Drop Shipper Ripoff Alert

In my opinion, Zibus.com is a total scam. This company claims to have access to drop ship products from famous name brands. There is no product pricing on the site. You fill out an application and then pay $19.95 to submit the application. After a week they call you back and try to sell you a $5,000 program.

One poor seller, who bit, got access to a drop ship company with product prices that were 20% higher than the items were selling for on eBay. All attempts to get her money back failed.

Another problematic site is netdropshipper.com. This is a site I had recommended in the past. Although not a scam, they have very poor communication, shipping takes forever, they rarely answer emails and in general almost everyone who has dealt with them has been unhappy. I received over 20 complaints from readers about poor or nonexistent service. I tried to contact them on several occasions and they never answered me either. I have removed them from my source lists and recommend you use caution when dealing with them. If you want to learn the ins and outs of dropshipping, check out the Wholesale Buying System

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