Auction Checklist To Increase Sales

Many people I talk to are making the same basic mistakes which is losing them money in auction sales. This checklist comes from my Complete eBay Marketing System and is a very basic checklist of what every seller should verify before launching an auction.

1. Have I checked spelling and grammar?

2. Is my type readable – is it too large or too small?

3. Did I use short paragraphs?

4. Are my photos clear and not too big to cause slow loading?

5. Have I checked all my fees and options?

6. Did I use the correct duration (number of days)?

7. Does my auction end at a good time and on a good day?

8. Did I include clear shipping information, costs and terms?

9. Is my item description accurate, clear and complete?

10. Did I include information as to size, weight, etc.?

11. Did I mention any flaws?

12. Did I clearly spell out the payment terms?

13. Does my headline communicate what I am selling?

14. Does my headline contain the appropriate key words for item searches?

15. Did I invite bidders to email me with questions?

16. Did I include active links to my eBay Store and About Me Page?

17. Is my About Me page up to date?

18. Did I include a Buy It Now price?

For more in depth tips and techniques, you can download my 99 Tips for eBay Buyers and Sellers free from my Web site.

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