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The Complete eBay Marketing System

Learn How to Sell on eBay: The Complete eBay Marketing System

Looking for help with your existing eBay business?  Are you a beginner wondering how to sell on eBay? Either way, this program has everything you need to learn how to sell on eBay.  The Professional eBay business manual is written by Skip McGrath.  Skip has been an eBay PowerSeller since 1999.  He still sells on eBay every day.

To successfully run an eBay business today, you need a guide who has "Been There, Done That!"

A note from Skip: In this letter I'm going to use the examples of some of my students.  They are people like experienced eBayers Lori Ezzo, a mom with four young children, Ron and Deb Gossett, who work exclusively with wholesalers; and eBay newcomers Freddie Borden, a 70-year old Coast Guard retiree; and Donna Austin, retired from the Air Force on disability who recently completed her Bachelor's degree (Go Donna!).

You can read their complete story and hundreds more unsolicited letters and emails from students on our testimonials page.

At one time eBay was a relatively simple place. Fees were cheap, tens of thousands of new people shopping every day, and in some categories you could be the only seller!

Running an eBay business is different today

There are dozens of books, e-books and CDs that claim to teach you how to make money on eBay. Unfortunately, most are written by people who have never been successful on at anything except selling e-books! I saw one the other day with a 41 Feedback rating claiming to have the secret eBook of eBay success… the opening bid was a penny! I guess you get what you pay for!

I was a PowerSeller way before I wrote my first book six years ago and Karen and I still sell on eBay every day! My success didn't come from selling my books … although we've sold over 25,000 copies so far!

I just wanted to let you know I received the Complete Marketing System. I soaked it up like a sponge. So much great information, techniques and resources. In the last couple weeks using some of this information our sales have jumped up incredibly. My closed auction ratio is much better now. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep up the great work and thank you very much. ~ Mike A, Moreno Valley,  CA

eBay Business Secret - In case you do not know it, almost ANYONE can claim to be a "PowerSeller!"

Learn how to sell on eBay with the McGrathsKaren and I have been eBay PowerSellers for over 9 years. We've sold over $1,000,000.00 on eBay… jewelry, electronics, art, antiques and collectibles, designer clothes and other items. We've built three hugely successful eBay businesses, involving our whole family, even my married kids! (Learn more about us)

We pay more each month in listing fees than some PowerSellers on eBay SELL in a month!

All it takes to call yourself a "PowerSeller" is to sell $1,000 a month for three months and have 98% positive feedback. Out of 650,000 + full-time eBay sellers less than half ever do even this much in sales! And remember, we're talking $1,000 in total sales, not profit… who can live on that anyway?

At $3000 a month, eBay calls you "Silver PowerSeller," and at $10,000 a month you're a "Gold PowerSeller." But even at this level, you're just beginning to make a good income. It wasn't until a few years back, when we started hitting around $25,000 a month (that's getting into the range eBay calls "Platinum"), that our lifestyle really began to change.

Order Your Complete eBay Marketing System Now!

The "eBook experts" cannot take you very far.  You need a guide who has "Been There, Done That" to show you the ropes of an eBay business

I HAVE… And I'm still "doing it!" Almost anyone can become a so-called "PowerSeller," but how much do they actually make? And, can they take you where you want to go?

If you're going to build an eBay business, why not have a COMPLETE eBay Business System and PLAN on making at least $10,000 or MORE every month?

I know what it takes to build an eBay business making this kind of money… I've done it -- and I am still doing it every day!

And, along the way, I've developed a unique step-by-step System you can use to duplicate my success and become part of… The "Elite" Of eBay PowerSellers - The Ones Who Actually Make Money!

Awhile back I was invited into an especially select membership circle of "eBay Elite" Super Sellers known as PESA - the Professional eBay Sellers' Alliance. I was SHOCKED when I learned how many of these Elite PowerSellers read my newsletter and had studied MY courses! TOP eBay PowerSellers have been relying on my tips and strategies for years! These incredibly successful PowerSellers want to pick my brains, and the synergy is unbelievable! The best part is, I get to pick their brains as well, so I'm getting all of their insights to grow my own successful eBay business even bigger!

Now I'm passing along all of my techniques, as well as what I have learned from these TOP eBay Super Sellers, in the most COMPLETE eBay Business SYSTEM ever created!

