eBay Helps Sellelrs Make More Money by Tweaking the Auction Bid Form

eBay has made some changes to the bid form to help pages load faster during the last 15 minutes of bidding. This will help get more and higher last minute bids for sellers.

eBay did something really great last week. They redesigned the bid page so it will load faster. This will make it easier to place last second bids on auctions when you are trying to win something.

This action is also better for sellers as it allows more –and therefore higher, bids right at the end of your auctions. When an auction-style listing has 15 minutes or fewer left before it ends, buyers will see a new Refresh link near the Place Bid or Buy It Now buttons. Using this link will update just the top section of the page, which shows the current high bid, the time left, etc., instead of the full page. This will make it much faster when seconds count – especially for members using slower connections.

Speaking of the Buy-it-Now (BIN) button; I am seeing it used a lot more as we close in on the holiday season.  Last week my BIN sales were 22% higher than the previous two weeks.  As we get closer to Christmas people are in a hurry and willing to pay your price.  The key is not to get greedy.  If you BIN price is too high they won’t use it.  I like to place my BIN price 10% above the average price I normally get in an auction.  Then I add the shipping cost and offer free shipping with BIN.  This is really working out well for me and has increased sales substantially.

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