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Making Money With an Online Consignment Business

Table of Contents


1. Why Start an Online Consignment Business?

  • Are There Successful Consignment Businesses Operating Now?  
  • How Big Can a Consignment Business Grow?  

2. Getting Started

  • Setting Up Your Business
  • Naming Your Business
  • Business Types
  • Business Licenses
  • Business Telephone
  • Letterhead & Business Cards
  • Computer & Software Resources
  • Insurance
  • Reference Material
  • Taxes
  • Legal Issues
  • Getting Help

3. How Much Should I Charge?

  • Commission Schedule

4. How To Find Consignment Customers

  • Advertising
  • Cold Calling
  • Charities
  • Estate Sales & Garage Sales
  • Speaking To Groups

5. What Sells on eBay?

  • eBay Pulse
  • Should I Specialize?

6. Selling Retail Store Closeouts

  • What Type of Retailers Should I Approach?
  • What Sort of Fee Should I Charge Retailers?

7. Raising Money for Non-Profit Organizations

8. Conducting Estate Auctions

  • Unofficial Estate Sales
  • Official Estate Sales

9. Conducting Bankruptcy Sales

  • Police & Sheriff’s Auctions
  • Distressed Companies and Corporate Downsizing

10. Corporate Consignment Sales

11. Setting Up For Mass Production

  • Selling Price
  • Increase the Number of Auctions and/or Decrease the Time to Launch an Auction
  • Charge Higher Fees
  • Lower Your Costs

12. Automation Software, Systems and Services

  • Auction Software
  • Auction Management Services

13. Auction Photography & the Photo Studio

  • Taking Good Photos
  • Image Management

14. Setting Up A Consignment Storefront

  • Advantages of a Storefront
  • Disadvantages of a Storefront
  • What Kind of Store Should I Open?
  • Store Layout
  • How Much Space Will I Need For All of This?
  • Leasing Issues
  • Website

15. Fees & Costs

  • Costs of Doing Business
  • Cost Control

16. Organization & Record Keeping

17. Writing Your Business Plan

  • What Business Am I In?
  • What is My Market and Marketing Plan?
  • What Resources Will I Need?
  • How Much Will I Need to Invest in My Business?
  • What Is My Growth Plan?

18. Other Consignment Venues and Methods

  • eBay Stores
  • eBay Fixed Price Listing
  • Product Website
  • Online Classified Sites
  • Craigslist or eBay?

19. Cost Control - Reducing Your eBay Fees

  • eBay Insertion Fee:
  • Final Value (selling fees):
  • Optional Feature Fees:

20. Listing and Selling Strategies

  • Reserve Price Auctions (RPAs)
  • Strategic Decisions

21. Research: The Key To Profits

  • Ask the Seller
  • Searching Online
  • eBay Search Engine
  • Searching More Effectively
  • Offline Research Tools

22. Auction Calendar: Best Time to Launch Auctions

23. Writing Auction Titles

24. Writing Winning Auction Descriptions

  • Key Words

25. The eBay Trading Assistant (TA) Program

  • Requirements to Become a Trading Assistant

26. Customer Service

  • Consignor Service
  • eBay Bidders

27. Summing Up


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