New eBay Search Results Page In Testing Phase

eBay has been making a lot of changes recently. One of the newest is the proposed redesigned search results page.

The full annoucement with screenshots is available here so I won’t repeat it, but the basic changes are:

  • Larger space per listing.
  • Price will be in a larger font and different color.
  • There will be a link on the search page for watch this item so the buyer doesn’t have to click on the listing to access this option. This will change to item is on your watch list once you have added it (no need for a page refresh).
  • New quick details will show when the link is clicked on, or hovered over with a mouse. This will include the shipping and handling information and payment details including if it is eligable for PayPal Buyer Protection. They will be adding more information about the item in this pop-up box in the next few months. 
  • Buyer can choose the number of results per page from 25, 50, 100 or 200.
  • The gallery thumbnail picture size will be customizable by the bidder so the pictures will always be the size they select in every search.
  • The current format with columns will be abolished. This means you will not be able to customize the columns and where they display as you can do now.
  • Bidders can customize the display to include/exclude specific information from displaying.

There are mixed reviews about this on the forums and I think that eBay may have a few kinks to work out before it goes live.

All of these new features will make it easier for a bidder to scan the auctions without ever actually clicking on them and reading the description. This will make your title, sub-title and picture even more important because the bidder won’t have to click on your auction for other reasons (such as to see the shipping costs).

It seems rather strange to include the watch this item to the search results page because I would expect a bidder to read the description BEFORE deciding they want to watch the item. I have a feeling this is going to create less click throughs.

The pages are going to be longer because of the increased size of each result. This is going to slow down dial up users. eBay says that this new search is more user friendly for dial up users because they won’t have to click into each auction and back again.

There is a workshop about the new search on the workshop board at 12 noon – 1pm PST tomorrow (August 24th). Should be interesting…

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