Cross Promote Your Auctions for Profit

Cross promoting between all of your auctions and store listings is one of the best ways to increase your eBay sales. When a buyer clicks on one of your auctions, how would you like them to see a moving slide show right at the bottom of your auctions, that presents the gallery photo and title of each item scrolling across their screen? Best of all, this is a free tool.

Slide Player from Slide, Inc., is a new type of web browser for watching live feeds from the web that are constantly up-to-date. As a certified eBay Compatible Application Provider, Slide makes live feeds of eBay Auction and Stores listings available to anyone on the web.

Slide Player is a great sales tool for eBay Sellers. It’s a free and effective way to cross-promote all your auction listings. Plus, for sellers who have loyal repeat buyers, Slide Player offers a revolutionary new way to promote your item listings right on buyers computer desktops.

You can easily create Slide feeds that showcase all their Auction and Stores items with just one click by visiting Slide and entering your eBay Seller ID. When you do so, Slide automatically finds all of your items and puts the main image from each listing into a scrolling Slide feed that can be watched using Slide Player on any computer desktop or embedded into any web page, including eBay Auction and Stores Listings. Slide Player shows critical information about each item including current bid and time remaining. Clicking on any image in a Slide Player takes the viewer to the eBay item listing that the image came from.

Slide Player enables eBay sellers, for the first time, to promote their merchandise in a compelling, visual way right on their customers’ desktops. Slide Player is a free downloadable application for Mac and Windows computers, so there’s no cost to either seller or buyer for this service.

Any eBay seller can offer their buyers a freely downloadable Slide Player that comes pre-loaded with the seller’s feed of active Auction and Stores listings. Any buyers who download and watch the seller’s feed will be automatically kept up-to-date when new items from that seller are listed and will also be able to keep watch over the current status of all items for sale by that Seller, even when they are not browsing the eBay web site!

Slide also offers easy instructions for sellers to copy-and-paste Slide Players into any auction or Stores listing. Slide Players are compatible with any auction listing management tool and/or the eBay Sell-Your-Item (SYI) form for entering listings. When you put a Slide Player in your auction listings, prospective buyers can see all your items for sale, so you can cross-promote accessories and similar/related items in every auction listing.

Visit Slide today to experience it for yourself.

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