Tips For Maximizing Your eBay Store Sales

With the increase in eBay Store fees, now more than ever driving traffic to your store is a critical element of your marketing strategy.

It used to be that you could transfer slow moving inventory to your eBay store and just let it sit on the off chance someone might buy it. But now, since eBay has significantly increased store fees, your strategy must change.

An eBay Store is still a useful tool, but you need to actively drive traffic to your store listings for it to be a worthwhile investment. Here are four tips for maximizing your eBay store through cross-promotion and branding.

1. Use Cross-Promotions to drive traffic to your store

eBay automatically displays a few items for cross-promotion on the listing screen when a buyer bids on, or wins, one of your auctions. However, you can have control over which items are displayed if you so choose.

Go to My eBay and select Marketing Tools  then Settings and set up your cross-promotions. Choose store listings relevant to your auction listings. You can set up rules such as always displaying Playstation II games if someone bids on or wins a Playstation II console from you. You should choose the option for show items with a Buy It Now price first so it will show your eBay Store listings first. You can also monitor and update your cross-promotions from your Items I’m Selling  page in My eBay or from the individual listing page.

2. Cross-Promotions from your eBay Store listing pages

You have the chance to up-sell your buyers before they even purchase something from your ebay Store. Cross-Promotion items are shown on all eBay Store listing pages, so if you sell similar items of varying quality, you can promote your higher priced items instead of the lower priced one.

For example, let’s say you sell bed linen and a potential buyer clicks on your store listing for some 200 TC (thread count) polyester/cotton mix queen size sheets. You can use your cross-promotions to display your 400 TC and 600 TC sheets in the same size. You could also show bed in a bag listings and comforters or quilts in the same size too. The theory is that your buyer may purchase one of the pricier items instead of the item he originally looked at, or he may buy more than one item from you.

3. Branding, Branding, Branding.

Customize your eBay Store header with the same color and logo you use in your auction style listings and on your About Me page. Link from all of your auctions to your eBay Store. If you have a web site, you should use the same style and color scheme on all of your eBay listings and link to your web site from your About Me page. If you don’t have a web site, then you should link to your eBay Store from your About Me page.

4. Drive traffic to your store from outside of eBay.

If someone links to your eBay store from your web site and purchases something, you will receive a 75% listing fee credit. This isn’t a lot (7.5 cents on a $25 listing) but it brings your listing fee down to 2.5 cents which is only 1/2 cent higher than the old listing fee. If you don’t have a web site, it is worth the $10 a year it costs to register a relevant domain name and link it directly to your eBay Store. You don’t have to deal with hosting or web design, just have an auto-redirect set in place so that anyone who goes to that site gets automatically redirected to your eBay Store.

There are many more techniques for maximizing your eBay store listings which I cover in The Complete eBay Marketing System available at

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