New eBay Auction Sell Your Item Form

eBay has rolled out the new SYI form which has some good new features for beginners, but is lacking in a couple of critical areas

As you know, I use an auction management service to list my auctions, but smaller sellers, and those just starting out, are more likely to use the eBay Sell Your Item (SYI) form.

Over the last year, eBay has been revising it from a multi-page, somewhat clunky form to a much sleeker and more user-friendly design. In this aspect, they succeeded.

The form is no longer 7 pages long, but only 2. This makes it much easier to return to a previous section to change something.

Other major changes include:

  • Displaying the listing within the category results page (so you can see the listings that will appear around it).
  • More color choices in the HTML editor for the auction description.
  • Pop up boxes offering upgrades or 2nd category suggestions.
  • Link to completed items in the price section so you can research what the same item has recently sold for.
  • A much better preview feature which does not require a new window to open.

One of the biggest changes is allowing users to customize the form. If there is a section you never use, you can remove it from the form so it never displays.

For beginners, this is a much better form than the old version and the listing process is significantly quicker. However, there are two major shortcomings:

1. No “inserts” in the HTML editor.

In the old SYI form there was a drop down menu in the HTML editor to select certain link inserts such as “check out my other items” to your auction description. This is not a problem if you know HTML coding, but the SYI primarily targets beginners, and I doubt many beginners know HTML.

2. No scheduled listing option.

In the old SYI form, you could pay 10 cents to specify when you wanted the listing to post. I expect eBay has removed this feature because too many people were listing at the exact same time which was overloading their system. Still, this is a big deal for sellers who do not want to be tied to the computer at the exact time they wish to list an item.

In Turbo Lister, eBay’s bulk listing software, the scheduled listing option is still available for the same fee.

I would like to see eBay reintroduce these two features, but other than that, the new Sell Your Item form is a success. Their last year’s worth of testing Beta’s seems to have paid off.

If you are selling more than one item at a time, I still have to recommend using an auction management program (whether it is Turbo Lister, or from a 3rd party) because the SYI form can only retain the information for one listing at a time.

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