You too can learn how to sell on eBay and set up your eBay business.  I give you everything you need to succeed.

My three basic courses manuals, The Basic Guide To Selling on eBay, The eBay PowerSeller's Manual and The Wholesale Buying System have always been full of good, solid information. Thousands of eBay sellers have built successful businesses using these books alone.

Just read some of the actual letters from my students from all over the world. But my basic courses can only take you so far. Almost everyone who ever bought even one of these powerful courses wound up buying all three. And, you still can, if that's what you want. But I don't know why you would, when all three run you $153.60 with shipping.

Now you can get my Complete eBay Marketing System for less -much less! You get everything in those three best-selling books - PLUS tons of new material I developed just for this new comprehensive course.

Order Your Complete eBay Marketing System Now!

I solve the TWO BIGGEST ISSUES faced by ALL eBay Sellers… once and for all:

  • Figuring out the right product to sell, and
  • Finding reliable sources of products you can sell at a profit

Mistakes in these two areas are the biggest reason eBay sellers fail !

In my System, you will learn little-known niche research techniques that will make the product decisions for you. Then I am going to show you how to find those products at prices where you can make a profit - not just little bitty profits, but consistent BIG profits, week-after-week, month-after-month, year-after-year…

Your auctions will close even while you sleep. I love waking up in the morning and seeing what sold overnight.

I even GIVE you 100% access to my Master File of Wholesale Suppliers…companies that have proven themselves again and again.

And that's just the beginning of what you'll learn!

See, I do eBay auctions every day, and I continue to learn and incorporate new methods and techniques, that help me grow my business. eBay is constantly changing, evolving, and expanding. I realized I needed to create an entirely fresh system, for today … not for the way eBay was two or three years ago!

This comprehensive System has EVERYTHING you need, including NEW information updated for today, PLUS tons of never-before-released material NEW AND UNIQUE to my System.

This is no "dummies" download eBook that's impossible to use! It's a real printed business workbook, made for real-world use as you build your business.

I don't know about you, but trying to read an eBook on my computer screen wears my eyes out like driving all night in pouring rain! And who wants to burn up their printer trying to print all of the pages just to save some publisher a buck!? I SHIP you my System in a  two-volume set in spiral binding  You can take notes, highlight key points and use it while you're actually listing your auctions! In this age of quickie "e-books," this is a truly impressive package!

"I LOVE the fact that you actually still print REAL BOOKS, full of real, meaty information! When I got it, I read it cover to cover... it was an incredibly easy read compared to most textbooks, and had a LOT more good tips and techniques than anything I'd read about selling on eBay, even what's on the eBay site itself!" ~ Donna Austin (Read More)

Buying my eBay Business System will not make you an instant millionaire. ( I hate people who make claims like that.)

But if you take it and use the step-by-step detailed information I share, you WILL succeed, and in a BIG way! You get 63 Chapters and 4 Resource Appendices… over 300 pages in all! Feel free to check out the Table of Contents.

Here's just a few of the eBay business topics that I cover in detail: 

  • How To Write Killer Headlines designed to catch the searchers and surfers (68% of all auctions are found by search!) and always bring results. Even if you can't string two words together, just follow my step-by-step examples and you'll see more bidder action and higher final prices on your auctions! These headlines don't just tell… they SELL!

  • Which eBay services to AVOID, and which ones to use, for the best Return On Investment! Some are essential, some are a waste of money, and others are only for certain items and times. I give you ALL the strategies and tips so you can succeed.

  • When to launch, when to wait, how long to run, and where to list each auction. I eliminate the Two Top Success Killers: the wrong category and lousy timing! You will watch others fade away without a single bid, while bidders crowd your auctions to snipe the final bid! These simple tips revolutionized Freddie Borden's business:

More from Donna Austin:

"I made notes on what I was doing wrong, Then I revised every auction I had running and re posted them using your methods. Two things I changed immediately were in the way I scheduled them to close (for the market I was selling to), and the category for each listing (the collectors I needed weren't even seeing my items!). I also followed Skip's guidelines and rewrote each and every auction.

"Right away I went from less than HALF of my auctions closing successfully to over 75% closing profitably. My average sale jumped from less than $50 to over $75 a sale, for the exact same items I'd been auctioning for weeks! I did over $2,000 last month selling small stuff, and that was only my third month on eBay!"

