Learning How To Say "NO" Can Double Your eBay Consignment Profits

This is a lesson I learned the hard way. I have been an eBay Trading Assistant (TA) since the beginning of the program almost 4 years ago. On at least three occasions I have accepted merchandise that I was "100% Positive" would sell on eBay, only to be proven wrong.

When you accept goods that either will not sell, or will not sell at a decent price, this costs you money in eBay fees and, more importantly, in time wasted that could be used to make a profit doing something different.

Here is an example. A lady called me one day from the TA listing on eBay and said she had a large collection of Elvis collectibles. My wife, Karen, and I drove about 20 miles to meet with her. When we got there it turned out the "collectibles’ were mostly Franklin Mint plates.

I knew Elvis collectibles are always hot on eBay and I was ready to have her sign a contract and take the collection of over 40 plates home to start launching them on eBay. But, I happened to glance over at my wife and she was giving me "the look." (As you may have guessed, I am the impulsive one in the family.) Upon receiving "the look," I told the lady that I would like to take a couple of the plates with me and do some research before deciding if we would take the whole collection. To make a long store short, when I got home and went onto eBay I discovered there are literally tons of these plates for sale in auctions and very-very few of them are worth even what the lady originally paid for them. Had we taken the collection, I would have had all the time and eBay fees to list 40 auctions, pack and ships the goods, and at best I would have made $3 or $4 on each auction as my fee.

The lesson is to follow Ronald Reagan’s advice during the Cold War. "Trust – but verify." It’s okay to trust your judgment and experience, but it pays to check first to verify there is a market for the goods and they can sell at a price where the commission you will earn is worth your time.

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