How to Find Manufacturers and Master Distributors Who Will Drop Ship for eBay Sellers

Forget those middlemen drop ship companies –go right to the source to find real eBay dropshippers

Drop shipping is a great business model for eBay. There are no upfront costs to sell an item except the listing fees on eBay. Once an item sells on eBay, you receive the “retail” price from the customer then you pay the lower, “wholesale” price to the supplier who then drop ships the product direct to your customer.

The problem lies in finding wholesale suppliers who will drop ship for eBay and sell to you at low enough prices where you can add enough margin to make a profit. When you search for eBay drop shippers, you gets dozens of results, but most of them are so called virtual warehouses containing hundreds of equally virtual products, or they are overseas suppliers selling fakes and knockoffs that can get you in trouble with eBay.

In my book on eBay wholesale suppliers I explain that the closer you get to the actual importer or manufacturer of a product the more profit you can make. These virtual warehouse companies buy from distributors who have already marked up the products to make their margin. Now the drop shipper puts his markup on the product. By the time you get it to eBay, your prices are higher than the other sellers who are buying product in bulk instead of dealing with the drop shipping middlemen. In addition to that you are paying these dropship suppliers a monthly fee and a special drop ship fee.  Good luck making a profit.

It is not well known, but thousands of manufacturers will actually drop ship products for you. That’s right; I said manufacturers –not drop ship companies. So how do you find these manufacturers? You can start calling manufacturers and asking them if they drop ship or you can research them through the Thomas Register and email them –but this is a lot of work. It could take you weeks just find one or two suppliers. It turns out, however, that someone has already done the work for you.

WorldWide Brands is not actually a wholesale supplier. They provide two products: A light-bulk wholesale directory and a list of manufacturers who will drop ship directly to your customers. WorldWide Brands has a staff of people who do nothing by research wholesale suppliers every day. Their full-time staff visits wholesale trade shows, call suppliers and set up selling arrangements for eBay sellers. Each of the manufacturers they list has been actually contacted by telephone and agreed to drop ship for eBay sellers.

The company is called WorldWide Brands.  They do charge a fone-time fee for this information –but it is well worth it. They are the only supplier of wholesale information actually an eBay Certified Solutions Provider.  (My company, The Auction Seller’s Resource and WorldWide Brands are the only two eBay Information companies who are allowed to exhibit at eBay Live.)

I know Chris Malta, the founder of WorldWide Brands personally.  In addition to running World Wide Brands he also runs the online radio show at Entrepreneur and is the product sourcing editor for eBay Radio. (where I am a contributing editor).

I know everyone wants to sell you eBay wholesale information and sources –but WorldWide Brands is the real deal. I have personally used them to find suppliers. They offer a money-back guarantee and the people who work there are first class.  If you are interested in drop shipping on eBay, this is a great resource.  While you are there, check out their whole program.  In addition to drop shipping information they also offer a light bulk wholesale directory, a general wholesale directory and a research wizard so you can research products to see the pricing before you waste time contacting wholesalers for products that aren’t selling at profitable prices.

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