Increase eBay Bids and Final Values with Testimonials

Using testimonials in your auction descriptions can increase bids and eBay prices
If you are just starting your eBay business, it may be a little difficult to get testimonials, but once you have sold a few dozen items on eBay this becomes very easy. When a potential bidder is reading your auction, you want to communicate your enthusiasm and knowledge of the product you are selling. But adding a testimonial in someone else’s voice and words can really add credibility to your description and therefore your sales message.
I have been using testimonials successfully on my Web site for several years, but other than pasting some feedback comments into my auctions, I hadn’t really tried them on eBay. I recently ran a test where I added two short testimonials and four selected feedback comments to my auction. The results, my final value on the item went up 11% over what I usually average and I sold two more units at the full Buy-It-Now price than I normally average in a week.
How Do I Get Testimonials? Ask. If someone posts a very nice feedback comment or sends you an email and says they really liked your product or service, send them an email and ask them if you can use their comment – or if they would write a short comment that you can use in your auctions. If you have something that would work as a low-cost giveaway you could offer that to them by way of thanks.
Make sure the testimonial is as specific as possible. A general statement such as “great product” or “great service” is nice, but it doesn’t tell the prospective customer very much. A better statement about the product such as:
“My son absolutely loves your handmade wood toy train set. It has become his favorite toy. After two weeks of hard play all the wheels are still on and it still looks as good as new.”
“Thank you for the great packaging and fast shipping. Your art glass vase has a prominent place on our mantle where I show it off to everyone.”
“Your quilting patterns are great. The illustrations and instructions are clear and easy to follow. This is only my second try at quilting and your system made it so easy.”
The idea is to show a specific benefit that people can relate to. If someone sends you an email with an unsolicited testimonial, be sure and ask them if you can use their testimonial in your auctions (or on your Web site if you have one).
I don’t like to put their exact information because people might bother them, so I usually sign the testimonial with something such as …Harry, a gardener from New Jersey, or Susan, a homemaker from Pittsburgh.
eBay Feedback comments rarely contain specific product benefits, but if you have some great feedback comment about your service you can also use those. Here are a few feedback comments from my recent auctions: Karen and Skip have a way of making you feel like a VIP with each purchase palmbyte1 (923), Great people! Helpful, easy to work with and exceptionally knowledgeable xylthryx (8), Great to do business with. Quick and courteous. Received product as requested itsjustannie (66), wow…what a wonderful addition to my home…I will by another one soon thanks ixicowgirlixi0dev (28), More than my money’s worth, fast response, I will be back for more auctionleverage (18),
When you get a glowing feedback comment such as these, you can always try emailing the sender and asking if they would write a short testimonial. For more examples about how I use testimonials, please see the product description for The Complete eBay Marketing System.

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