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Search engines love content. The more content you have the more often you will come up in "organic" searches --when someone searches for a term. Example, I have a free articles page on my web site with dozens of free articles. I wrote most of them, but many others are articles I got from other authors in exchange for linking to their site.

Site where you can get free articles:

Highwire Press has thousand of free articles on all aspects of science and medicine from Stanford University.

How to use free articles properly:

You have to be careful using free content. You don't want someone coming to your web site, reading the article and clicking away to the author's web site. There are four things you want to do:

1. Put the link to the author at the very bottom of the article. You can make the linking type a little smaller than the article, but to be fair you can't make it too small. For example if the article is in 12 point type you could put the link in 10 point type.

2. Make sure all of your navigation links appear on the same page as the article. If you can set them to repeat at the bottom of the article again, that is even better.

3. Give the reader a reason to explore your web site. At the top and again at the bottom or the article write a benefit statement of a description of your content and what you do.

4. Give away something for free --eBook, report, links to special sites, etc. Make them click to another page to get what ever you are giving --even better, have them give you their name and email address to access it.

5. Finally, you might check out  the Absolute Write website to learn about all aspects of writing and publishing

Use articles to make affiliate income:

Most affiliate programs offer free articles that you can post on your web site. When people read the article and click to the promoter's web site, you earn a commission if they purchase the item being promoted. When you are grabbing articles from the various free articles site, visit the author's web site and determine if they have an affiliate program. If they do, be sure and sign up for it.

The Amazon Affiliate Program

Speaking about affiliate income, donít overlook an important income source, the Amazon Affiliate Program.  Did you know that Amazon affiliates receive a percent of sales if they refer people to the Amazon site and that person makes a purchase? Amazon is a trusted brand that carries tens of thousands of different products. I've written a book to teach you how the program works. It's called Make Money With the Amazon Affiliate Program and in the book I show you how to get started and give you tips for increasing your Amazon earnings.

Free Graphics for Your Website:

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Engines:

The top two are Google Adwords and Bing. Learning the ins and outs of PPC can be tricky. You can spend a lot of money needlessly if you don't do it right. There are two steps I recommend:

1. Start with Bing until you are getting good results, as they are a lot cheaper than Google. A popular key word that costs 50-cents per click on Google can be had for half of that on Bing. You won't get as much traffic, but that is OK. Once the keywords are producing profits for you on Bing --just take the same campaign to Google, which is the most expensive but will eventually get you the best results.

2. Limit your campaign budget to $10 a day until you are getting profitable results. Even then, increase it slowly.

3. Test - Test - Test !!! Not every key word or phrase will product results which is why you want to test a lot of different words and phrases.

4. Read the best selling book, Google Cash by Chris Carpenter. I have personally used the techniques in this book to earn over $8,000 a month selling both physical products at and my books here on the web site.

HTML Instruction, Graphic Design and Website Building - This site has everything from basic HTML to SQL as well as everything in between.  The HTML tag reference is easy to understand and provides helpful examples. - This site is old, but still provides solid information in a usable format.  Be sure to check out the page on HTML tags.

How to Make a Website - This guide provides a nice overview on how to make a website.

How to Design a Logo - Six tips for designing a logo

How to Customize WordPress - WordPress is probably the most popular content management system out there.  Here are some tips for customizing your WordPress site.

How to Increase Website Traffic - Once you've got a website, you'll need visitors.  Here are some ideas about getting people to your site.

Full Disclosure on the programs recommended here:

I believe in full disclosure. Some of these links are affiliate links.  That means that if you buy a recommended program, I will earn an affiliate commission. However, I want to assure you that out of the thousands of products available to promote web sites--yes there really are thousands --I have paid for and personally used every one of these programs and they all come with a money-back guarantee.

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