Can eBay Sellers Really Make Money With Pre-made Affiliate Websites?

The answer depends on two things –you and the quality of the website. First of all you must be willing and able to do the work to promote your site. Secondly you must have a niche site with content that interests people.
This blog is primarily about making money on eBay, but many eBay sellers including myself, have websites.  We earn money selling both products and recommending other products that earn affiliate income.  I have always taken the position that the best way for the little guy or gal working from home to make money is to start with eBay.  eBay offers a ready-made marketing platform that delivers customers to your auctions and store listings 24 hours a day.
Once you are successful selling on eBay, setting up a web site is the next logical step.  Every time you close an auction you capture a customer. Every time you capture a customer you have an opportunity to sell them something else.  Depending on your niche you may have another product to sell. That is the advantage of creating and working in a niche.  If you are all over the place –always selling different things, then this strategy is much harder.
Besides setting up your own web site, a lot of sellers have opted to purchase ready-made websites that generate affiliate income from sources such as, Google AdSense, Clickbank, eBay, and other providers.  I have looked at –and tried, several of these programs.
Earlier this year I tried (and recommended to my readers) a product from Tim Knox called Dave’s Cool Little Web Site.  This is a ready made web site that generates income from the eBay affiliate program, Clickbank and Google AdSense.  My Dave’s Site has done OK.  It is not a big money maker but it has been making a small steady income ($200-$300 month).  The problem is that it’s not a true niche website.  You can tailor the eBay category, but beyond that it is pretty limited.  On the other hand, it is not a lot of work to set up and virtually nothing to maintain.
I recently found a new system run by Rick and Ron Davies called 1st Promotion.  This is a series of true niche web sites that you can customize with your logo, add and delete products and promote in several ways.  One of the products we sell on eBay is firepit and barbecue grills.  And, one of the niche web sites 1st Promotion provides is related to cooking and recipes.  They have several types of sites –14 in all, each in a different category.
Now this brings us to the second part of the answer to our question –can you really make money with these sites?  That depends on the quality of the site of course –but it also depends on you.  You have to do the work.  Both Dave’s Cool Little Website and 1st Promotion come with a large suite of promotion tools and education –but you have to take the time to read them and go through the steps.  There is no system out there where you can buy a web site, launch it and sit back and wait for the money to roll in.  The work isn’t hard and sometimes it is just a few hours to get started and a few minutes a week to keep up with your campaign –but you do have to do it.
Here is a link to 1st Promotion.  You have to give your email to get in but don’t worry they won’t spam you or sell your name.  Click here to see the information.
If you want to see what a niche website looks like, here is a link to my cooking web site. (I haven’t added my custom logo yet.  I will be uploading it as soon as my designer gets it back to me).
This site makes money from Google AdSense and Clickbank and other sources.  For example, yesterday I spent $7.25 on PPC advertising and it generated over $17 in Clickbank income.  I can’t tell how much it generated on AdSense because my AdSense income is combined with links on my web site, but I have seen a jump in my AdSense income since I launched this site.  I also send traffic to this site from eBay and my firepit and barbecue customer lists.
You can also use a program like 1st Promotion to generate income from your eBay auctions.  Look at the link below to The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay.  I have used these methods for the past 3 years to earn affiliate income from people clicking on my auctions –even the ones that don’t bid or buy.

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