Having Fun While Making More Money on eBay.

Creating interest, romance and having fun can help you make more money on eBay.

Some people shop on eBay because they are looking for a bargain, some people shop on eBay because they are looking for something hard to find elsewhere but most people shop on eBay because it’s interesting, exciting or fun.

If you think about the early days of eBay, it was the fun component that was largely responsible for eBay’s initial success.  Auctions are fun.  How many times have you been in the last few minutes of an auction and felt your heart rate increase? 

What makes auctions more fun –and helps you make more money on eBay, are humor, romance and interest.  When you are writing your eBay description, do you take the time to create interest in what you are selling on eBay? I can’t tell you how many auctions I see that are nothing more than a short boring description of the product.

OK, you are probably thinking something like "I sell ink cartridges, how can I make those interesting?"  Well you can’t make an ink cartridge interesting, but you can make your auction interesting.  People like to buy from other people.  Talk a little about yourself –even put a photo of you and your family in the auction (preferably with your dog or cat in your lap).  Talk about how much you enjoy selling on eBay and invite people to email you with questions.

If you are selling a product that is interesting or unique, take a little time to describe it in a fun or interesting way.  Here is an example.  Last year I bought a dozen beautiful long sleeve Italian merino wool sweaters.  I found one other person selling the same item on eBay.  He probably got it from the same source I did.

Here is his eBay Item Description for the same sweater I was selling:

Ileverieri Italian Wool Sweater, black, size large.  New with tag.  Place your bid now to get this very nice sweater. 

Now, here is the main part of my description:

You are bidding on a luxurious, beautiful merino wool sweater from famous Italian designer, Ilevrieri.  When these sweaters arrived I pulled one out of the package for myself, put it on and fell in love with it.  The wool is so soft against the skin, the tight weave drapes beautifully and my wife said it makes me look slimmer.

This gorgeous sweater has ribbed cuffs and a polo-style collar with two bone buttons.  It looks great just worn over a tee shirt and really stylish worn over a dress shirt with a tie.  Perfect for the corporate casual look that is so popular today.

I wore it out one night to our favorite Italian restaurant and the waitress told me how nice it looked while she was taking her drink order.

These beautiful sweaters still have the original $129 price tag on them.  You can get them here for much less, but place your best bid now so you don’t lose out to a sniper.

It probably took me four or five minutes to write that description whereas the other seller probably took a minute. My original purchase was a dozen sweaters.  I kept one for myself and sold the other eleven at prices ranging from $82 to $97 (My cost was about $40 each).  The best price my competitor with the short description achieved was $88, but most of his sweaters sold for below $75.  That is an example of how just adding a little romance and interest.

If you would like to learn more about writing auction descriptions, I have some free tips on my website or you can get detailed information in my best-selling eBay instruction manual, The Complete eBay Marketing System.

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