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The eBay & Amazon Consignment Business Is A Billion-Dollar Business, Successfully Done By People Just Like You, Selling Things For Other People.

eBay and Amazon Consignment Business

The Consignment Business May be The Perfect Business...

Updated Jan 2018

FACT: To Learn and Master This Business You Can Spend Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars On An Expensive Franchise...

OR, You Can Start Earning Tens of Thousands Today,

Without ANY Huge Expense!

Which makes more sense? While you think over your choices, consider this...

eBay itself is a phenomenon. Today, over 650,000 people, including me, make their full-time living as eBay sellers. A few years ago I began selling OPM (Other People's Merchandise) and discovered what I consider the "perfect" online business: Consignment Sales. 

eBay even recognizes this business as distinctively different from the standard eBay auction approach, and designate qualified practitioners as eBay Registered Trading Assistants. (They even promote your business for free!)

eBay and Amazon consignment sales are so incredibly profitable, some retailers are making twice as much money with a fraction of the effort, all from their computer. Some have even closed their brick-and-mortar stores completely. One of my students in Detroit, Tilden M., emailed this to me (it sounds like he may be shutting his own store before long!)

"Skip - Your Consignment manual is awesome. I have had a Consignment store for 3 years and have almost doubled my business by selling on eBay with your System. I am selling things in a week that used to sit in my shop for months."

Tilden Martin, Detroit MI.

He's not alone! In the few minutes it takes you to read this, literally MILLIONS will be sold on eBay... a lot of it in Consignment Sales!

I know because I'm making a significant chunk of it myself! My name is Skip McGrath. My wife Karen and I have been eBay Power Sellers for over 9 years. We've sold over $1,000,000.00 on eBay... jewelry, electronics, art, antiques and collectibles, designer clothes and other items. We've built three hugely successful eBay businesses, involving our whole family, even my married kids! I don't just write about eBay I do it every day.

I have covered every detail of this incredible business in Making Money with an Online Consignment Business

Just imagine a business where:
  • You have NO Franchise Fees or Royalties... EVER! You get to keep 100% of your profit!
  • You have NO Risks, even when an item doesn't sell! (Your consignor assumes all the risk)
  • You have NO product acquisition costs! (Remember, it's their item, not yours... OPM: Other Peoples Merchandise!)
  • You have NO eBay listing fees! (Your customers pay the listing fees for you)
  • NO shipping costs: The buyer pays all of the shipping and handling costs
  • You have NO fixed product line or territory! Do it in your neighborhood, your town, your state, or across the whole country. Pick up new consignors when you go on vacation... and let Uncle Sam pay for your travel. (One of my students lives in Texas and is liquidating the excess inventory of a mega-hardware store in the Midwest. He sells it on eBay and they ship it to the customer for him)
  • You will quickly find yourself turning away business, because of the demand!
  • It's the perfect home-based business --You can work from home --or you can open a storefront or commercial location and go pro. My operations manual shows you how to do it both ways

Get Your Own Copy Of the
eBay and Amazon Consignment Business Operations Manual

If that list caught your attention, you'll love this:

The eBay and Amazon Consignment Business Operations Manual is a 125+ page, step-by-step, instruction manual that shows you how to set up and profitably run a professional eBay business selling other people's items on consignment. This manual and the associated bonus materials contain everything you need to start and run a successful and profitable eBay or Amazon consignment business.

eBay drop-off store franchises used to be all the rage –and most of them failed! They sold for between $25,000 and $50,000 and you had to pay royalties and annual fees on top of that. The problem wasn't the concept –that was sound. The problem was the cost. The eBay drop-off store franchise was just too expensive to work.  But thousands of other sellers have been operating quietly under the radar without the franchise expense and they are making a killing.

When you bought a franchise the most important thing you got was a Franchise Operations Manual. Well --I am not selling a franchise, but I will pit my operations manual against any of them. I am not just a writer --I actually sell on eBay every day and consignment selling makes up a large part of my business.

