Top Five Reasons Why eBay Sellers Fail # 4

Poor Photographs and Imags can Kill Your eBay Business
Taking and showing good photographs is mandatory to the success of any eBay business.  Experienced eBay sellers know how important good photos are to successful eBay marketing.
The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is never more true than with on-line auctions. On eBay, I like to say, “A picture is worth a thousand dollars.”
Not having a photo of your item will greatly reduce your bids, and lead to unprofitable or unsuccessful auctions. Not only must you have a photograph of what you are selling, the photo must be accurate, attractive and revealing.

Except for flat items such as prints, photos, stamps, cards and so on, scanners often produce an inadequate image for most items. Digital cameras have become so inexpensive and taking photos is much cheaper than buying film and paying for processing that there is no reason not to use one.

It is not necessary to be a professional photographer. eBay bidders understand that most sellers are taking snapshots of the products they sell. But, your photo should be clear, and show the product as completely as possible. Here are some tips for good photos:

  • Don’t use a flash. It causes reflections. Take your photos in open shade or using indirect window light.
  • Do not use “stock” photos. Bidders want to see a picture of the actual item they are bidding on, not a scanned photo from a brochure or a picture copied from a manufacturer’s web site.
  • Always use a tripod to make sure your shot is sharp.
  • If the size of an object is not obvious, use a reference such as a ruler or a coin.
  • Show any flaws or defects. Point them out in the caption if necessary.
  • Always purchase the Gallery Option when you list auctions.  This will greatly increase your bids and final values. 
  • Keep your photos to less than 300 pixels. Larger photos take too long to load and impatient bidders will click away from your auction. The “e-mail”  or “small” setting on most digital cameras works just fine for most auctions.

An easy solution to taking great photos is the EZ Cube Digital Photo Light Tent.  It is a portable nylon tent.  You put the items inside and shine lights towards the side of the tent.  It produces photos with no shadows or reflections.  Anyone can take great photos with an EZ Cube.  One these will easily pay for itself in no time at all.


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