Are eBay Optional Listing Features Worth The Money to eBay Sellers?

Top eBay sellers know that eBay Listing Options can add to your eBay profits if used correctly

Build your eBay business with these optional listing features:

eBay recently released statistics on the usage of eBay’s paid listing enhancements such as Bold, Gallery, SubTitle, Featured plus and gallery Featured.  According to eBay using Gallery (cost $0.35) will increase your conversion rate (successful sale) by 30% and your final price by 14%.  Subtitle ($0.50) will increase conversion rates by 18% and final values by 31%. Bold ($1.00) brings conversion rates up 22% and increases final values by 34%.

Two more options are for very expensive items.  eBay claims that Featured plus ($19.95) will increase your conversion rate by 69% and final values by 89% and Gallery Featured ($19.95) increases conversion rates by 29% and final values by 19%.

eBay sellers should be very careful using these numbers as they will not hold true across all auctions and all product categories.  Even eBay states: "Percentages represent U.S. sitewide averages of past results and are not indicative of future listings performance."

In my personal experience as an eBay seller I have found that these features increase conversions and final values.  The two best options for my money have always been gallery and bold.  I am actually surprised that the gallery option has such low percentages.  Personally I will rarely click on an eBay listing that doesn’t have a gallery photo.  It may be that so many people use gallery that the percentages are skewed.

Bold is the other good value.  My personal statistics show much higher conversion rates that eBay claims, but somewhat lower final value increase.  I recently tested a few identical auctions for items selling in the $20 to $40 range.  My hits increased over 25%, and my conversion rate was 31% better, but my final values average over all three items was only up 19%.  Still that is a great investment for a buck an auction.

The other feature I use is subtitle. Once again, I do not get quite the numbers eBay claims, but I do see an increase easily worth the 50-cent investment. The biggest mistake I see sellers make is using sub-title for useless information.  If you are going to use this feature make sure it states a benefit or says something to encourage the reader to click on your auction.

I have never tried Gallery Featured so I can’t comment on it’s performance or usefulness, but I suspect it could help for very expensive (over $1000) items.  I do use Featured Plus on Dutch auctions and it does seem to help, but I have never seen anywhere near the 89% increase eBay claims.

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