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Learn to Make Money Online with Skip McGrath

Complete Amazon Marketing System

The Complete Amazon Marketing System

Are you thinking about selling on Amazon, but don't know how?  Do you want to sell online, but aren't sure where to start?  Do you sell on eBay now and are wondering about making the move to Amazon?  If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then keep reading . . .  

The Complete Amazon Marketing System is a two-volume printed training manual over 350 pages long. It also comes with several training videos, over a dozen free bonuses AND lifetime membership in my Wholesale Sourcing Members Site.

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Amazon Profit Booster

The Amazon Profit Booster, Three Books to Help you Increase Your Amazon Profits

If you sell on Amazon and would like to grow your business and increase your profits then this mini-course can help. I show you three different ways to boost your profits. These are all methods I've used myself!  I designed the Profit Booster series to address several strategies and techniques to help existing, experienced Amazon Sellers grow their businesses, expand into new areas and increase their sales and profits.

Check out the Amazon Profit Booster

Moving From eBay to Amazon

eBay to Amazon: Making The Transition From Selling on eBay to Selling on Amazon

My wife and I have been selling on eBay since 1999.  In 2006 we added Amazon, but it never really took off for us.  The same products we sold on eBay every day would sit on Amazon for weeks before they sold.

Then in 2010 we moved into Amazonís Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program.  Our Amazon sales took off!! In 2018 we stopped selling on eBay to focus selling on Amazon.

Learn more about eBay to Amazon: Making The Transition

How To Make Money With The Amazon Affiliate Program How To Make Money With The Amazon Affiliate Program

This may be the greatest business in the world!  You can get started with minimal investment.  You can access over 100,000 book titles and 40,000 products in hundreds of categories and subcategories.  You can sell thousands of products, yet you have no inventory, there is nothing to ship and Amazon takes all the risk for you.  You have to do some work Ėbut once itís done, you literally make money while you sleep.

Learn How To Make Money With The Amazon Affiliate Program

Wholesale Buying System

Wholesale Buying System for Amazon Sellers

You don't need a million wholesale sources. You only need a few good ones and the ability to find more.

This is more than a directory -- this is a detailed manual that also teaches you "how" to buy wholesale. Over 500 wholesalers and seven different wholesale channels are covered in depth. Includes links to thousands of additional wholesalers and several specialized wholesale-only search engines.

This is a critical resource for Amazon sellers and website marketers.

Learn About the Wholesale Buying System †for Amazon and Online Sellers


Sell Used Books on Amazon.com and Online for Profit

How To Make Good Money Selling Used Books Online

This may be one of the easiest Ėand most profitable online businesses today.  If you love books and like to work from home, consider the used books business.  It's the perfect business for today's economy.  People always buy books.  And when the economy is slow the sale of used books gets better.  Worried about startup costs?  You can get started for an investment as little as $100.

Learn How to Sell Used Books on Amazon and Online

The Personal Amazon Success Coaching ProgramThe Personal Amazon Success Coaching Program

Are you serious about succeeding on the Internet?  Let me help you get the in-depth skills and one-on-one training you need to make it happen. We have assembled a top notch team of experts to help people just like you.

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