Here is what a professional eBay Trading Assistant has to say about our book:

Everything you need to know can be found in the eBook "Making Money with an Online Consignment Business".  Skip McGrath’s detailed up-to-date information, charts, data, power tips, and research is the perfect guide for anyone starting an eBay or Amazon consignment business or for anyone who wants to improve their existing business. Thank you Skip for this practical and informative book!

Amy Weintraub, Los Angeles


I give you real insider knowledge that took me years to develop. For example, you'll learn...
  • How To Find Consignors (people and companies who let you sell their items) — I will open your eyes to hundreds of hidden opportunities that exist all around you. There's incredible profit potential hiding around every corner. Every moneymaking market that I've uncovered, I'll lay right at your feet. Best of all, within a few days, you'll have people calling YOU to beg you to handle their items!
  • Which Consigned Goods Sell BEST On eBay --and What Goods You Should Avoid Completely! You really DON'T want to learn this by trial and error, do you? If you do, pretty soon you'll find yourself spending 80% of your time on things that make you 20% of your income, wasting countless hours unnecessarily.   I'll show you how to spend 100% of your time working with winning items that bring the HIGHEST final bids!
  • How To Turn Overpriced Garage Sale Items Into Your Own Personal Goldmine!  We've all pulled over to check out garage sales, rummage sales, flea markets and the like. Inevitably there's someone who's convinced that their collection of gizmos or their 8-track library is worth a ridiculous fortune. I give you a super technique to turn these La-La Land items into a never-ending source of money for you... without investing a dime! In fact, here's an email from one of my students named Tim describing it:

    "I used your idea when I was at a garage sale this weekend. A woman wants me to sell all of her son's vintage Star Wars collection -- he of course wanted way too much and had tried selling on eBay but got frustrated by all the work.

    I told her I would put the items in lots that I thought should bring $100+ and might bring $500-$1,000 but no guarantees. All due to your idea about high priced items at garage sales."

  • Conducting Consignment Estate Auctions — Imagine a family asking you to sell their entire estate, full of jewelry, furniture, paintings, heirlooms and other collectibles!

    Some people doing consignments actually ignore this side of the business. In my course, I'll show you why this is a goldmine and people will thank you for doing it! When you find out how much auction houses and estate companies charge people for these services, you will immediately understand why you will be in top demand.
  • And a whole lot more. I give you tons of low-cost and NO-cost ideas just like these, that you can begin using right away. You not only get the concept, I even tell you how to contact them and what to say! You get every angle, every way for you to find and sell Other People's Merchandise, so YOU can profit Risk-Free!

Order Making Money With an eBay and Online Consignment Business Today

This Online Consignment Business Manual was Created BY an Entrepreneur FOR Entrepreneurs

When I started in eBay back in '99, I bought lots of how-to programs. Most were pretty low-quality, and of questionable value. In fact, several did nothing more than copy eBay's free online resources and resell them! That's why, in all of my courses including this one, I vowed to give people the highest possible value for the lowest price. As a result, you'll have a thoroughly researched manual that absolutely positively leaves no single stone unturned. Listen to what Richard emailed me about the difference between my course and what often passes for information online these days:

"I am very impressed. I ordered a course from someone on eBay about a year ago. They claimed to be able to help me make lots of money by selling on eBay. What I got was a kit that barely showed me even anything about eBay, only a few sources on the web (of which a couple no longer existed), and it was really unprofessional.

"Yours on the other hand is great! Honestly, it cost about three times more money, but gave about fifty times the information. I am satisfied with everything from the extra sources of information to the breakdown of how to list your auctions. I am just a beginner as far as selling online, but it has really sparked a fire in me to try a Consignment business after a little bit of time and experience. Thank you so much."

Richard M, Austin TX

Not only is this course thorough, complete and accurate, it translates into dollars and sense, Benjamins and Grants, How valuable is this information? Read what it meant to Donna Austin:

"After reading your book and becoming an eBay Trading Assistant, I got my first customer almost immediately. He was a widower who wanted to sell a Hammond organ left to him by his wife. I used your recommendations and the sources in your book to figure out the right price for it. To my amazement, a church pastor in Indiana wanted it so badly he paid $600 to have it shipped to him on top of the full asking price! It was the biggest item I had ever sold! My consignment customer was so happy he paid me double my fee!

