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By: Skip McGrath

Sell Antiques on eBayI got my start on eBay in 1999 selling small antiques and collectibles left over from an antique shop we had closed a few years before that when we decided to move out west.

My very first sale was a pair of 19th Century Brass Beehive Candlesticks.  They sold for $135.00 –that was much higher than I used to sell them for in my shop.  I was hooked –and haven’t looked back since.

Open your Antique Store in a City of 20-million people

When we had our antique shop in upstate New York, we were in a small town of 5000 and the surrounding county held about 200,000 people.  But when you sell on eBay it is like opening an antique shop in a city of 20 million people –because that is how many people look for antiques and collectibles on eBay every month. This means you can get top dollar for what you are selling.

Why Sell Antiques and Collectibles?

There are three answers to that question: Fun, Less Competition and Profits!

Make money online1. The Fun Factor –If you are interested in antiques and collectibles then this business is a lot of fun –and when you can do what you love then it’s not work.

(If you are not interested in antiques or collectibles, then I suggest you take a look at one of my other books. This is a business where people will realize if you don’t care about what you are selling)

2. Less Competition – One of the biggest problems selling new merchandise on eBay today is competition. Everyone has the same merchandise and get it from the same sources.  So everyone competes on price and that drives down profit margins.

When you sell an antique or a collectible, you are selling a unique item. Depending on the item, you may have one or two competitors, or most often no competitors, for that exact item, but with most new merchandise you have dozens or even hundreds of people selling the same thing as you are. One of my recent auctions had over 2000 page views and 145 watchers.  There were only 8 different bidders, but wow did they fight it out.

The neat thing about selling a valuable antique or collectible is that the buyers compete to win it.  It doesn’t happen with every product, but it happens often enough that you get maximum prices when it does.

3. Profits.  If you buy a new piece of merchandise for $10 and the going price on eBay is $17.95, then after eBay & PayPal fees you make about $6.00. That is a 30% profit margin.  But on many antiques and collectibles, I can easily double or even triple the price and profit margins or 50% - 60% -70% and more are the norm –not the exception.

Sell Antiques and Collectibles on eBay - Examples

Sell Collectibles on eBayHere is an example:  I bought a set of silver and cobalt blue salt and peppershakers at an estate sale for $5.00 and sold them on eBay for $44.

That is a markup of almost 900% --or stated another way, a profit margin of almost 90%.

Now you don’t find those deals every day, but you do find them often enough if you follow the methods we show you to source antiques and collectibles. I can easily find items at garage sales, small country auctions, estate sales and thrift shops that you can buy for $1, $3 or $5 and sell for $5, $10, $20 or more.

And you are not limited to low cost items.  There are thousands of dollars worth of expensive antiques and collectibles that sell on eBay (and several other antique sites I will show you) every day.

Here is a half-hull model of a clipper ship that I bought from another antique's dealer for $90. I sold it on a fixed price antique's website for just over $200. I must have underpriced it because it was purchased by another antique's dealer who marked it up again.

Sell Antiques and Collectibles on eBay

I used to buy old magazines at small country auctions and pull the prints out and frame them. I could buy a box of old magazines for under $100 and realize 20 to 30 prints like the one below that would sell for between $50 and $200 each.

Sell on eBay

What does your book include?

This business comes down to two things: Finding the right merchandise and learning the best way to sell it.  That is what we focus on.

Here is the Table of Contents from Selling Antiques and Collectibles on eBay:

Chapter 1 Setting Up Your Business for Success
Chapter 2  Financing Your Business
Chapter 3 eBay Basics for Selling Antiques
Chapter 4 Writing and Launching Your Auctions
Chapter 5 Pricing and Inventory Turnover
Chapter 6 Using eBay Stores
Chapter 7 Romancing The Stone
Chapter 8 Knowledge is Power
Chapter 9 Specialize for Success
Chapter 10 Spotting Fakes and Repairs
Chapter 11 Sourcing Antiques and Collectibles
Chapter 12 How To Work an Auction
Chapter 13 What kind of Antiques & Collectibles to Sell?
Chapter 14 Don’t Step Over a $20 Bill to Pick Up a $1.00 Bill
Chapter 15 Other Places to Sell Online
Chapter 16 Consignment Selling
Chapter 17 Bringing it All Together

Our chapters on sourcing and what to sell are the longest chapters in the book. Nothing is held back. I tell you every tip, trick and method I learned during more than 20 years in the antique business.

What do I get and How Much Does it Cost?

Here is what you get:

  • How To Sell Antiques and Collectibles is a 100+ page eBook delivered in a PDF File for instant download –but my downloads are set for printing. You can print it out on your computer printer –or you can email the file to a local print shop such as Kinkos and they will print and bind it for you.
  • Online Auction Photo Secrets is my best-selling book and taking photos for your eBay auctions.  Good photography is critical to success in selling antiques and collectibles and many of the products present challenges –such as silver that is highly reflective.  Online Auction Photo Secrets shows you how to solve all the problems you will run into.  It is written in plain language and starts with the basics. 
  • Listing Review – Once you get started and do a few auctions, email me the item number of one of your listings using a code I will give you on the Checkout Page. I will review your listing and give you suggestions to fix any mistakes I find and tips I have to improve your listing.

The total price for How To Sell Antiques and Collectibles is only $27.  It comes with my ironclad, no-nonsense, money back guarantee. If you are not happy, simply email me within 90-days and I will give you a full refund – NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


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New Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations effective in January 2010 require that if I state any amount of money I have made, or someone using these methods has made, then I have to state the “average” amount of money that everyone who bought this book made.  Well, as you can imagine, I would have no way of knowing that!

So to comply with the law, let me say that although myself and other people have made differing amounts of money with these methods:  “The ‘average’ person who bought this book made less than one-cent ($0.01).”


90-Day No Risk Guarantee

GuranteeRemember there is no risk. I have transferred all the risk to myself. You have a full 90-days to decide. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, just contact me and I will refund your full purchase price.


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