My World = My Space for eBay Users

My World. An interesting title for eBay’s My Space knock-off. This new page is available to all eBay users and can be customized to fit your needs.

In addition to your profile (which can include a photograph), you can choose "modules" to include in the page from: Blog, Bio, Reviews and Guides, and Listings.

The Bio is the most interesting feature. The title choices are: Bio, eBayness, My Business or Business Profile. I’m not quite sure what "eBayness" means, but I guess someone will choose it.

When filling out the bio, you fill in boxes for topics including All About Me, Interests, and Business Profile. Here is the interesting part –  the words you use become tags which other users can search for. So it is vitally important to use lots of keywords relevant to your auctions and business.

I anticipate My World will ultimately replace both the About Me page and the Feedback Profile page. eBay announced that the link from usernames will be directed to the My World page instead of Feedback Profile beginning at the end of October. It appears that My World will become the central location for all information about a user which does make sense.

I will be reviewing this new feature thoroughly and will write a longer article about it in my newsletter next month.

Until then, you can find out more about My World and set up your own page for personal use or to promote your eBay business here.

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