Best of eBay Radio Soon Available on CD

eBay Radio, hosted by Jim “Griff” Griffith, has been running for four years now and for the first time, the best interviews are going to be available in a commercial free 4 CD set. The first 50 copies will be numbered and signed by Griff and the first copy will be auctioned live on eBay Radio on October 24th with the proceeds going to charity.

Interviewees include Marsha Collier, Lynn Dralle, Adam Hersh, Mike Enos, Christoper Spencer and Yours Truly (I should mention that I am also a contributing editor for eBay Radio).

As well as past interviews, other features include discussion from Chris Malta, product sourcing expert from World Wide Brands; small business advice from Rieva Lesonsky, editorial director of Entrepreneur Magazine; and digital photography tips from Jim Moitke.

The audio is commercial free, but the CD will also include thousands of dollars of special offers and coupons from eBay Radio advertisers.

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