Correction Regarding eBay – Yahoo – Google Advertising Deal

Yahoo Ads now open in new window
In my August 28th post, I complained that one problem with the Yahoo ads that appear on ebay was that they took the buyer off of eBay.  Yesterday I was doing a search on an item and the page came up with item not found. On the side of the search results page were several Yahoo sponsored search results.  I clicked on these to see what happened and the pages did open in a new window with the original eBay window still in the background.
I have not been able to test this on Google on the overseas eBay sites where they will be advertising, but currently Google AdWords take you away from the page you are on when you click on them in Internet Explorer although they do not in Mozilla Firefox.
I still do not like the idea of eBay placing banners or Yahoo results on eBay pages, but at least this feature does mitigate the damage somewhat.  Anyway – I just wanted to set the record straight.

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