Building Your eBay Business and Making More Money on eBay With Niche Marketing, Part 2

Part one covered the eBay selling and eBay product sourcing benefits of niche marketing. This part coveres how to research and find your niche on eBay.

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Finding The Right Niche on ebay

Finding your niche is a matter of research and brainstorming. You may already have a hobby, interest or life and work experience in an area that would make a good sales niche on eBay. This is where you should start.  When I am looking for a new niche to make more money on eBay, I like to just sit down and make out a list and then start brainstorming ideas.  You will be amazed how ideas will flow if you do this.

Perhaps you like travel –specifically you like to travel off the beaten path. Selling on eBay in the broad travel category could be daunting, but maybe you could work with a local travel agent and package adventure tours or specialty tours that you could sell on eBay.

Work is always more fun –and usually more profitable, if you are doing something you like. If, for example, you enjoy computers, this is a great area to start your search for a niche. So many people, and even large companies, sell computers on eBay that you would need a large amount of capital to compete in this area. But, the computer field has many sub-categories and there are many niches within these sub-categories.

Monitors are a large sub-category, but flat screen monitors could constitute a niche. It takes a lot less capital to buy and build an inventory of flat screen monitors than it does of complete computer systems. You could buy monitors in lots of 100 for what 20 complete computers would cost.

Another area might be all the little accessories such as network hubs, cables and connectors, computer speaker systems and so on.

Movie DVDs are a very large category crowded with hundreds of sellers. Yet there are several players within the Movie DVD category that have found niches such as old movies, How-To DVDs (I.E. Learn to play golf or Trick Billiard shots, etc., educational DVDs, Documentaries, and so on).

The same thing goes for Music CDs and DVDs. Entering the broad music category could be difficult and take a large amount of capital to compete, but one could carve out a nice niche in jazz or folk music or alternative rock.

Any collectible makes a great niche.  Many collectible categories even have profitable sub-categories or sub-niches.  For example Collectibles > Advertising is a huge category on eBay.  I thousands of dollars a year in just one category: Collectibles > Advertising > Coffee and Tea > Starbucks.  I go to Alaska once in a while and have developed contacts with Eskimo artisans.  So several times a year I place orders for Eskimo art and artifacts.  When I get these I can usually sell them on eBay within a few weeks.

One thing to look for in a small niche is activity.  The key is that the niche you find be active enough to generate large sales and not be crowded by hundreds of other sellers.  I use a great research tool –the newly released HammerTap3 by HammerTap.  I love this tool so much I called them and asked if they would set up a special offer for my readers and they did.  Just go to to see the special deal.

If you find a niche that is already dominated by one large seller, don’t let that stop you if you think you have the ability to compete. A little competition is good for everyone, you, your competitor and the customer. Anyone can do something better. By studying your competitor’s auctions and policies, perhaps you can find a way to compete that doesn’t require one of you to fail for the other to succeed.  Finding your niche will help you have more fun and make more money on eBay.

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