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Updated 2017Ten Little-Known Highly Profitable Niche Markets on eBay
by eBay PowerSeller, Skip McGrath

Are You Looking for a Way to Make Money on eBay?

Are you having trouble finding a profitable product to sell on eBay?

Are you tired of eBay scams and drop shipping scams?

Are eBay and PayPal fees eating up your profits?

Do over 50% of your auctions close unsuccessfully?

Are you tired of making 10%, 20% or 30% margins? Would you like to find products where you can make 100% to 200% margins?

10 Niche Markets on eBay

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions and yet you are one of the thousands of people who want to have a successful eBay business you need to learn the biggest key to successful eBay sellers: Niche Marketing!

niche: (nich, nech) noun
A specialized but profitable corner of the market

Ten Niche Markets for eBayThat's right. Finding --and exploiting, a small niche, or a series of small niches as I do, is the single biggest key to success on eBay. I have been doing this successfully on eBay since 1999.

My wife, Karen, and I have been selling on eBay successfully for nineteen years --and unlike a lot of eBay "Experts" who claim to have the ultimate money-making system, we still sell on eBay every day. Over the years I have discovered and worked dozens of profitable niche markets. I became so good at it that after my first two years selling part-time on eBay, I became a full-time seller and now make a very good and full-time living on eBay.

You are probably wondering why I don't tell you the niches right now. First of all most of them are little known and I don't want to give them away. Secondly, some of you upon seeing the names will say "oh no, you can't make money doing that." and you would be wrong.

All ten of these niches exist on eBay today. They are not overly competitive and there is plenty of room for new sellers. Also, when you see them, you will instantly know how to put your own little twist on them to make them just a little different.

One of these niches was actually discovered by my daughter-in-law who is a new mom (and we are proud new grandparents). She has been using this one to make extra money for the past six months. We sent a review copy to Betsey, a Navy wife in Oak Harbor, WA below and here is her comment.

"Skip - Your book is amazing. I was able to put my 11 year old daughter Jennifer to work helping me out. I made over $575 with the ________ niche in my first four weeks and I paid Jennifer double her allowance for helping me. She is really excited and is now 'sub-contracting' work out to her friends.

"Best of all it only takes a few hours a week to do this. I can easily make an extra $1000 in the few weeks before Christmas which is going to give us some very nice presents under the tree this year." ~ Betsey, Oak Harbor, WA.

When we started on eBay in 1999 it was a license to print money. Everything was so easy. The eBay platform was exploding. New users were coming on every day and it was controlled by small sellers like you and me. Now it's changed. eBay is now controlled by huge companies and Titanium PowerSellers who sell millions of dollars per month. But there are still thousands of small sellers flying under the Radar and quietly making money in small specialized niches.

I have spent a year researching and come up with what I believe are ten of the easiest and most profitable niches that anyone can do. Some of them appeal to women, some to men and some to both. All of them can be started with virtually no risk. I have focused on products that are easy to find right in your neighborhood and DO NOT require a large outlay of money. In fact one of them has a product cost of ZERO.

Ten Little Known Highly Profitable Niche Markets Hiding on eBay is not a ticket to great wealth. I want to be honest with you: None of these are going to make you $20,000 a month. I hate people who make claims like that.

But, any one-- or several of them can make $1,000 $2,000 or even $3,000 a month (or more) even working part-time. But, MORE IMPORTANTLY all of them will teach you the Science of Niche Marketing.

The biggest benefit of this course is that it will also teach you how to research and find new niches that you can exploit for massive profits.

Best of all, this system does not take a large investment in time or money. You don't have to quit your day job. Anyone can do this part time.

I have carefully researched and tested every single one of these. Three of them are niches that I have personally used to make good money. Two of them could easily be expanded to a full-time business that could earn you a substantial amount of money --even enough to make a full time living on eBay. Each one is:

Easy to start --Anyone can do this
No special or technical knowledge required
No large investment needed except money for eBay fees and in some cases a few dollars to purchase easy to find merchandise
In most cases you can find the goods to sell right in your neighborhood


Now...This is not a basic course about how to sell on eBay. Please don't buy this book if you have never sold on eBay before --or purchase it with my eBay Master Course: The Complete eBay Marketing System.

"Skip~ Thank you for sending me a review copy of Ten Highly Profitable eBay Niche Businesses. I went through the whole book and picked two of them to try. I made over $400 with my first set of auctions. This is so easy and so amazing. Anyone can do this." ~ Betty Jane - Norman, OK.