I can't stress enough how great your course is, and how much of a difference it's made in our lives and in my eBay business. Thanks to you, I'm making what I want, doing what want, and going where I want to go. Skip, you are fantastic!"

Donna Austin

At this point let me calm your fears...

The eBay and Amazon Consignment Business Operations Manual is not a cheap quick eBook. It is a complete operations and training manual. I have set it up for immediate download and you can print it out right on your computer.

As an added bonus, you get several bonus files with all the contracts and legal documents, blank forms, advertising posters and sales letters you'll ever need. You could spend days trying to get some of these right. I even know people who have hired attorneys at $150 an hour, just to get useable contracts, agreements and legal forms like these — but I give them to you FREE, with your course!

All of the documents are in Microsoft Word, so you can customize them with your information and print them out. Not only that, but every website resource I list in the manual is included in the file, so you don't have to type in lengthy domain addresses... just point and click! This bonus files alone are worth more than most eBooks you find online today.

Selling on consignment isn't new –but it is one of the most consistently profitable online businesses that anyone can do.

Since eBay launched the Trading Assistant program a few years ago, over 60,000 eBay sellers have registered to help other people sell their goods. Consignment businesses are springing up all over the United States, and there are hundreds in Europe and Australia –so yes you can do this business anywhere.

Amazingly, hundreds of people without a thought have shelled out $20,000, $30,000 and more to companies offering "Consignment Franchises." .........Oh, and they told their franchisees to plan on tossing in another $20,000 or more for their storefront, signage, advertising... not to mention royalties!

And most of them failed!  Only a tiny handful remain today. Meanwhile there are hundreds of sellers who opened eBay Drop-off stores who are prospering. They learned to do it the right way!

There are millions of people who know about eBay -- perhaps they bought holiday gifts or collectibles at some point -- but they just don't have the time or inclination to try to actually sell items themselves. Millions more have sold one or two "garage sale" types of items with limited success, but never pursued doing it as a business. Yet even more people STILL know little about eBay or are simply afraid to try it.

As a consignment seller, you are perfectly positioned for no-risk profits! Why? Because this business solves the NUMBER ONE Problem facing online sellers!  The biggest problem most eBay and Amazon sellers face is finding merchandise at a low enough price to sell at auction and make a profit.

With a consignment business, people GIVE you merchandise to sell with no risk on your part! You sell the goods on eBay or Amazon and pay the consignor (the person who gave you the goods) the proceeds of the sale less your commission and fees. If something doesn't sell, you simply return the item to the consignor. They even pay all the listing fees!

And today –you are not limited just by eBay

Yes, eBay is where you will sell most of your products. But I also show you how to sell on other online venues such as Craigslist, Amazon and other sites. 

All you have to do is find enough other people to consign their merchandise to you, to create an unstoppable money machine... all run using OPM!

Can it really that simple? 
(If someone tells you it is, don't trust them!)

I'm going to give it to you straight. The concept is simple, but as in many businesses, the execution of the concept is where most people fail! The fact is, of the more than 50,000 trading assistants on eBay, only a tiny handful are making serious money. As with any opportunity, the devil's in the details.

It takes time, effort and money.

I will never tell you that you can get rich without effort or money. As with anything else, the amount of money and effort you need to put out depends on how fast and how big you want to grow your business.

If you already sell on eBay, you probably have everything you need to get started (computer, digital camera, etc.), so you probably won't have any special equipment or investment to get started. Sure, you can place a few inexpensive classified ads (I even give you the ads) and bootstrap your business to profits. But, if you can invest a few hundred dollars in the targeted advertising and promotional techniques I teach you, then you can watch your business explode!

Order your eBay and Amazon Consignment Business Operations Manual Today!

It's entirely up to you! This can be just a nice little hobby, or a small part-time business to make a few hundred dollars a month, or even a few hundred a week...... Or, you can grow it into a full-time enterprise capable of grossing hundreds of thousands of dollars per year! It all depends on what YOU want to do... you're the boss!

