Trading Assistant's: Find Merchandise With Garage Sale Scouts

There are millions of people who are addicted to garage sales. When you advertise your garage sale will start promptly at 8:00 AM and you look out your window at 7:00 AM and see several people standing there, those are the real garage sale junkies. There are also tons of people looking to make a few extra bucks. What if you could find people who have both attributes: They need to make some extra money and they love going to garage sales.

When Karen and I were in the antique business, we always made a point of being in the shop early Monday morning. Because this is when the "pickers" would show up. These were people who went to garage, yard and tag sales over the weekend who had a good eye for value. They would find things that cost just a few dollars that they could sell to us for three or four times that, and that we could also mark up 100% to 200% and sell in our shop.

As a Trading Assistant, your biggest expense in time and money is finding consignors with attractive goods to sell on eBay. Try This: Put a classified ad in your local paper that says something like this:

Make money buying at garage sales. Call 206-555-1212

When these people call, explain that you are an eBay consignment seller looking for merchandise to sell. If they want to work with you, you will teach them what to look for. If they find any of these items at a garage sale, bring them to you. You will put them on eBay and pay them the value less your commission. You explain that your normal commission of items that sell for less than $300 is 40%, but you are only going to charge them 25% as long as they bring you a good volume of merchandise every week.

Now, how do you teach them what to look for. Robbin Tungett has just released an excellent new book, Garage Sale Strategies. If you want to learn what to buy at garage sales that sells on eBay, this is the best work on the subject whether you want to use it for yourself, or to teach your garage sale scouts what to look for. Remember, if you want to sell it on eBay, you need to know the difference between what items you can buy that will sell for $5 and those that will sell for $50 or more. Robbin’s book is excellent –the best I have even seen on the subject.

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