Order Your Complete eBay Marketing System Now!

  • How setting up a profitable eBay Store, and using CROSS-selling and UP-selling can EXPLODE your auction profits overnight. I am constantly amazed at how few sellers cross link their store sales with their auction items… I have bought thousands of items on eBay, and NOT ONCE has a seller even attempted to get more than the one sale out of me. If you don't ask, you don't get! I show you how to ask so well, your bidders will thank you for the opportunity to buy from you again and again! 

Even long-time eBay PowerSellers Ron & Deb Gossett are learning the simple, techniques that increase sales:

"A few years ago we had also opened an eBay store, Expressions-of-Lamms-Enchanted-Cats. Using Skip's advice, we began linking our auctions to the merchandise in our store, enticing bidders and buyers with free shipping. We also put all of our slow moving inventory in our store since the listing fees are much less, and used several other tricks we learned from Skip.

Since following your advice our store sales have improved over 20%. Even during the traditionally slow months of July and August, we managed to sell enough from our store alone to maintain our PowerSeller status!" ~ Ron & Deb Gossett


  • Incredible FREE and inexpensive resources you can use to run your business on Auto-Pilot. Why make eBay a JOB? Especially when it's so easy (and more profitable) to automate your ENTIRE auction process?

  • How the "Buy It Now" option can double, even triple your income… or KILL your bids! So many eBayers unknowingly eliminate quality bidders who genuinely want their item. Using my system, "Buy it now" will tap the passion and zeal of your bidders, for more money in your pocket!

  • How To use the new Fixed Price Auctions to increase sales. I ignored this feature for the longest time, because I didn't think it would work. But one day I started playing around with it and launched a few auctions. At first it didn't do much , but then I figured out what I was doing wrong. The final result, one just one of my standard items I began selling an additional $500 worth of product each week.

  • How to make sales to the other people - the ones who bid - but didn't win! This tip can get one, two or three extra sales out of almost every auction that closes successfully - and I'll show you how to make this happen BEFORE you even launch your auction! The only question you have to answer is, "How many people can I get to see my listing!?" (And I'll help you bump that number up, too!)

  • How to take photos that will get MORE and BIGGER BIDS for your items! Sure, anyone can snap a camera. I show you how to take auction photos that will cause people to stop, look and BID on YOUR auction ahead of 20 other identical items on the same page! Guess who gets the better bids!? YOU Do! Rob & Deb struggled with this for years:

Another comment from Ron & Deb:

"We knew that a good picture can make or break an auction, but we weren't really sure how to get that perfect picture, and we didn't have a clue about what we were doing wrong. We figured a simple photo was all that mattered!

With Skip's easy to follow instructions, and wealth of information, tools, tricks and tips, we get the perfect digital picture every time. After 3 and a half years of pretty flat growth, within only 3 short months our eBay business has tripled and we have become PowerSellers, thanks to Skip's great program."

(more testimonials)


  • How you can CLEAR $5,000-$15,000 a month selling OPJ (Other People's Junk)… with NO up-front purchase or holding costs, no listing and no shipping expenses. You get 100% profit and an UNLIMITED Return On Investment! 

  • A Proven Plan Of Action to drive your successMost sellers run their eBay business like a hobby or "therapy!" If you want a super successful auction business, this will outline your exact steps to grow! (Read over what Lori Ezzo has to say below about how important this step can be!)

  • How to SAFELY handle international orders, check orders, and other kinds of issues and NOT lose money!

There are a DOZENS of powerful chapters (63 in all!) and resource material (including a Complete Auction Checklist, complete nationwide Wholesale Trade Show Calendar and Merchandise & Gift Mart Directory and more!).. There's way too much to list here. You can stop and read the entire Table of Contents here, or you can take action and . . .

Order Your Own Complete eBay Marketing System Now!

Like the name says, this is more than a textbook, it's a complete "SYSTEM." I explore each subject in detail and discuss the profit-making techniques and strategies necessary for success on eBay.

I share all the upsides, and the downsides, of each topic, tip, and technique. I don't fill you with stories about "acres of diamonds" and leave out the parts about needing a pick and shovel! I don't waste time on pie-in-the-sky theories… Just straight-forward information that works.

