Low Cost Ways to Advertise and Promote Your eBay Auctions

1. An existing customer – one who has bought from you before is the easiest person to sell. Keep a record of all of your customers. Use eBay’s opt-in email system and your own email list to promote your future sales. A great way to do this is to offer repeat customers an incentive such as free shipping.

2. Set up an eBay store. It costs far less to list items in an eBay store than in an auction. Drive you repeat customers to your eBay store for immediate purchase rather than telling them about ongoing auctions.

3. If you work in a specialized niche (and you should) always advertise your niche and where they can buy in your email signatures. Here is an example: "Visit my eBay Store for the latest in HO collectible trains." The words eBay Store should be a clickable hyperlink to your store.

4. I always place a printed "thank you" note in the package when I ship something. In addition to thanking them, it gives my eBay store link and web site address and has a line about all of the other things I sell. You can also create an electronic PayPal coupon that gives them a discount on their next purchase that you include in the box.

5. eBay has dozens of specialized discussion groups. If there is a discussion group built around the product or collectible you sell, participate often. eBay does not allow you to advertise an auction directly, but you can "hint" about what you sell and readers can link to your auctions through your username. I don’t have room here to explain all the ins and outs of doing this. So, read the discussion group rules very carefully first and you will see there are a lot of ways to get traffic to your listings without violating the rules.

6. There are also lots of non-eBay discussion groups on various sites including Yahoo where the rules are more relaxed. Another alternative is to start your own discussion group.

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