eBay Tries Direct Marketing To Increase Holiday Sales

eBay sends catalogs to millions of homes to entice buyers to do their holiday shopping on eBay.
We all receive numerous catalogs around the holiday season for gift products. Solutions, Paragon, etc. Now eBay has joined the bandwagon. Since the beginning of November eBay has been sending out general, and category specific catalogs to households across America.
My daughter-in-law, Lissa, buys and sells baby items on eBay. She received a short catalog showing popular baby items and their average price.
The most recent catalog shows the TMX Elmo, Playstation 3 and other hard to find items. Average prices are not shown for those (probably because they are so far above retail) but it is a reminder for people who hadn’t thought to look on eBay, that they might find something there. IPod’s are again very popular sellers, the black 4GB iPod Nano appears to be the current holiday favorite according to Shopping.com. This black iPod was their number one click through product on Cyber Monday (Nov 28th). eBay Marketplace research showed it as very popular too, with a high increase in sales of all iPod Nano products on Cyber Monday.
It’s important, if you are lucky enough to have these highly desirable items for sale, to look at the catalog average prices and make sure yours is inkeeping with that range. If not, you may lose out on some sales from people expecting that price because of the catalog.
Interestingly, eBay is not solely pushing eBay Express. So there is still room for the little guy to make some extra money off eBay’s promotions.

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