Coupon Craze = Free Cash

In the last month, over 25,000 eBay auctions were listed for coupons. The general sell through rate was 72% but specific categories were higher. For instance, baby formula coupons had a 96% sell through rate.
The average selling price was only $11.40, but these auctions were for coupons the seller got for free, so there was no inventory cost.
Selling coupons and samples has become a very successful niche. It is a great way for a new seller to build feedback quickly. The item price is low; there is no cost to purchase inventory; the item is very general, so buyers will be more confident buying from a new seller; and the auction description doesn’t involve any writing and “selling” ability. All the buyer wants to know is what brand/product are the coupons, when do they expire and how much are they for?
It is also a great way for seasoned sellers to make a little extra cash. It takes very little work and can run along side listings for pretty much anything.
My daughter-in-law recently had a baby and was looking for a way to make some extra cash without having to spend a lot of time listing items and writing descriptions. This is the perfect niche for her. She is listing some of the baby formula coupons she has received and will be reporting back on how successful she was.
We will be covering coupon selling as our Niche of the Month in the September issue of The eBay Sellers’ News which will publish just after Labor Day. If you are not already a subscriber, please make sure to sign up. We will be talking about strategies for selling coupons alone, and also using them with your other auctions to increase your ASP.

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