I give you PROVEN STRATEGIES AND TECHNIQUES that have been shown to produce time and time again.

I share the GOOD, the BAD, AND the UGLY! I tell you which methods to avoid on your road to success, and why. This is NOT some watered-down redo of the freebie information you can find online.

Don't assume that The COMPLETE eBay Marketing System is the Same-o, Same-o rehash of information found in other guides online. And don't assume that somehow it's only written for "advanced" experienced eBayer sellers.

The COMPLETE eBay Marketing System is for anyone and everyone who wants to make serious money on eBay.

Here is a look at what I am selling on eBay right now:

Click Here. Double your traffic. Get Vendio Gallery - Now FREE!

But I'm only an eBay newbie… how do I know where to begin?

You've already started by reading this letter. The Complete eBay Marketing System is the book that could put you on the path to success! 

My promise to you:

I'll cover every step-by-careful-step to understanding how, when and where to place your auctions. I'll school you on the most effective listing and copy writing techniques to make your auctions stand out from the crowd.

I'll show you how to spend LESS on eBay fees AND close more auctions! And, I'll help you make this a serious business you can LIVE on if that's your desire. Simply applying the strategies and techniques outlined in this manual can put hundreds, even thousands of dollars in your bank account within the next 30 to 90 days

OK, but I've been selling on eBay for years… what new things can you possibly teach ME?

A lot of my success has come from continuous experimentation. I try out techniques and test, test, test constantly -- trying new ideas every week. A lot of them fail -- but that is ok, because I learn from those -- and what I learn I use and I pass them on to you.

If you are an experienced eBay seller, get ready to explode your business with dozens of new and exciting ways to make money!

I will share some methods and techniques you've never heard of… some you've never even imagined! Let's face it; most entrepreneurs share a common ailment: when we own a business, we can get stuck "inside the box!" (Have you ever said to yourself, "If it ain't broke, why fix it?!") We get so focused on what we "know" works; we get too rooted in things that worked yesterday.

I am not going to teach you how to just "think outside of the box." I am going to teach you how to throw the box away!

Even one or two hot new techniques could mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket every month! Even if each one only increases your auction profits by a small percentage, your investment will be returned many times over. I don't stop at one or two tips… I give you HUNDREDS of ideas to put to use in your business, TODAY! And, I answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION AND CONCERN about eBay I've ever encountered in over 7 years. Questions like…

Do I need to be a "techie" to succeed in eBay?

NO! You Do NOT have to be a computer genius to do this business. I'm sure not! The Complete eBay Marketing System is written in down-to-earth laymen's language… not in "High Geek." It does help to know how to use a mouse and type, but I'm still a "hunt'n'peck" typist myself, so even this shouldn't hold you back! Freddie Borden says it best:

Here's what Freddie Borden had to say about my book:

"Skip makes it all so easy, even for a retired 70-year old guy like me! Skip's material proved to this 70-year old eBayer the old adage is still true, "You Don't Know What You Don't Know!!"


This isn't some detached academic piece full of hypothesis and philosophy. This is solid, real-world information. You can take it and use it the same day you receive it, and have your first successful auction launched within 24 hours!

Where do I find things to sell that'll make me money?

You can make money in eBay even if you have NOTHING to sell! I'll GIVE you 100% access to my Master File of Wholesale Suppliers for with your System. They can become your "Virtual Warehouse" and help you stay on the cutting edge of trends, so the items you list are consistent winners! Not only do you get access to my "members-only wholesale web site, my monthly newsletter also lists between 10 and 15 new wholesale sources every month.

Skip: What about drop shipping?

The honest truth... Drop shipping can be dangerous if not done right. And...most drop shipping companies are just scams.

You can make money dropshipping on eBay -- I do it every day, but you have to know how to do it and where to find the companies that will supply you with both the products to sell, and reliable service that won't hurt your feedback rating.

I will connect you with large reliable drop shipping companies -- and, even better, I will show you how to contact actual manufacturers that drop ship so you cut out the middleman.

I just want to make a little extra money on eBay, not a fortune. Why should I buy your System?

Whatever you want to make out of eBay, you can. But why work harder than you have to for the same results! A lot of people start out just wanting some extra money to make ends meet.