Regardless of how big you want to grow your business, The eBay and Amazon Consignment Business Operations Manual will give you ALL the details of the business. You'll get everything you need to be successful as a true professional, including...

  • How Much Should I Charge for My Services? I'm convinced most people who don't sell on eBay are held back by this one simple question! This is one of the most commonly asked questions because so few people know — yet it's such a vital factor for the success of your business!  And guess what? Most people undercharge.

    Charge too little and you're giving away money, charge too much and you lose business.
    You need someone who's done thousands of transactions to show you the foolproof way to establish your opening prices, when to have a reserve (rarely) and when to trust the market to deliver a high selling price (most of the time, using my proven system!)
  • Which Are The RIGHT Auction Management Software, Systems and Services for the Consignment Business? It's easy to spend a ton of money on software that may or may not be what you need. Instead of flying blind, let me guide you through the maze of offerings and steer you to what works and what will make you successful. I've tested dozens of programs, some costing thousands of dollars and some totally free (I even have companies who send me their beta test versions to test, because of how large my eBay business is).
  • There's a whole lot more... over pages of solid information, tips and specific techniques and instructions... Click Here to read the entire Table of Contents for yourself!

Skip – Do I need to open a drop off store to be successful at this?

No – If you want to expand and open a store I show you how to do that. But this is a business where you can start small –very small if you want to. You control how much you grow and how fast you grow. If you just want to work out of your home I show you how to do that –in fact, that is how I recommend you start.

Armed with this kind of information, you can express the kind of "overnight" success Freddie Borden never expected, but actually experienced (and still is!):

"Skip makes it all so easy, even for a retired 70-year old guy like me! Right away I went from less than HALF of my auctions closing successfully to over 75% closing profitably. My average sale jumped from less than $50 to over $75 a sale, for the exact same items I'd been auctioning for weeks! I did over $2000 last month selling small stuff, and that was only my third month on eBay!

"Using what I learned in your Consignment Manual I began calling on local businessmen and now I have items that retail for $2500 that I'm selling for a man that doesn't have time to do it."

Freddie Borden

I have packed so much value into this book and the bonus items, people tell me I'm crazy for giving away so much! I don't care because I want you to get started the right way. But let's get down to brass tacks...

Here's your special online offer for Making Money with an Online Consignment Business:

My 125+ Page Complete eBay and Amazon Consignment Business Operations Manual with instant delivery and set for easy printing. You can print out the whole manual and put it in a three-ring binder –or just print out the pages you will need for reference. Value $125

Bonus #1 — Standard Consignment Contract and an Alternative Contract for those states who require it. The files are in easy-to-use Microsoft Word. You open the file, personalize it with your name and contact information, and print it out. That's it. It would cost you a minimum of $500 and as much as $1000 just to have an attorney draft a consignment contract. Value $500

Bonus #2 — Payment Forms and Pre-Made Material for your Customer Presentation Book. In addition to your contract there are other forms you need as well. All of these are provided, including a consignor payment summary form. When you meet with a consignor you are asking them to turn over their valuable merchandise to a total stranger. I show you how to prepare a professional presentation book and give you the information to put in it so people will have confidence in you. Value $29

Bonus#3 – Sample Letters to Charities, Lawyers and Business People. You can send these out as a letter or an email to help you introduce your business to local businesses and charities. They are all professionally pre-written. Just insert your name and contact information and print them out –or copy/paste them into an email. Value $100

Bonus #4 – Sample Advertisements. I have created pre-written ads that you can use for posters, classified ads or posters to promote your business. Value $50

Bonus #5 – Recommended Business Resources. This is my personal online Rolodex of the resources, tools and business resources I recommend to start and run your business. Value $100.