"We are now collecting the vintage electronics/ cameras from our congregation and are hitting the mother lode. No one has ever asked our church members for these things before. We have already in hand a SRL Camera + accessories that looks like it will go for $500, two turntables, binoculars, and people dug up antique toys worth between $500 and $800 each.. We have just begun! Yea. Thanks again." ~ Lisa H Worcester, MA

If you subscribe to my monthly newsletter or have been to my web site before then you probably know who I am. But, if you came here from a web search you might be wondering who this guy Skip McGrath is? Well I am very well known in the eBay community. I have been selling profitably on eBay for nineteen years and still do every day. (You can see a link to my auctions on the home page).

I have written eight books about selling on eBay including Titanium eBay published by Penguin Books. In 2006 it was their number one best selling non-fiction title. Just Google my name, Skip McGrath, and you will see plenty of returns about me. You can also read my complete bio here.

In Ten Profitable eBay Niche Businesses Anyone Can Do I take you by the hand and show you ten different businesses you can start within a day or two of receiving the book. Here is a comment from an eBay Seller who has been struggling finding products to sell.

"Both Kathleen and I read your New Book, Ten Profitable eBay Niche Markets Anyone Can Do.  The Book is TERRIFIC!!  We have been really frustrated trying to figure out what to sell.  Our goal is to become a Gold PowerSeller as soon as possible.  Your book really pointed us in the right direction.  We can't wait to get on our computers to work on some of the ideas you provided." ~  Jerry - La Connor, WA

"We purchased Ten Little Known eBay Niche Businesses Anyone Can Do yesterday. Another awesome resource! It really primed our pump and gave us a load of new ideas - even more than you actually give in the e-book. We'd previously bought Titanium eBay and a couple of other products. Just wanted to say THANKS! You always over-deliver; it's great value. Mostly we appreciate how your business is a 'no-spin' zone!" ~  Phil & Alli Morgan

I mostly sell printed books but have recently moved into selling eBooks. This book will come to you via instant delivery as an Adobe PDF file. You don't have to read it online --you can print it out. I suggest printing it out and putting it in a 3-ring binder that you can read offline and later put it right next to your computer so you can refer to is as you work.

There is no risk. I have transferred all the risk to myself.

GuranteeTen Profitable eBay Niche Businesses Anyone Can Do comes with my no-nonsense full money back guarantee. Keep the book for 90 days and try out some --or all of the businesses. If you are not successful, or if you just don't like the book for any reason, send me an email with a copy of your payment information and I will refund your money immediately.

Here is what you get:

1. Ten Profitable eBay Niche Businesses Anyone Can Do delivered instantly to you upon payment. It comes with a full no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee.

2. FREE Bonus #1: eBay Arbitrage. Arbitrage is the art of buying low in one market and selling high in another. This bonus is a step-by-step guide for doing this on eBay.

3. FREE Bonus #2: How To Buy Merchandise at Sam's Club, Costco, Wal-Mart and Factory Outlet Malls and resell it profitably on eBay. Don't laugh. Last year Karen and I sold over $30,000 worth of merchandise on eBay that we got from these local sources. This is not one of the niche markets in the book, but could be the source of real income for any eBay seller. The trick is knowing how, what, where and when to buy and how to resell it.

4. FREE Bonus #3:  FREE eBook, "91 Common Everyday Items that Bring Huge Profits on eBay!" This great little eBook lists 91 items that are easy to find and that bring good profits by selling on eBay.

You get all this for just a one-time payment of $27!

All bonuses are instantly delivered. If you do decide to return the book, the bonus reports are yours to keep.

Order Your Copy of Ten Profitable eBay Niche Businesses Anyone Can Do now. Just click on the credit card logo below to be taken to a secure server where you can place your order. Once you payment is made, you will be taken to a special page where you can download your book and your free bonuses.

The price for Ten Profitable eBay Niche Businesses Anyone Can Do is a one-time payment of $27. This includes all of our free bonuses and our 90-day, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.

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PS: If you act now I will also give you a coupon worth $20 toward the purchase of one of my most popular books, The Complete eBay Marketing System.

When you buy Ten Profitable eBay Niche Businesses Anyone Can Do, there will be instructions in the book, explaining how you can get an instant $20 discount towards the purchase price for The Complete eBay Marketing System.

I hope you decide to try this book. If not, thank you for taking the time to read this and please feel free to visit and use any or all of the many free resources for eBay sellers on our web site.

Skip McGrath

PPS: If you have any questions, please contact us.


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