Here is what Lore Ezzo from Florida has to say about that:

"I started selling on eBay when my company started cutting back on hours and money started getting tight. First, I did the garage sale thing. Practically gave stuff away. I GAVE away my husband's troll collection for $.25 apiece. One guy came back for more… turns out he sold on eBay. When I looked on eBay he was SELLING my husband's trolls for a $100 or more! I felt sick! So I started selling my stuff online, too.

"Making money is fun. Not making money is the pits. Thank you for making eBay "fun" for me again! If it wasn't for you, I would have quit a long time ago… thank you for all you have done for me and my family! Thank You!"

There's no reason to work harder for what you earn than you have to, when you can get more satisfying results with less effort? Why list auctions that go nowhere and get only a handful of bids (if any at all!), when you can enjoy watching your auctions create a "feeding frenzy" that drives up your sales revenues. Remember 70 year-old Freddie Borden?

"In just a few months' time I'm clearing almost $1,000 clear a month, and I know I'm just playing with it. I know could do a whole lot more but I am a 70-year-old disabled veteran of 24 years service, and I like to do some other things with my wife, Polly. Still, I have to say, making money is the best fun! " ~ Freddie Borden

Of course, you may start out small and later decide you want to use eBay to replace your current income. It's very do-able, and I've lived comfortably off of my eBay income for years now. I just took off two weeks for an Alaskan cruise on a 42' motor yacht with a couple of my closest friends. Karen and I also visit the Bahamas for 10 days every year when the winter rains close in on our Northwest home. It won't be my last dream come true because of this business.

Lori Ezzo used The Complete eBay Marketing System to create a solid growth plan that… I'll let her tell it:

"I decided to buckle down and get serious about reading your course, and using everything I can in my business. You got me to start thinking about my business as business….DUH! I never did before, even though I'm a consultant myself!"

"You showed me how to create a niche for more expensive items, so now we are making more money on one item than we used to make on several items. I retire in 8 years, and my husband Ron retires in only 2 years. We want to use our eBay business as a second income after Ron retires. Thanks to you, Skip, we are now PowerSellers and have a solid 2-year plan to replace Ron's income when he retires." ~ Lori Ezzo

(Read more testimonials)


What are YOUR dreams, YOUR goals?

Is it to retire early? To be able to afford college for your kids? How about some home improvement… or maybe a brand new home? Travel to other countries… or maybe simply seeing the beauty of our own country! Whatever you want, you can achieve it through eBay, If you have someone to guide you past all the potholes and mistakes along the way!

I will teach you and lead you, all the way to the success you want. The Complete eBay Marketing System has everything you need. I've included updated material from all three of my basic courses, and the most up-to-date tips and techniques used by the biggest PowerSellers of today.

Best of all, the entire cost is only $147. That's it... You get over 300 pages, 63 chapters, 4 Appendices...as well as bonus reports.

That's SIX POUNDS of solid, targeted, powerful information to catapult your eBay success!

That may sound expensive, but today it's less than the cost of most college textbooks for a single course. And, Remember: You are not just buying a book, I keep in touch with you through my newsletters and the member's-only web site that I update each month with new information and new wholesale sources. Some of my competitors are charging $9.95 a month for access to their web site. That works out to over $119 each year... Another company charges over $200 for a similar package -- and it was written by an eBay seller who recently went bankrupt...

Order Your Copy Of The Complete eBay Marketing System Now!

Where else can you get everything you need to know to succeed for less than a hundred and fifty bucks? If all you got was the comprehensive workbook of proven information, it would be enough to ensure your success. But I want to do everything I can to practically guarantee your success, so…

When You Order
The Complete eBay Marketing System TODAY,
 I will GIVE YOU $332.99 Worth Of Bonuses,
 Absolutely FREE!

1) You Get 100% access to my Confidential Master File of Wholesale Suppliers and 4 Wholesale-Only Search Engines for life. This $199 Value Is Yours FREE!

This is MY list, one I've carefully compiled over years and used to build my own successful business.  These suppliers have proven to me repeatedly that they understand the needs of the eBay business.

They ship what you order, when you order it. They don't over commit or under-deliver, but consistently go above and beyond. I've plowed through hundreds of wholesale companies over the years (and still check out dozens of new ones every month). You get full access for life (my life -- not yours).

2) And, I will GIVE you my Award-Winning eBay Sellers' News Letter, a $97 value, Free.

