought about expanding to Etsy -but, will let you know about that if I decide to do that).

It has been a great 19 years and I have enjoyed writing and giving advice about eBay and Amazon. I also hope to start a Free Facebook Group soon for Amazon sellers, or participate in an existing Amazon group as a regular contributor.

I announced a final sale on my eBay books in my last issue, but will continue to write and update my Amazon books. I am also going to keep selling eBay to Amazon for those of you who want to make the transition.

Here are the details again for the final eBay book sale. I have three main eBay training products:

All three of these books are excellent values at full price, but I am putting them on Final sale for 40% off. Just use coupon code EBAY40 upon checkout to get this discount. (Note: If you add more than on book to the shopping cart, the coupon sometimes only discounts the last book purchased. If that happens, please email us and we will process the appropriate refund immediately).

The sale lasts through October 31st.

The first book, The Complete eBay Marketing System includes annual electronic updates and I will commit to continue publishing these through 2020. The other two books were recently updated.

Here is a list of my books about Amazon that I will continue to sell:


2. My plans going forward

I will no longer be writing books and articles about eBay -although if the subject warrants it, I will mention eBay where appropriate (Such as in wholesale sourcing). The eBay-related articles and resources will be taken off the site soon.

I mentioned this in my last newsletter that my wife's and my decision decision was personal and had to do with other priorities.

While it's true that eBay is more difficult and complicated today than in the earlier days -there are still plenty of sellers making good money doing it. And, if you are one of these, I recommend you keep going.

As I mentioned above, I am also giving some thought to adding Etsy into the mix, on the theory that you should not have all your eggs in one basket -and always have a fallback provision.

I will still be writing (and updating) my books about Amazon. I will continue writing articles and they will appear in two places:

  1. On my free articles page and in my blog.
  2. I will also write the occasional article on Facebook at my Facebook Business page.

Please note - I also have a personal Facebook page where I have over 4000 friends. Since I plan to reduce my friend count and make that page a truly personal/family page - I strongly recommend all of my friends who follow me for business reasons make the transition to my Facebook Business page. Just visit that page, click on the like and you'll see my future Facebook posts.

I will soon write a post on that page explaining that. If you are a neighbor, personal friend or family member, there is nothing you have to do. But, if you are someone who friended me for business or promotional reasons then you should go to my Facebook Business page and hit a Like button so we stay connected.

If you look at the navigation page at the top of this site, you will see one that says "Wholesale Items." That will soon change to "Wholesale Sourcing." This is where I will post my wholesale sources (by category) as well as writing articles giving tips about wholesale sourcing. (We are working on this now and it should show up within a week or so)

Affiliate Income

I will also be using my blog and Facebook page to promote affiliate deals that interest me, and I believe will benefit you, my readers. But, regarding affiliate deals, let me give you two promises:

  1. I will only promote programs where I know and trust the advertiser (program developer)
  2. I will only promote programs that offer a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the program.

(If you ever have a problem getting a refund from a program I recommend -please contact me immediately!)

My policy on affiliate deals has always been - if I would not recommend it to my brother, sister or parents -then I will not recommend it to you.

So there you go. Please subscribe to my blog posts. To be notified of new blog posts, go to my blog and look for the Subscribe area at the top left of the page. Enter your email and click the Subscribe button. That's it! You'll receive a short email when I've published a new blog post.

Don't forget, if you are on my personal Facebook page, then be sure and visit my business page and hit the Like button.

See you again on my Facebook page and on my blog!

Skip McGrath
The eBay & Amazon Seller's News

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