eBay throws a bone to eBay Store sellers

eBay announces changes to email marketing feature to help improve repeat sales for eBay Store sellers

Everyone knows about the increase in eBay Store fees and search results changes that have made many eBay sellers modify their eBay Business plans.

eBay has offered many minor concessions to try to appease eBay Store sellers, but none have really had much teeth. Today eBay announced another one.

The change affects the email marketing feature. eBay says it is much easier to use and has new upgrades.

According to eBay the changes include:

  • "Quick Creation Process: We’ve taken the work out of setting up email marketing campaigns with our new, easy 3-step process. Just select your template, create the email, and schedule when to send it.
  • New Templates: We’ve added several new email templates you can use to showcase your items, as well as the option to create a custom template yourself. We’ve also included a free Welcome Email you can use to introduce a buyer to your Store when they first subscribe.
  • Personalized Content Creation: Save time by using our standard greeting or personalize it in your own words.
  • Schedule Recurring Mailings: Automate the delivery of emails by specifying a recurring schedule.
  • Increased Email Limits: We’ve increased the email limits to 5,000 per month (up from as low as 100 per month) for each Store subscription level."

For more information you can read the full announcement here.

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