Increase Bids With White Space, Bold Face and Bullets

How many times have you opened an auction to see lines and lines of description typed one after the other without a break. And to make it worse these people always seem to choose the smallest font size they can find.

There have been tons of studies by online marketing companies to better understand how people read and react to web pages. They actually sit subjects in front of a computer and track their eye movements with a camera and computers.

All of these studies have concluded that people like to scan pages looking for words and images that attract their attention. It is much easier to spot the information they are looking for if you use a series of short paragraphs such as the three you just read.

The idea is to create lots of white space around your text.

Bold facing important words has been shown to be slightly better than using all caps, but both techniques work if used sparingly. The other important factor is bullets. Studies show that lists of features, benefits or specifications set off with bullets or similar symbols, dramatically increases the readership.

Lastly, watch your type size. Ten-point type is the absolute smallest you should use and twelve is preferable. (This page is in twelve-point type). Use no more than fourteen or sixteen-point for headlines. Overly large type turns people off as much as type that is too small. Here are some examples:

10 pt. This is ok, but a little small for some people

12 pt. This is perfect for most people

14 pt. This is good for headlines. It would also be ok to use this font size if your auction description was very short

16 pt. is probably the max I would use in an auction listing and then only for headings.

18 pt. This is way too big for most people

The other thing I noticed from the studies I read is that people prefer their images to be on theleft or right, rather than top and bottom or centered in the text.

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