Bonus #6 – Sales Tax List. As a consignment seller you will have to collect and pay sales tax. We not only explain all the ins and outs of sales tax, but I give you a file with a list of links to sales tax offices in all 50 states where (in most cases) you can apply right online. Value $20

Bonus #7 – Start Up Checklist. You will receive a complete detailed start-up checklist that will give you a plan to follow to set up your business in a professional manner so you can start making money right off the bat.   Value $25

Bonus #8– Consignment Tracking Form

Bonus #9 – A $20 Discount Coupon on purchase of The Complete eBay Marketing System Some of you may be excited about this business opportunity but you don't yet know how to sell on eBay.  With the purchase of this book, I will give you a link where you can save $20 on the purchase of our flagship training manual, The Complete eBay Marketing System.

Total Value of the manual and all eight bonuses is $844.
But that's not what you pay!

You get the entire package

including The eBay Consignment Business Operations Manual and all of the bonuses
for just a one-time payment of $27

Order Making Money With an eBay and Online Consignment Business Today

GuranteeI am so confident in the value of the information in my book, and the incredible value of the bonus items that I'm going to make it absolutely, positively risk-free!  We have a No-Questions-Asked, Unconditional, 90-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.  You can transfer all the risk to me!

Even if you just say, "Skip, no thanks, not for me, take it back" and you return The eBay and Amazon Consignment Business Operations Manual, I'll refund every dime.

How to Start & Run an eBay & Amazon Consignment Business sells for only $27 and, you get my No-Questions-Asked, Unconditional, 90-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. You can't lose!

PS: How about one two more final bonuses:

EXTRA Bonus –My best selling eBook, Online Auction Photo Secrets. Even if you know nothing about photography you will learn how to take professional-looking photos for your eBay listings.

Click here to order now with PayPal or Your Credit Card

That's it. And that's everything you need to succeed. I look forward to working with you as you build your eBay business. Your success is just waiting to take off. Take advantage of this special offer today.

Whatever you decide, Best Wishes for Your Success,

Skip McGrath

P.S. How to Start & Run an eBay & Amazon Consignment Business has it all! It's been said, "knowledge is power," but all the knowledge and information in the world is worthless until someone uses it! Applied Knowledge Is Power! Already, from this one letter, you have more knowledge and understanding about eBay Consignments than over 90% of eBay users worldwide! Yet, what are YOU going to DO with that knowledge? Say it's "too good to be true," or "not for me," or "maybe later, when I have more time?"

Decisiveness is a key to success! I hope you are decisive today and take advantage of this incredible material to change your financial life.

Order How to Start & Run an eBay & Amazon Consignment Business Now!

P.P.S. If you're still wondering whether this is worth your time and money, here are some recent emails from folks, like you, who have already bought my course and found it to be just what the doctor ordered to explode their eBay business!


"Wanted to let you know that I made the Bronze level of Power Seller on eBay only 4 months after buying your fantastic manual, How To Start And Run An eBay Consignment Business. Thanks for giving to me the "keys to the eBay kingdom!" Your manual is straight forward and great practical advice and down to earth do's and don'ts to being successful on eBay."

Steve from Denver, CO

"I recently purchased your manual on starting and running an eBay Consignment business which my wife and I are proceeding to do. IT IS EXCELLENT!! You have done a superb job and it is perhaps the most helpful manual of its kind that I have ever seen. You have been an enormous help with the business that my wife and I are starting."


"I have used your Consignment book to hit my goal of $1,000.00 sales in December. On my way to becoming and eBay Power Seller, thanks to you! I highly recommend your material to anyone who is "serious" about their eBay business.

I have already sold $1,000.00 this month, January, with two weeks to go! I cannot express enough thanks for your valuable material which I bought from you."


"I just purchased How To Start & Run An eBay Consignment Business and I can't tell how much help your information has been. I'm getting ready to open an online Consignment business and did not know where to begin until I received your book. I feel confident now that I can open a successful online business now that I have read your material."


These are just a few of literally hundreds of testimonials I've received for this course. If you're just thinking about the Online Consignment Business, if you want to do it part time or if you are already pretty experienced on eBay and want to take your business to the next level, my course will help you reach your goals.

Order Making Money With an eBay and Amazon Consignment Business Today


No-Questions-Asked, Unconditional, 90-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee


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