Look Out –Report This Auction Has Arrived

I have always been a big supporter of eBay’s Trust & Safety group, but this is one policy I really hate. I warned you about this last month, but it is finally here. Earlier this year eBay announced its plans to make it easier for members to report possible listing violations.
As of the beginning of April, every eBay listing has a Report This Item link at the bottom of the listing page. Using this link will bypass eBay’s normal Contact Us procedure, which is notoriously hard to navigate, and take you directly to a list of reasons why a listing needs to be brought to eBay’s attention. This will make it far easier for all of the busybodies with too much time on their hands to cancel auctions. When this policy was being announced I complained in writing to eBay, but never got an answer.
The problem comes from hundreds of insomniac listing vigilantes who stay up all night trolling eBay looking for any auction that violates even the tiniest rule. They get together on message boards and in chat rooms and brag about how many auctions they cancelled. With this new procedure it will be even easier. What eBay doesn’t realize it that they will soon be overwhelmed by reports. Understaffed workers will not have adequate time to examine every auction to see if the complaint is real and they will just start pulling the trigger –canceling every auction reported.
Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of auctions on eBay that should be cancelled, but this is going to hurt thousands of legitimate sellers who occasionally make a mistake or commit a technical violation. If you have ever had an auction cancelled for some stupid reason you know what I mean. If any of you are visiting eBay Live! next month, and feel as I do about this procedure, please visit the Trust and Safety Booth and give them your opinion.

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