eBay Sellers: Surefire Ways To Kill Your eBay Auctions

I know you don’t want to kill your auctions, but many sellers do without knowing why. Here are several ways that eBay sellers lose auctions that could have been successful. If you are not really serious about making money on eBay, here is how to do it.

I did a little experiment today.  I decided to search eBay completed auctions looking for auctions that did not end successfully and see if I could figure out why.

I opened and looked at 40 auctions in two different categories that ended without a sale and kept track of what I saw.  The numbers don’t add up to 40 because some of the auctions viewed made several mistakes and are counted twice.  Here is what I found:

  • 21 of the eBay auctions I looked at had poor, or incomplete item descriptions.  Four of these 21 had descriptions that were only one or two sentences long. Five of them were full of grammatical and gross spelling errors.
  • 19 auctions had high starting prices and never got a bid
  • 17 of them had poor to bad photos
  • 11 did not take PayPal
  • 9 listings were missing very important keywords in the title.  When I looked at the hit counter they all had very few hits compared to other similar or identical items
  • 6 auctions had unreasonably high shipping charges
  • 5 auctions were from sellers with under 98% Positive feedback
  • 3 auctions had no shipping information or payment information whatsoever
  • 3 auctions had unreasonable terms and conditions.  One person’s auction was ending on Sunday evening and she said only ships items on Saturdays.
  • 2 auctions were from people with feedback scores of less than 5 total feedbacks
  • 1 auction had a photo of something completely different that what he or she was selling
  • 1 auction used very inappropriate language

So there you have it:  Lots of ways to kill your auctions. What is really interesting is that six of the 40 unsuccessful I looked at had the eBay PowerSeller logo next to the seller’s username.  Given the mistakes I saw I have no idea how these people became PowerSellers.

If you really want to make money selling on eBay, don’t do what these guys and gals did.  Instead, search completed auctions for the items you are selling and look at the successful auctions and those that sold at the highest prices.  I think you will see that those sellers don’t make many of these mistakes.

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