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Sample Wholesale Sources

Below is a very small sample of some of the wholesale sources on our exclusive members-only web site. Once you purchase The Wholesale Buying System, you will have access to:

  • Four Wholesale-Only Search engines
  • Hundreds of suppliers broken down into 15 different categories
  • Featured Sites of the month
  • A monthly newsletter that provides up to one-dozen new wholesale sources each month
  • Exclusive articles on all aspects of sourcing product

Unlike a lot of people selling information about eBay and various wholesale lists and directories, I am an actual eBay power seller. I sell on eBay every day and I use many of the wholesale sources you get access to in my members-only web site that comes with your purchase.

The members-only site provides links to hundreds of sources broken down into categoreis such as apparel, jewelry, electronics, collectibles and more. Here are just a few of the entries from our General Wholesaler category:


Classic Game Source sells a wide variety of the most popular games for both PC, Mac and PS2

India Mart links to many companies who will export different goods from India and China. They deal mostly in large orders, but they will handle small orders (approx. $500 minimum).

St. Louis Wholesale is an excellent wholesaler of gifts, jewelry and broad general merchandise with GREAT prices.

A&W Surplus is a large liquidator of tools, electronics and general merchandise. They will shortly introduce a wholesale auction format to their web site. They recently had a large shipment of old slot machines for sale

Buck Wholesale is a general wholesaler of flea market and dollar store items –many of which show up on eBay. They have no minimum order and no sign up fee.


As I said, this is only a TINY SAMPLE of the hundreds of sources you will have access to.

One of my sources is a FREE membership wholesale merchandise mart where you can browse products from over 400 wholesale distributors, see pricing and order right on line. Most of these companies have a minimum order amount of $100.

I also give you direct access to four powerful "wholesale-only" search engines where you can research millions of products from thousands of companies in the US, Canada and overseas.

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Take a look at some of the things I have purchased to sell on eBay using the sources in The Wholesale Buying System and on the member's web site.

High-quality 19-pce stainless cookware set cost $119 from one wholesale distributor. It retails in kitchen stores for $249 and sells regulary on eBay for prices ranging from $170-$225.
This 7pc USB Travel Kit. Includes a 4 port USB hub earbud with retractable cable USB optical mouse with retractable cable RJ-45 retractable cable USB adapter (Male/5-pin Mini-B Male) and travel case. 90 day warranty. The MSRP is $79. It regulary goes on eBay for as low as $45, but your cost is only $21.00
This pallet load of of new consumer electronics recently sold on one of the wholesale auction sites I recommend for $378 + shipping. Just guessing I would think I could turn this over on eBay for between $1000 - $1500.

Sony Clie's for just $105 a piecein lots of 6 each.
Clip on Wireless microphone $139 for a case of 24 ($5.79 each). These go on eBay for over $25 each.

These are just a small sampling of things you can actually buy to resell on ebay, your web site or at flea markets.

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