Selling Designer Clothing From A Company Like Ice Clothing Could End Your eBay Career

Famous name designers are suing eBay over fake merchandise and eBay is cracking down on sellers. Be very careful when dealing with web sites such as Ice Canada.

Every month I research new wholesale sources for eBay sellers In my monthly newsletter, The eBay Seller’s News.  Today I came across a company called Ice Canada.  At first I thought I had found a great source.  They had dozens of listings for famous name designer clothing from companies such as Ralph Lauren, Aeropostal, North Face and many others.  The order limit was small –most items could be bought in lots of 10 or 12 and they took PayPal.

Then I decided to click on their About Us page.  I was stunned when I saw the following warning:

Ice Canada Inc does not claim to be an authorized agent or distributor/dealer of any designer products offered in our web site catalogue. All name brands are registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Ice Canada is an independent surplus wholesaler NOT SPONSORED/ENDORSED/CONTRACTED OR AFFILIATED by any of the companies which products you will view in our website catalogue.

Ice Canada Inc DOES NOT GUARANTEE AUTHENTICITY of any product posted in our website. You the customer must be fully aware – by buying SURPLUS MERCHANDISES, you are taking the risk involved in any purchase.

The only way to secure your self of Quality and Authenticity of the product(s) is to buy direct from the authorized distribution channel of the brand name company, and not from a surplus wholesaler like Ice Canada Inc.

Apparently in Canada it’s ok to screw people as long as you warn them first.  Ice Canada is not the first suspect company to do this. Last year I was really embarrassed when I recommended a similar Canadian surplus clothing company in my newsletter.  A week or two  after my newsletter went out, I read that they were raided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for selling fake merchandise.

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      Whenever I find a new wholesaler I always Google their name to see what comes up. If they have been screwing people, it will usually come up in a post on the internet somewhere. Next I always make a small purchase to test them before committing a large amount of money. Watch my newsletter as I often list reliable wholesale sources in there.

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