eBay Selling Tips for The Holiday Season

How eBay business owners can maximize their eBay profits during the holiday season

It is only the end of September, but people have already started their holiday shopping.  If you are selling products on eBay that sell well as Christmas gifts, now is the time to get them listed. 

Here are some tips for maximizing holiday profits on eBay:

  • Test your ebay auction titles for keywords that work.  People find products by searching. If you don’t have the right keywords they won’t find you
  • Don’t be in a hurry to cut your prices.  Gas prices are falling, the economy is good and people will pay for quality and service
  • Free shipping always works well around the holidays
  • If you have multiple quantities or a product, launch an auction listing and a fixed price listing for the same item at the same time.  They will appear together and one will support the other
  • As you get closer to Christmas, be sure to offer a fast shipping option
  • Select the Gift option and check the box that says you will ship to a gift recipient
  • If you have the time to do it, check the gift box that says you will gift wrap.  You can charge extra for this.  If done right it can be a real money maker
  • Tell your bidders you will give them excellent service –and then do it.  Feedback is like show business.  You are only as good as your last performance.  A negative sitting right at the top of your feedback comments can hurt your business anytime –but it can really kill it this time of year.
  • Keep going right up to the last minute.  Last year I sold several items that people paid overnight FedEx to get them in time.
  • Don’t position your products as a bargain.  People are used to paying top prices this time of year
  • Package your products carefully.  When someone receives a gift that is broken they are usually far more upset than if it were not a gift.
  • Don’t save time by cutting corners with your photos and descriptions.  Although people will pay higher prices this time of year, they are still cautious and don’t want to be disappointed. The overall image of your listing is critical.

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