Can You Really Sell an eBook on eBay and Make Money

Is it still possible to make money on eBay selling eBooks and information products?

The answer to that question is yes, but you have to do it right. 

There are tons of sellers who have made money selling eBooks and other information products on eBay and the internet and there are probably thousands of sellers who have tried it and failed.

There are thousands of listings for ebooks with resale rights.  It seems that all of the books that come with resale rights are about making money on eBay or the internet.  The problem with these books is that they have been sold and resold to thousands of people and now the only way to sell them is to sell them for 99 cents.  Not only can you not make money doing that, but every time you sell one of these eBooks, it is delivered embedded with affiliate links to the guy who wrote it in the first place.  You can make money buying books that come with resale rights –but not these types of books.

Here are some secrets to help you sell eBooks on eBay and the internet

  1. Create your own book.  This is the best way and don’t sell it with resale rights.  If it is on a subject that interests people they will buy it.
  2. If you purchase resale rights to a book or republish a book in the public domain, again, make sure it is first of all a good book and it’s on a subject people care about.  It should be interesting and reasonably well written.
  3. Try and educate people.  People will pay good money for ebooks on eBay or anywhere else if they can learn something.  It can be about almost anything.  There are plenty of books that teach people how to make money but people also want to learn other things.
  4. You don’t have to write an eBook.  People will also pay for access to web sites, Videos and DVDs and even printed books.  There is a huge market for printed books for people who don’t like to read books on their computer.  I sell both printed books and eBooks and both do very well. 

My new book, How To Create and Sell Information Products on eBay covers selling all kinds of information: Books, eBooks, Videos, Sound Files, DVDs and more.  It also explains how to get resale rights for books that will really sell and how to find information in the Public Domain that is free to resell.

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