Increase Your eBay Profits By Using Pre-Filled Items

eBay rolls out Pre-Filled Items to 10 more categories this week saving sellers listing time and, in many cases, offering a stock photo for free.

eBay has announced they will be adding “pre-filled items” to 10 new sub-categories:

Consumer Electronics – CB Radios, Calculators, Phones

Computers and Networking– Routers

Cameras and Photo– Telescopes

Home and Garden– Vacuums, Coffee & Expresso Makers, Kitchen Cooktops

Baby– Strollers, Car Seats

If you sell in any of these categories, this makes more of a difference than you might initially think. Pre-filled Items saves you a lot of time. Imagine just inputting the name or model number of your item and all of the pertinant information about it is handed to you, often including a stock photograph. How much research time did that just save you? That time can be spent on making you money in other ways.

In my book, Online Auction Photo Secrets, I explain that it is important to use a photograph of the exact item you are selling if the item is not new in box. However, since the stock photograph from Pre-Filled Items is free, it is worth using it in addition to your own picture.

Having more information about the item will help you get more bids. Honestly, how many times have you listed something without doing research and getting specifics about the item? With Pre-Filled Items, you are handed all of the information so there is no reason not to include it. Buyers are happier when they know more about the item, particularly if they are looking for a specific model. This will also save you time from answering emails asking questions like “what is the model number.”

If you are a consignment seller, this makes even more of an impact to you because you are unlikely to be previously familiar with all of the items you sell, so the time savings to you will be substantial.

Pre-filled items has will be available this week to sellers using any of the eBay seller tools (Sell-Your-Item form, Selling Manager, or Turbo Lister) and any auction management services using the eBay API.

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