My newsletter is the tool I use to keep my students on the cutting edge of the business. I alert you to trends and changes that directly affect your business, so you can focus on doing what makes you money: listing and selling. Remember in addition to the latest eBay selling strategies, I list between 10-15 new wholesale sources in the newsletter each month.

3) Special Bonus Report -- Value $19.99 - How to Find Profitable Wholesale Products Right in Your Neighborhood

4) And, as a final bonus I want you to have the eBook that will help you make more money on eBay - Online Auction Photo Secrets -- Value $17

Taking good photos is one thing --but knowing how and what kind of photos to take for eBay is another. I not only teach you how to understand and use your camera and how to take clear, focused sharp photos --I also teach you what kind of photos to take for eBay so you can give the buyer what they are looking for.   I wrote this book with people like YOU in mind.  I want to show you how to take photos that are going to bring you more money on your auctions!  This book sells for $17, but I'm including it here for FREE!

You Get All This When You Order The Complete eBay Marketing System Now!

I'll GIVE You ALL of These Bonuses, But I Don't Want Your Money…

unless you're going to take The Complete eBay Marketing System and use it to build a successful business. Nobody needs another big course workbook as a bookend! I strive for 100% Positive Feedback in everything I do, so if you're not serious about learning how to grow your eBay business, DON'T Bother!! If you are intent on making money in eBay,

Order Your Copy Of The Complete eBay Marketing System Today and GROW Your eBay Business!

I am so sure this the absolute best, most thorough and useful eBay System on the market today, I'll back it with my exclusive...

Guarantee for eBay Business System
No-Questions-Asked, Unconditional, 100% Money Back, 90-Day Guarantee

You can transfer all the risk to me!

Even if you just say, "Skip, no thanks, not for me, take it back" and you return The Complete eBay Marketing System, I'll refund every dime. Your only risk is the postage to return the book to us.

I will STILL GIVE YOU my PowerSeller Resource File, my newsletter, and Profitable Wholesale Products Right in Your Neighborhood -- just for trying it out. You can even keep your copy of Online Auction Photo Secrets -- --- You Can't Lose!

The Complete eBay Marketing System sells for $147
plus FREE shipping and handling within the United States.

You get a truly impressive step-by-step, two-volume workbook set packed with 6 POUNDS of information you can use, today!  I will ship it to you via UPS Ground and you'll soon have it in your hands.

Remember all you get:

  • Access code for my Confidential Master File of Wholesale Suppliers
  • My monthly Newsletter
  • Special Bonus Report - How to Find Profitable Wholesale Products Right in Your Neighborhood
  • Online Auction Photo Secrets

And, you get my No-Questions-Asked, Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee. You can't lose!

Order Your Complete eBay Marketing System Now and GROW Your eBay Business!

That's it. And that's everything you need to succeed. I look forward to working with you as you build your eBay business.


Skip McGrath

P. S. The Complete eBay Marketing System is here to stay. Some will take it and use it, others will take it and think about it. Which one will you be? Success takes decisiveness and action. I encourage you to ACT Today and begin enjoying regular, ongoing income from auctions.

You'll get my entire, comprehensive eBay business SYSTEM --300 pages, 63 chapters, 4 Appendices and Five Free Bonus Reports - to start making REAL money from eBay fast.

P.S.S. One more thought. This summer I spent a great week cruising through the inside passage to Alaska. My eBay business kept steaming along, pumping money into my bank account.

You can run your business from anywhere. Every January we spend a week at our time share condo in the Bahamas. We spend a few minutes every morning when we wake up answering emails and questions, sending our orders to our drop shippers and fulfillment warehouses, and kick back the rest of the day.

I still sell on eBay full-time every day (if you click here you'll see just one of my eBay accounts). I have several active accounts on eBay - plus others on Overstock.com, three web sites and a Yahoo Store. But it ALL started with eBay. And I'm the most qualified person in the country to help YOU make it, and make it BIG, in your own eBay auction business.

If you take my system and use it, eBay can create the ongoing income you need to fuel your dreams… So what are you waiting for!?

Click on This Link To Order Your Copy Of
The Complete eBay Marketing System Now!

YOU can learn how to sell on eBay! Let me show you how it's done with the eBay Business System!


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