HammerTap3: Make More Money on eBay With the Latest eBay Research Tool

HammerTap3 replaces Deep Analysis with more functionality and better design
What is the secret of top eBay PowerSellers?  They know how to make more money on eBay with research.
HammerTap has long been known for their research products FeeFinder and Deep Analysis. I have used both and have recommended them highly. My eBay sales really went up when I started using Deep Analysis to research past auctions.

Still, Deep Analysis took a bit of playing with to get used to, and a few of the functions were a little clunky. But no more! HammerTap just announced the launch of HammerTap3. This will replace Deep Analysis and I love it. All of the same features are there – best day/time to list or end, average selling price, sell through rate, search via category, keywords or by seller (if you want to look at your own performance or that of your competitors).

The thing I like about HammerTap3 is it is much more user friendly. They have really worked on the appearance and functionality of the new version. Any user can go to it and immediately get started searching. It is a very intuitive program. Even if you are new to selling on eBay, in fact, particularly if you are, this is a great program to give you a boost and help you maximize your eBay auction profits.

You can get a 10 day free trial at the moment, so if you aren’t using a research program in your eBay business, now’s the time to give it a try.

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