Should You Use Fixed Shipping or Calculated Shipping?

I have always been a fan of fixed shipping. When you perform a search on eBay, those auctions with fixed shipping show up with the shipping cost next to the item. I have run my auctions both ways. The auctions with the fixed shipping cost always get more hits –sometimes as much as 20% more.

A lot of my sales come from people fairly new to eBay. In my experience a lot of them either don’t see, or don’t know how to use, the shipping calculator eBay puts in the auction when you elect Calculated Shipping. Invariably when I run an auction with calculated shipping, I get several emails from potential bidders asking me what the shipping cost is.

So how do you calculate a fixed shipping cost with the new zone system? It depends on where in the country you live. I live on the West Coast so I weigh the item, calculate the shipping to the middle of the country (St. Louis) and use it as an average. When a shipment goes to New York or Florida, I lose a little. When it goes to San Francisco or anyplace west of the Mississippi I make a little money. If you live in the middle of the country, just figure out the cost to either coast and you will be OK.

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